Things to See and Do in Es Mercadal

Our photo tour will show many of these attractions and their locations.

There is an attractive waterway that runs through the old town with quaint crossing bridges- in summer it will probably be waterless. At the Plaza del Pare Camps there is an open area where the little ones can run around safely along with some basic childrens play equipment-best of all you can sit and any of a diverse collection of bars there and soak up the sun. For a feel of authentic Menorca travel the Cami de Trumuntana from the north of the town which winds through farmlands to the north coast.

Island Handicrafts Center (Centre Artensal)

Located in Es Mercadal. A centre to preserve and promote the island's traditional handicarfts (ceramics, leatherwork) . With shop, permanent exhibition area, audio visual explainations. Built for the islanders so no 'tacky' souvenir items but genuine handmade craft items.

Open from May to October 1000-1400 hrs. and 1700-2000 hrs. (July and August 1800-2100 hrs.) Sat. throughout the year open 1000-1300 hrs. Entrance free.

Bad Weather days

Artisan centre.


A traditional town, the shops cater for residents, with a few individual small clothes and shoes shops. Medium size Supermarkets cater for self caterers in the town.

Evening Market

Handicrafts stalls with jewelry and other trinkets, every Thursday evening in summer from 19:00 - 21:00 on the Plaza del Pare Camps.


Must See

Monte Torro / El Torro

Monte Torro is the highest point on the island the name most likely coming from the Arabic, al-tor, meaning highest mountain. Though not a mountain it is worth a visit if you have a hire car for the stunning views ( particularly in spring when you can see over the length of the island) There is a pleasant Bar Restaurant Sa Posado del Toro at the top with inside seating and an open terrace with views to the south. Monte Toro is signposted from Es Mercadal in the dead centre of the island along the ME-1. El Toro in Catalan or Monte Toro in Spanish has viewing areas to take in the views to the north and west. Can also be walked along the good access road as is 'only' 350 meters high.

Views to Fornells bay(centre) and north
Courtyard in front of 17th Century renaissance church
Terrace view to south (spring 2011)

Action Activities



There is very good riding at Menorca Cavall



Surrounded by attractive countryside and located dead centre on Menorca, Es Mercadal is a good starting point for cycling tours.

The locals area is criss crossed with "Camis" ( original rustic bridleways ) ideal for walking and cycling in scenic countryside. There are marked routes signposted at the eastern entrance of the town.

Mountain Bike routes around Es Mercadal

Cycle routes around Es Mercadal

Nearby to Es Mercadal

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Fornells a watersports and restaurant eldorado. The village with it's speciality seafood restaurants is located at the entrance to a huge enclosed natural bay whose protected waters make it perfect for all manner of sail based 'messing about'. More like a large salt water lake the wind conditions here are great for beginners of anything that floats on water. Very pleasant for lunch time and evening drinks and meals alongside the harbour quay. Lot's of boat excusrions and activities are based here. Perfect for a quiet authentic Menorca stay.


Main harbour
Sa Taula Bar
Bay view looking south

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Son Bou

Son Bou is a holiday resort of mixed private/commercial holiday homes and a handful of hotels(4) built behind a nature reserve along the island's longest beach. The resort is more correctly called Sant Jaime(Jaume) but Son Bou, Sant Jaime and Torre Soli Nou blend into each other, though Torre Soli nou extends further inland if you are looking for a quieter location. Most of the resort sits on a hillside which offers spectacular views. Offers a full set of factilities for a beachside tourist resort.

Son Bou

Bannana Boat

Beachside Fun

Bowling Alley complex

Bowling Alley complex

Long sunset beach strolls

Long sunset beach strolls

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Is a traditional island town occupying a beautiful location and providing a dramatic moment for all drivers as the main island road ME-1 meanders through a very picturesque and narrow gap in the hills. Ferreries is surrounded by beautiful hills and countryside and spectacular valleys ( Barranc d'Algendar ) and history. A great start point for scenic walks,cycling and horse riding. Two Horse shows just outside town.

Menorca Holiday Tips

Every Saturday 9-1 pm there is a small farmers and craft market in Placa Espanya ( main town square ) with fresh farm produce, fruit and handicrafts including ceramics and basket crafts. At the Poligno there is a Jaime Mascaro factory outlet offering high quality leathers goods at reduced prices which are sold mostly in French, Italian and German boutiques.


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This is a great town for wandering early mornings or late evenings when the heat of sun is not around. The "third" capital of the island and a cultural centre. The old town is very pretty and makes a great change to the beach, with a good mix of little shops to browse, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants. There are several clothes and shoe boutiques offering original items not chain store repetition. Childrens playground on the pretty town square (next to ice cream cafes!). Alaior has a weekly market plus an evening market with jewellery , other handicrafts and clothing.

Menorca Tips

Ladies Alaior is home to the Pons Quintana shoe factory shop. An name relatively unknown in the UK because most of its high quality leather shoes are exported to France and Germany. At the factory shop you will get reduced prices on beautiful high quality shoes.

Old Town
Alaior Streets
Old Town
Old Town
typical Alaior


Excursions from Es Mercadal

Our tips for Es Mercadal

In May Es Mercadal hosts an annual gastronomic event where you can sample excellent dishes and offers in the locals restaurants.

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