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Cala'n Bosch Beach

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Sun Loungers Fixed Umbrella and 2 beds ~20-23 Euro. Reductions (after 15:00). Close around 19:00.

Car Parking
Mobility Access
Young Child and Baby friendly

Location and distance to Airport 39 miles / 62 km

How do I get from Menorca Airport to Cala'n Bosch?

Direct Transfer 1 Hrs. 10 mins.
All Transfer Options eg Shared Shuttle from 13 Eur pp or Taxi max. 4 pers. 75 Eur , Public Airport Bus - none!
Bus Services operate all year . NO AIRPORT SHUTTLES

Calan Bosch Beach

Cala en Bosch and Son Xoriguer each have their own beach. Cala en Bosch beach is close to the Marina area and around the headland is the neighbouring beach of Son Xoriguer. Cala en Bosch is much the bigger of the two, has fine white sandy and is part of inlet which calms the waters for the smaller children and provides good snorkelling with it's rocks along the bay sides. The beach at Son Xoriguer is where the watersports can be found.

Cala'n Bosch Beach Guide

Is Cala'n Bosch a good Holiday Beach Resort for you?

Cala'n Bosch for families

  • Purpose built holiday resort with marina to sit and watch the world go by
  • Waterpark, Go karting track
  • Excursion/Hire boats to nearby virgin beaches and coastline
  • Close to Ciutadella for a change of scene

Cala'n Bosch for couples

  • Plenty of Bars and Restaurants within walking distance
  • Close to Ciutadella for better restaurants, musical entertainment and moonlit harbour strolls
  • Excursion/Hire boats to nearby virgin beaches and coastline
  • Watersports ( Son Xoriguer beachfront ) and Diving
  • Spa Hotels,Day Spa at la Quinta Hotel

(updated June 2024)

The combined resorts of Cala en Bosch ( Cap d'Artrutx ) and Son Xoriguer are located on the south west tip of Menorca. With views over to neighbouring Majorca it lies just 10km south of the beautiful old city of Ciutadella, which is reachable via a regular bus service. Also known by all these names: Cala D'en Bosch, Cala n Bosch or Cala en Bosc and Cap d'Artrutx.

A livelier resort ( by Menorca's standards ) , the main commercial area of which is centred around a man made marina. There are a wide variety of Bars and Restaurants in the Cala en Bosch also a handful in Cap D'artrutx and directly behind Son Xoriguer beach.

Built in the 1980s, Cala en Bosch / Son Xoriguer is one of only a few resorts on Menorca purpose built for tourism and as such it has the most hotels and greatest number of Holiday visitors making it livelier than most resorts. In Cala'n Bosch you will find the most better quaility family hotels with on site facilities for younger children on Menorca which makes it very popular . Conversely it is not so typical of the Menorca described in many guides. There is a definite and quieter area for Villas and Apartments at the area locally called Cap D'artrux which is 10-20m slow walk to/from the marina.

Being a purpose built holiday resort it contains all you need from a holiday resort and benefits by having the central Marina area. Neighbouring Son Xoriguer has perhaps become too dominated by hotels while Cala en Bosch ( Cap D' Artrutx ) still offers private villa accommodation away from the "buzz"/ noise giving you the best of both worlds.

Calan Bosch - Top See and Do

lots more what to see and do ideas

Cala'n Bosch - Marina

A man made marina provides the hub of Cala en Bosch with the majority of Bars and Restaurants clustered around it's three sides-This creates a buzy atmosphere evenings but similarly hotels next to the Marina will have to accept this background noise.

Shopping and Supermarkets

There are plenty of supermarkets around Cala en Bosch which also offer cycle hire, beach and summer wear. There is a small shopping centre at the Marina with a wider range of clothes, shoes. However Ciutadella is within easy reach where you will be spoilt with individual shops in the old city's attractive streets. ( very few awful chain stores! ). There is a summer market ( but frankly it is awful and full of tat ) - visiit the evening and Artisan markets in Ciutadella instead.

Holiday Tips

Larger Supermarkets :

  • Bus / Taxi back Hipermercado Diskont Me-24 8km Bus 64,65 ( stop Son Oleo v ),67 ( RC-2 ) see bus infos.
  • Car : Hipertmercado Diskont on Me-24 10min, Lidl,Mercadona,Eroski on Ciutadella Polgino(trading estate)

Tourist Train

A easy way to get a quick overview of Cala en Bosch without walking and fun for kids. Departs from main square at top of Marina ( see photo ) every 30 mins., with 8 pick/drop off points. Full tour is Cala en Bosch ( coast and marina ) with Son Xoriguer ( see photo ) . Operates 10 - 13:00 and 16:30 - 21:30

Calan Bosch - Nightlife

As with most resorts in Menorca, evening entertainment here is generally to be found in the resort Bars rather than Dance clubs but nothing that would ever compare to the neon jungle of the resorts along the south coast of Majorca or Ibiza. Mahon and Ciutadella however offer something for everyone, but with none of the "binge drink clubbing" to be found on Ibizia and Majorca. Menorca is NOT Majorca but that is why many people come here!

The Bars and Restaurants around the marina come alive at night providing a choice of entertainment for all ages and tastes. In high season you can find street artists and traders offering their handicrafts and jewellry. There are a couple of bars that offer Karaoke- see full list

Taxis ( late night ) back from Ciutadella max. 22 Euro

Nightlife in Cala'n Bosch

Live tribute acts tour the island and are on stage at advertised locations - Free to watch if you buy a drink and some can be very entertaining.

