Menorca's Nudist / Naturist Beaches Photo Map Guide

Menorca is different, an unspoilt beach paradise so close to home.

Menorca The Holiday Island
Cala Mitjaneta, one of many dreamy natural beach bays on the south coast - click it and drink it in!

Good to Know

What to expect?

The water quality around Menorca is exceptional with crystal clear, turquoise waters and many fine sandy Caribbean like natural beaches...more

Good to know

While there are no officially designated nudist / naturist beaches - in reality that means nothing :-)

Remoter virgin beaches where you find textile free sun bathing are Algairens,Binimel-la,Cala Barril,Cala Calderer,Cala Coves,Cala Pilar,Cala des Tamarells,Cala Macarelleta, Cala Mitjanetta, Cala Mica,Cala Pilar,Cala Pregonda,Cala Presili,Cala Mesquida, Cala Trebaluger and Cala Es Bots.

Quieter spots of larger resort beaches will also be used eg Son Bou, Santo Thomas and Cala en Porter.

The northern coast beaches are very varied, slightly large are most exposed to the open sea so will on less calm days and have more waves. The south coast is dominated by white sandy bays with pine forest fringed cliffs - as they are from river valleys made of softer limestone.

The basic rule is if the wind is blowing hard from the north go to the south coast and it will be calm. There is no such thing as a private beach on Menorca . They are all owned by the state and can be used by the public. Actually the entire coast line up to 6 meters inland is public property. However some of the coast line and remote beaches are only accessible by going through private land. You should respect this and keep to the tracks. Some land owners charge a small fee and restrict the visitor numbers which helps keeps the beaches in their pristine state. Dress appropriately and shut gates behind you. Respectful visitors are never turned away.

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Getting to the Beaches

Those that can be reached by car with a further walk from a parking area are marked with a  The remotest and those accessible only by boat are shown on the map. You should ideally wear summer treking sandals for the ( sometimes ) 20-30 min. walks to reach them. Car parking is provided by local land owners where indicated,but will be away from the coast for preservation reasons.

Taxi Mar - Virgin Beach Taxi

Water Taxi to Naturist beaches

From Cala Galdana and Santo Tomas providing scheduled services to the virgin beaches ( Trebaluger, Fustram and Escorxada virgin beaches ) which are not easy to reach. An exciting way to see these amazing coastlines and beaches ( capacity 10 passengers ) . Taxis Services

Below is a good selection of Menorca's nudist beaches. All locations on our interactive Beach Map

Beach Locations

Interactive Map with Menorca's Beach locations

See for yourself the beauty of these beaches, just click on the map below to open up a fully interactive map of the island.