Where to stay - your choices

Menorca's coastline is very natural and unlike many other spanish destinations not tainted by development. Some of the beach resorts have developed from a small coastal village or are a new resricted development resort from the 70 and 80s. Not one is similar to another and each has their own styling and appeal. Resorts are generally smallscale and much less commercialised than on Majorca.


The island's beach resorts have no hosting towns so are self contained and surrounded by attractive undeveloped countryside with farmlands.

Away from the Beach

Menorca's two main cities, Ciutadella and Mahon, each have a lot of charm, are quite different to each other, but equally appealing. Inland and coastal towns are never that far from a sandy beach and allow you to enjoy an authenic atmosphere. They all provide a great base to explore the island.

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