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General Guide Books

Menorca by Joan F Lopez Casasnovas

"As someone who has been visiting Menorca for more than 40 years I was utterly spellbound by the photographs in this book. I don't even know where half these places are so I have much more to explore!" Includes an attractive set of photographs - translated from the spanish original.

Recommended walking guide books and Maps

Walk! Menorca by David Brawn

A personal and definitive guide (with GPS way points ) to walks on Menorca. New updated 2nd Edition published September 2009. 160 page full colour paperback guidebook with Colour photographs. Includes : Menorca - The Living Museum. Flora & Fauna. The Quirky Side of Menorca's Land Ownership. Location Maps. Walking Maps with Information and map Legend.

Menorca Tour and Trail Map by David Brawn

THE walkers map to the island. Superbly detailed large scale map of Menorca. At 1:40,000 scale this is the largest, most detailed, up-to-date map of the island that you can buy. 4th Edition is available in 'Super-Durable' and 'Map-Paper’'versions. Completely new for our 4th Edition are all the new walking routes from our new Walk! Menorca, the ancient Cami de Cavalls dispatch rider route around the island with both the opened and projected sections, the new cycling routes being promoted by the Consell de Menorca. A must for those wishing to explore the Cami de Cavalls

Landscapes of Menorca by Rodney Ansell

"Menorca is a peaceful island, free from most of the excesses of its neighbouring Balearic islands. Walks take you to some beautiful scenery, both inland and along the truly idyllic coastline. Rodney Ansell, the author, also tells you how to find the amazing prehistoric monuments to be found scattered all over the island. These will fascinate anyone with the imagination to conjure up visions of the ancient history of Menorca."
Includes 45 long and short walks, 18 picnic suggestions and 2 car tours

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