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Mahon will mostly be written on timetables, front of buses and signposts as Maó, it's local name. If you are staying longer than a week take a trip on this good network and see some of the other sights, resorts/towns and attractions.

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Alaior is a stopping point for a regular bus that shuttles between Mahon and Ciutadella. Mahon/Ciutadella act as a hub to other destinations at their respective ends of the island.

5 stops around Son Bou Mar Blau Apartments first stop. Times shown are Son Bou beach stop

no. 32 : Son Bou - Alaior - Mahon ( Mon - Sat)

  • 09:15 10:45 11:45 13:15 14:45 16:15 17:45 19:45
  • no. 32 : Mahon - Alaior - Son Bou ( Mon - Sat)

  • 08:30 10:00 11:00 12:30 14:00 15:30 17:00 19:00
  • Alaior

    This is a great town for wandering early mornings or late evenings when the extreme heat of summer sun has gone. The "third" capital of the island and a cultural centre. The old town is very pretty and makes a great change to the beach, with a good mix of little shops to browse, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants. There are several clothes and shoe boutiques offering original items not chain store repetition. Childrens playground on the pretty town square (next to ice cream cafes!). Alaior has a weekly market plus an evening market with jewellery , other handicrafts and small boutiques.

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    Alaior is home to the Pons Quintana shoe factory shop. An name relatively unknown in the UK because most of its high quality leather shoes are exported to France and Germany. At the factory shop you will see reduced prices on beautiful high quality shoes and leather goods.

    Old Town
    Alaior Streets
    Old Town
    Old Town
    Typical Alaior


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