There are several bars with late opening dotted round the resort each with a different feel and style.

A sunset stroll along the cosatlline promenande at Cap D'rtrux

Organised evening entertainment here is generally to be found in the resort hotels and some Bars. Ciutadella offers alot more with something for everyone, but with none of the "bing drink clubbing" to be found on Ibizia and Majorca. Menorca is not Majorca but that is why many people come here!

All Bars and Clubs in Calan Bosch

Out and about in Cala'n Bosch

Buses - Cala'n Bosch

Looking for Airport Shuttle / Transfers?

Good to know

Bus Network Map with Cala'n Bosch Bus stops to download

TIP:Mahon will mostly be written on timetables, front of buses and signposts as Maó, it's local name. If you are staying longer than a week take a trip on this good network and see some of the other sights, resorts/towns and attractions.

Bus Times,places to visit by bus - Cala'n Bosch

Get the right bus :-) There are two services traveling the west coast North to Ciutadella ( beautiful old city ) ,Cala Blanca and Los delfines but following different routes - see timetables for more help. Bus 65 : Good for central Ciutadella ( beach bus and other bus connections at Placa des Pins and Old Cemetery ) Last Bus back from Ciutadella 11 or Midnight depending on time of year. Bus 67 : Outskirts of Ciutadella only. Goes all the way to Los Delfines and stops at Ciutadella Poligno ( Trading Estate where Lidl,Mercadona,Eroski Supermarkets ) + Bus Connections going east eg Mahon

Airport Bus

Bus Menorca Airport to Cala'n Bosch

Taxis - Cala'n Bosch

Airport to/from Airport one way 75 Eur

Good to know

Menorca has no private Cab firms , Uber or ....'Dodgy Touts!'

Taxis are licensed for a MAX. of 4 Passengers. (any Age child counts as 1 passenger)

Cala en Bosch to Ciutadella is about max. 12-15 Euro one way with returns after 9pm costing slightly more .

Summer peak In recent years Taxis have been in short supply due to not enough drivers for licensed areas. Consider a private transfer to reach Airport in good time for flight home.

Comprehensive Guide Menorca Taxis - how to book

Taxi Airport to Cala'n Bosch

Cala'n Bosch for Holiday Visitors - at a glance

Restaurants in Cala'n Bosch

Cala en Bosch has a very mixed bag of restaurants across all styles and price levels. IMO no standout local cuisine restaurant. Kaypa offers a change with Peruvian. Plenty of fixed price menus and a la carte options. The majority are around the Marina. I would stroll and choose with your eyes Some very good restaurants can be found in Ciutadella old city and harbour, bus ride away. ...our curated Cala'n Bosch Bar and Restaurants guide

Cala'n Bosch Restaurants listings

Bars & Clubs in Cala'n Bosch

Variety of Bars with differing styles and some eg sa terassa with live Music, Karaoke. Most are clustered in the three areas of Marina, Cap D'atrutx and rear of Son Xoriguer beach. ...our curated Cala'n Bosch Bar and Clubs guide

Cala'n Bosch Bars Listings

Cala'n Bosch See and Do

A purpose built holiday resort Cala'n Bosch offers the most touristic facilities of any menorcan resort. Plus water sports, bike, boatrips and hire from the marina and beach at Son Xoriguer ( just east of Cala en Bosch ) Calan Bosch does not have the same quality of natural scenery of Menorca's typical south coast resorts. If you want more of what menorca's is known for you need to head eastwards and along the southern coast line. Ciutadella has an abundance of attractions and is an easy bus-ride away.

Boat Trips, Activities

Our what to do and see in Calan Bosch inspirations

Does Cala'n Bosch have enough shops?

Menorca beach resorts have no/few local residents so you will need to goto to local towns for anything beyond summer beach wear,tourist items and beach toys/inflatables and souvenir items.

Several browsing shops with summer clothes, toys, beach item. Better shopping in Ciutadella old city centre and Summer Night markets in Ciutadella

Cala'n Bosch Supermarkets

Big shop supermarkets and online , delivery ? Supermarkets Locations,Online and Delivery

Is Cala'n Bosch Safe?

You can be assured that women,children will feel safe - no focus on singles, binge drinking holidays

Cala'n Bosch - maps

Cala'n Bosch...All on a map

Villas & Apartments

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Cala'n Bosch Tips and Advice

What's the weather like in Cala'n Bosch

Weather Now Partly cloudy

Cala'n Bosch has a mediterranean climate characterised by hot dry summers. Menorca has pleasant cooling Summer breeze. The sea temperatures at Calan Bosch   will be around 22-26 degrees in Summer. In October the water is still warm. Spring time ( early March to April ) will have sunny days with temperatures around 20 and above , ideal for sightseeing, walking, cycling and horseriding activities.

Weather and climate forecasts for the whole year

Calan Bosch - beaches nearby

Calan Bosch All beaches nearby on map

Cala'n Bosch Beach

Villas in Calan Bosch

Markets in and near Cala'n Bosch

All about Menorca's Markets

Holiday answers about Cala'n Bosch Beach Resort

Shared ~ 13 Euro p.P

Private Transfers from 97 Eur upto 3 to Cala'n Bosch ideal for families and groups , as no waiting for other passengers ( delayed) arrival. Door to Door and child seats can be pre-booked.

VIP Transfers from 176 Eur upto 6 to Cala'n Bosch No wait. Travel in style in premium vehicles

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