Route 93 Binibeca - Sant Lluis - Mahon


The bus stops at Sant Lluis Poligno( Commercial Centre ) for large Euroski Hypermarket and the Trotting Track ( Hipodrom )

Sant Lluis

Courtesy of TMSA

Sant Lluis

Is a mostly residential town with a good mix of little shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Its most well known sights are Moli de Dalt the island's only functioning windmill (open am for visits) and "La Rueda" a popular Tapas Bar & Restauant. In pretty neighbouring S'Uestra and Torret there are some excellent high class restaurants. Mahons trotting and karting track are also near by.

TIP Visit the large Euroski SYP Supermarket here at the Poligno ( commercial area) for a good food selection (english / german food items stocked) and keen prices. The Supermarket's (independent ) Cafeteria Bar offers a great menu del Dia/take away hot food in air conditioned surroundings.

Sant Lluis

Moli de Dalt
Sant Lluis landmark
Riding the streets
Typical Sant Lluis
Sant Lluis - La Rueda
Restaurant and tapas paradise
Sant LLuis
Main Church

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