Son Mercer de Baix naviform settlement

Son Mercer de Baix naviform settlement

Ancient Monuments
Valley rim around Ferreries ME-20 to Es Migjorn
Ferreries, Menorca


The Son Mercer de Baix settlement, inhabited between the Early Bronze Age (1400 B.C.) and the Talayotic era (1000 B.C.), is one of the best-known archaeological sites on Minorca.

It consists of several habitational chambered cairns (navetas), strategically located overlooking En Fideu ravine (Ferreries).

One of these navetas is the Es Moro cave, with an apse-shaped floor plan and with part of its roof extant, supported by three stone columns characterised by their small base, widening towards the ceiling.

The remains found among the structures in the settlement may indicate a bronze foundry or workshop, suggesting that the settlement may have specialised in working this metal.


Access by the Me-20 road from Ferreries to Es Migjorn Gran. From Ferreries, continue for 750 metres to the first right turn, onto the Son Mercer rural track. Go on for 2.5 kilometres to Son Mercer de Baix, where you must leave the car. The site is a further 1.2 kilometres on foot.

Open to the general public.


None - access only by foot

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Entry is free with uninterrupted opening hours.


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