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Menorca is an easy scale destination to travel to with a modern airport

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Menorca is an island bathed in sunshine and blessed with many beautiful beaches, coves and pristine landscapes.

Good to know

Travelling to Menorca - what to expect?

Menorca is small scale with a modern Airport, that just works on a personal scale - no great distances. You can also Travel by Ferry

Menorca Covid-19 Regulations

Updated 18 May 2021

While effective vacines may return things to 'Normal' for 2021 Holiday season travellers will need to observe the current restrictions and regulations.

Menorca - Where to get PCR tests?

PCR test and AntiGen tests ( 100% required for UK Amber list status ) can be obtained across Menorca at Juaneda health clinics for 75 Euro. Bookings can be made online or via telephone - full details via the website link Tip Juaneda Mobile website is not so good - use PC/larger Tablet

Eurofins ( ) can do PCR tests at Menorca Airport ( too crowded? )

Travel to Menorca

Spain, including Menorca is currently on the Amber list of UK Government Traffic light and current status system.

You must observe current UK Travel regulations , Balearics Travel regulations( Menorca,Majorca,Ibiza and Formentera ) and any restrictions if via EU country eg mainland Spain EU COVID travel

All arrivals to Menorca, Spain from a high risk country must show a certificate with a negative PCR result, and travellers must show that they have completed a health questionnaire. UK is currently in high risk list( 'changes pending...?') - visit Spain Travel Health website for full details and regular updates - High Risk will also be listed.

Check your Airlines procedures

Rules while on your Menorca Holiday

Note that EU has advisory travel rules for member states eg Spain ( Menorca ) these apply ONLY to travelling citizens from EU. Menorca is part of special area of Spain (Balearics) that has some ability to set its own rules and these will change quite frequently - use following link for latest : Balearics ( Menorca ) current Covid Rules. Each Balearic island has it's own restrictions based on local conditions at the time of your holiday. Rules cover time at airport, car hire , using public transport including taxis, restaurants, public spaces indoors and outdoors, your Holiday accommodation and of course the all important Beach and hotel pool areas.

Mask wearing Rules

The rule "Adults and children aged six and over must wear a face covering when out in public, in open-air areas and in public indoor spaces, except when eating, during physical exercise and/or if you have a disability or a respiratory illness."

How about on the beach? mask wearing on a beach rules are pragmatic and about showing respect to each other. When you are at your lounging spot you can remove your mask if distances are respected. You will need to wear a mask when moving about eg to/from the beach or walking along the beach. You dont need to wear a mask but again be respectful of distances to others. Lifeguards are friendly folks and will remind you nicely if they think you are straying from the spirit of the rules ( if they need to call a Policeman, frankly you've probably been an idiot ! )

Curfews , early closing

Be sure to take note of any local curfews at night and of course bar and restaurant closing times.

Menorca - returning Home

Rules to observe when returning to the UK

UK Goverment current advice and UK Border

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