Menorca's Beaches

Menorca is different, an unspoilt beach paradise yet so close to home. Find your perfect sunning spot. We've had a holiday Home here for over 30 years

Menorca's Beaches

Good to know

The water quality around Menorca is exceptional with crystal clear, turquoise waters and many fine sandy Caribbean like natural beaches.

Good to know

Our personal Favourite 'best' Beaches Guide plus insights.

Thoughtful planning laws introduced in the mid 70's means there are virtually no 'hotel skylines' behind resort beaches and many beaches remain wonderfully natural and amazing. You also will not find any beachside neon lit bars pumping out loud music with drunken singles groups or incessant beach sellers to bother you.

Fact - there are more sandy beaches (60+) than on Majorca and Ibizia combined. Shallow waters at beaches means the water is usually 2-3 degrees warmer than swimming pools in Spring and in September,October the sea is often at it's warmest!

Even the most distant beach is never more than a hour's drive away from your resort - it would a shame to miss something this special? If you decide not to hire a car, bus services link the most popular resorts and their resort beaches even some bus services to the virgin beaches.

TipsBest beach near to Mahon is Sa Mesquida , Cala en Porter via a bus is also a great choice.

Best children's Beaches: Due to their geological origins many of Menorcas beaches (very common on the south coast) have gentle falls into the sea, making the waters warm, with shallow sandy bottoms stretching for many, many metres out. This makes them attractive for smaller children. Additionally nearly all beaches have rocky fringes and clear waters for super snorkelling.

For the romantically and adventurously inclined there are many remote beaches only accessible on foot, where often you will find them completely deserted or with just a few like minded people.

Virgin Beaches - Secluded and Remote

Photo Guide to Virgin Beaches - The jewels of Menorca's beaches are the many undeveloped beaches enclosed in stunning and protective natural bays or wide natural panoramas on the north and south coasts. These so called virgin beaches or "calas virgenes" are amongt some of the most beautiful beaches you will find anywhere within a three hour flighttime from home. Virgin beaches, often remote, offer a touch of robinson crusoe feeling and a Caribbean blues paradise

Menorca's Resort Beach resorts

For those who prefer resort beaches with Bars, Loungers and Umbrella hire then Menorca can also offer some of the best with daily cleaning and a range of water sports and beach side bars and restaurants. Topless sun bathing is usual on most beaches. Menorcas' longest sandy resort beach is Playa de Son Bou at just over is the 2.5 km long in the middle of the south coast, but for us the best are the coves on south coast or wilder beaches of the north.


Here is just a sample of our favourites below. Explore all our guides to find YOUR perfect day out at the beach.

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Naturist and Nudist Beaches

There are no officially designated nudist beaches.

Remoter virgin beaches where you find textile free sun bathing are Algairens,Binimel-la,Cala Barril,Cala Calderer,Cales Coves,Cala Pilar,Cala des Tamarells,Cala Macarelleta, Cala Mitjanetta, Cala Mica,Cala Pilar,Cala Pregonda,Cala Presili,Cala Mesquida, Cala Trebaluger and Cala Es Bots.

Quieter spots of larger resort beaches will also be used eg Son Bou, Santo Thomas and Cala en Porter.