Bars and Restaurants in Playa de Fornells

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In Restaurants you can eat both expensively and poorly, cheaply and well on Menorca.

Lunch is usually from 13:00 to 15-16:00 , evenings from 19:00-midnight. A 5-10% tip may be left if you are happy with the service. Children are very welcome.

Many Restaurants and Bar Cafeterias offer fixed price Special Menus with either a single course, 2 to 3 course menus with drinks included plus coffee and offer great value.


What to expect?

See Interactive Map for locations.

note - we have no connection to these bars and restaurants and are just a guide.

There are not so many bars and restaurants given the size of the resort. However they are clustered in just two areas which makes things easier.

A bus ride, 5m drive , Footpath along connecting road to Ses Salines,( or even walk around the headland in daylight ) is Fornells village with a superb array of restaurants and cafe bars.



Bars are located in just two areas at the entrance to the beach and on a hill in the middle of the resort. Kaktus and Okapi bars also serve food.

Restaurant Cuisine Style
Sa Na Marga at Ses Salines Rustic
Cafe del Nord

Recommended Restaurants on Menorca

Interactive Maps - Playa de Fornells Bars and Restaurants

playa den fornells, Menorca

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