Things to See and Do in Cala Blanca

Our photo tour will show many of these attractions and their locations.

Cala Blanca is a medium sized resort for Menorca part of residential area so around about are more attractions than just in Cala Blanca centre.

Bad Weather days

On cloudier or rainy days you could consider the following or visit places nearby.

  • Small children -
  • Ciutadella
  • Sa Caleta Indoor Bowling

If you have a hire car there is much more.


Maribel is a west coast chain and they dominate the centre here. There are supermarkets which also have beach and summer wear. Windows shopping in Ciutadella is excellent ( no awful clonesville chain stores! ).

There is a pleasant centralised tourist area with souvenir shops and supermarkets and other located closere to the tewo beaches. So depending on your location you need to head north or south. Larger Supermarkets ( eg Diskont ) are on bus route to Ciutadella. Best shopping is naturally in nearby Ciutadella. See Maps for Supermarket locations.

Cala Blanca Shopping

Kids - see photo tour and maps

Cala Blanca area has a centralised tourist area. However south at the Marina in Cala en Bosch ( short bus ride ) there is a big choice of entertainments for children of differing ages. Further north you could try Los Delfines ( Menorca's biggest tourist area ) bus 67 or via Ciutadella.

For Teenagers there is cycling,scooter and kayak hire. Indoor ten Pin bowling (Sa Caleta Bowling with pool tables ). Karting track nearby. MTBĀ track with hire in Cala en Forcat. Paintball nearby - see also action below

For young Children there are public play areas ( climbing frames, slides ). Water slides at Cala Blanca beach.

A short bus ride way is Cala en Bosch with lots to do.


In nearby Cala en Bosch - see below.

Must See

Particularly in spring time and on clear days, you will be able to see the rugged , mountainous coastline of north Majorca on the horizon.

Las Cuevas de Cala Blanca - Underground Caves

Opening 2016? hidden away under your feet in heart of Cala Blanca there are some maginificent large underground caves.

Sizewise in the photos are people!. Cave of Na Megaro is 480 meters with several areas off the main area and the Cave of S'Aigo with 420 meters

...more details to come

Cala Blanca Caves
 las Cuevas de Cala Blanca
 las Cuevas de Cala Blanca
 las Cuevas de Cala Blanca



The bay is excellent for snorkelling as the water is very clear and calmed by the inlet.


Dive Cala Blanca provides equipment and tution and is based at the Cala Blanca beach end of the resort just above the rocks. Poseidon Dive Centre is based at the other end under Hotel Bahia in Cala Santandria.


Kayaking is available for more serious outings from Menorca en Kayak based at the beach entrance to Hotel Aquamarina. The bay is ideal for kayaking and there are there are caves just outside the bay and Cales Coves just along the coast heading east( for longer trips).

Action Activities


Just in case you needed an adrenaline rush located just outside Cala'n Bosch on the ME-24 road is a paintball site with various themed play areas. Full equipment hire. Action activities guide.


There is riding from a few stables in the area. The closest is probably in Son Angel.


Walking You can walk south down the coast to Cap D'Artrutx/Cala en Bosch which on clear days will give you a view of the northern mountains of Majorca on the horizon.

Family Walks around Cala Blanca

Longer Walks around Cala Blanca

At many locations around Cala Blanca fun Quad bikes and street and mountain bikes can be hired. Serious Mountain bikes can be hired in Ciutadella.

There is now a well developed cycle lane running down the length of the coastal road south to Cala en Bosch and north to Ciutadella. Additionally you can head inland to explore the small often single track roads (Camis) to explore the countryside ( eg Sant Joan de Misa ) or maybe cycle to those dreamy virgin beaches at Talaier,Turqueta,Macarella and Son Saura.

Cycling around Cala Blanca

Mountain Bike routes around Cala Blanca

Cycle routes around Cala Blanca

Nearby to Cala Blanca

Cala Blanca - Near by (4 km ) Bus 65

Water Park and Karting - Aquarock Cala en Bosch

Aquarock is a collection of water fun, electronic amusements, trampolines and Go Karting. Staff are vigilant and the facilities clean and modern. On site Cafeteria with sensible prices. The waterpark is open daily (May - October) from 10:30 until 18:00 children under two are free. Over 11's count as adults. The Karting track is next door open daily from 10:30 until 22:30 See web site for current opening times and prices. Bus no. 65 from Ciutadella. Address Cova Des Moro, Cala en Bosch tel. 971 387 822

Menorca Holiday Tips

After 15:30 the water park entrance price is halved but closes at 18:00. Afterwards you can visit the nearby marina with its other childrens attractions ( eg Goody fun park ) with relaxation areas for mums and dads, have something to eat or just watch the world go by. Of the two waterparks this is perhaps the better one to visit.

Water Slide
Wave pool
Great fun when switched on
Main Pool
Large Relaxing Pool

Bubbles Pool
Wave Chutes
'Hamster Balls' 7 Eur

Cala Blanca - Near by Bus 61 from Place del Pins in Ciutadella

Cala Morell

A small quiet fishing village resort and residential ares on the north west coast set in dramatic rocky coastlines. Best known for the extensive man made (Bronze and Iron ages) cave dwellings nearby that give a real sense of cave "living" ( though many caves were also for burial ). Some are sophisticated with central roof columns and 'windows'. Some are obviously younger and larger, cut with more advanced metal tools, but the smaller older ones gives a view into another world. A good place to combine with a visit to the beautiful virgin beach of Algaiarens and walks through the very attractive valleys of Vall de Algaiarens. Bus 62 circa 15 mins 1.85 Euro single ( 2012 ) or by Hire Car.

Monday to Saturday only with Lithica drop off . La Vall is beautiful countryside and Playa Algaiarens virgin beach

no. 62 : Ciutadella - Cala Morell - La Vall

  • 10:00,11:00,12:00,13:00,16:00,17:00,18:00,19:00

    no. 62 : La Vall - Cala Morell - Ciutadella

  • 10:25,,11:30,12:25,13:30,16:25,17:30,18:25,19:30
  • TIP bring a torch to see the really special ones

    Cala Blanca - Near by

    Historical Sites Island WEST

    For mini downloadable guides, current opening times and entrance prices visit

    In the west of the island near to Ciutadella you will find more of the islands early historical sites.

    Naveta des Tudons - Ancient monument, Son Catlar - prehistoric village, Cala Morells - extensive cave dwelling and burial chambers

    Historical Sites Island WEST

    Cala Blanca - Near by

    Naveta dels Tudons

    Naveta dels Tudons is a pre-talayotic burial monument (constructed around 1,500 B.C ) and considered as one of the greatest treasures of all the prehistoric monuments the island has. One of a number of 'Naveta' it is built from huge stone blocks which resemble an upturned boat. Navetas feature a doorway into a burial chamber where along with the bodies of the dead offerings such as bronze or china figures were left. Naveta del Tudeons is 13.6 m long with a maximum width of 6.40 m and height of 4.5 m - so not small!

    Mao-Ciutadella road, km. 40. Open Tues. to Sat. 0915-2030 hrs., Sun. and Mon. 0930-1500 hrs. Entrance 2 euros, free on Sun.

    Naveta dels Tudons
    Burial Chamber
    by Isol

    Excursions from Cala Blanca


    Coming shortly

    Boat Trips

    There are no boat trips in Cala Blanca but excursions are available near by from Cala en Bosch ( bus 65 ) to explore southern coast virgin beaches - visit Cala Galdana.

    Boat Excursions from Cala'n Bosch

    Subject to weather there are 2 glass bottom boats making trips along the southern coast line and bays with it's virgin beaches. Usually with swimming stops ( at Cala Galdana ,Cala Trebaluger,Playa Binigaus ) and an extended stay ( circa 1-2hr mins ) at one of the bays ( Son Saura or Cala 'n Turqueta ) on route. Trips last circa 3.5 hours. First trip mornings is:10:00-13:30, second trip afternoons is: 14-17:40 note p.m.

    Holiday tip

    Booking in advance will usually secure 10% discount. Both boat companies travel the same route at roughly the same time for safety reasons-so pick the boat/itinery you like the best!

    See local Information boards at Marina for current itineries, times and prices as they change

    • Amigos ( ) 2013 prices Adults (12+) 17-20 Eur ,Children (4-12) 10-10 Eur, Under 4's are Free. A trip to Cala Galdana beach ( 2hr stop ) or continue along for more beaches. With water slide.
    • Don Pancho
    Amigos Boat
    Glass bottom
    Boat trip ticket office
    Boats moored near marina exit
    Cala Galdana and Route
    Beaches - by holidaylines

    Boat excursions detailed guide


    There are adventure excursions in nearby Son Xoriguer , Cala en Bosch ) as Ciutadella. Inclusing Mountain Biking,Quad Bikes,

    Bigfoot offer and can organise adventurous excursions ( Parascending, Flyboard,Diving, Snorkel with Seascooter, Kayaking, MTBĀ  and Horseriding )

    Centro Comercial Son Xoriguer 21 (+34) 971 38 77 00 Photos Copyright and courtesy of bigfoot.
    Stand up paddle

    MenorQuad offer and can organise adventurous excursions as well has hire out quads,buggies as well as guided tours across Menorca. Photos Copyright and courtesy of MenorQuad. Calle Tramuntana, 36 Cap de Artrutx. (+34) 633 143 049

    Horse Riding

    Son Angel - Horse Riding

    Set close to some stunning countryside Son Angel is a working farm offering horserides for all. Rides between one, two and three hours for beginners going up to five day routes for experienced riders. Some interesting routes to Algariens Virgin beaches as well as from Son Saura beach to Calan Turqueta, Macarella or Macarelleta.

    For bookings call Antonio Bosch 609833902

    Menorca Tips

    On the road to virgin beach playa Algaiarens so combine the two!

    Photos copyright and courtesy of

    Son Angel
    Son Angel
    Son Angel

    Kayaking around the coast Kayaking infos.

    Our tips for Cala Blanca

    Sunset watching with a Tapa and a drink - Cala Blanca faces direct west to majorca. At Cala Blanca beach ( Bar Chirinquito Hol Ola ,Mira Mar) ,the Mirador del Sol square ('Maribel centre') (Blarney Stone Irish pub / Il Vespro Spanish Restaurant ( cocktails ) to watch the sunset. Playa Santandria ( Cova Sa Nacra upstairs bar )

    Mira Mar restaurant
    From Mira Mar

    Cala Blanca - Must See and Do

    As part of the more touristically developed west coast resorts Cala Blanca offers a range of attractions either in resort or nearby. Ciutadella is a must see especially for historical and culture fans looking for authentic Menorca.

    Majorca within touching distance. On clear days ( especially springtime ) The mountains of north Majorca are very clear.

    Tip A fast ferry from Ciutadella will get you there BUT you will need to stay overnight due to return times.

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