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The warm shallow waters of the bay make this resort very popular with families with Baby & Toddler children. The beach is without doubt a major attraction of this resort with fine, clean sand and a good variety of water sports and other facilities available to suit families. Self-contained holiday resort, with virgin beaches in easy reach for a change of scene.

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Arenal Den Castell
Airport: 14 miles / 22 km
Direct Transfer: 0 hr 25 mins
Transfer Options: Public Airport Bus - none, Shared Shuttle from 11 pp or Taxi max. 4 pers. 34
A large classical picture postcode beach set in a huge horsehore shaped bay with great views on the

Arenal Den Castell Beach

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Bus Route - Fornells via Cala Tirant,Mahon

Sun Loungers 2019 - Umbrella and 2 Loungers 17-19 Euro. Reductions (after 15:00). Facility closes around 19:00

Car Parking
Small Child and Baby friendly


Rated in the top 5 best resort beaches on Menorca, especially for smaller children due it's perfect sands, gently sloping shallows into crystal clear turquoise waters. And while this makes it very popular for children it's big enough for those who prefer to avoid the little ones to find their ideal spots! Sun lounger, umbrella, pedalo, kayak hire is available on the beach.

A wooden boardwalk runs from the from eastern end to beach cafe-bars - so ideal for strolls ( Wheelchairs possible too )

The view on the beach looking out to sea is really attractive especially as the water here is very shallow making it look more like a natural lake. In early season it is particularly spectacular as the hotel crowds have not yet arrived and it's a very impressive piece of water!

Eastern (Punta Grossa) end of beach

There is a beach bar and restaurant at the eastern end of the beach. At the western end bars/restuarants are to be found just behind the beach area. If you are mobile and you are looking for something a little less full of children then head west for Arenal den Son Saura at nearby Son Parc or east to Es Grau, or the Virgin Beaches at Playa Cavalleria and Binimel la to the west.

The beach is set below a protective raised ground where most of the resort buildings are so from beach level the backdrop is a lot more natural and pleasant than the common ariel shots of the resort might imply - see our Arenal d'en Castell Photo Tour

Arenal Den Castell Nearest alternative Beaches

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Son Parc
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Would Arenal Den Castell suit us?

For Families

  • Fabulous horseshore beach with gently sloping falls into a scenic horizon. One of the best small childrens beaches.
  • Self contained resort for those who want everything nearby.
  • Close to Mao-Mahon, so that Mum and Dad can have a change of scene

For Couples

  • Close to Mao-Mahon for mediterranean flair, shopping, bars/restaurants and nightclubs
  • Good snorkeling
  • Close by to extensive water sports /diving at Fornells and diving centre at Coves Noves
  • Set in picturesque countryside with walks, and cycling tracks and nearby golf course and tennis courts

Arena D'en Castell is located on the north east coast of Menorca within an easy bus ride of other towns to visit. Arenal den Castell is the fourth largest resort on Menorca and is on the eastern side of Menorca where most of island's attractions are located.

The resort of Arenal d'en Castell, along with it's nearest neighbour Son Parc with its golf course and tennis facilities, are the largest holiday resorts on the north east coast. Arenal den Castell is a mixture of hotels catering for packaged holidays, commercial apartments and private villas and appartments attracting the independent self catering traveller.

The bay at Arenal d'en Castell is as close to a near perfect horseshoe as you can get. The headlands on the waters' horizon close in so much so that you think you might be standing by a large saltwater lake. While some areas behind the beach has been developed, the varying ground height levels means its more natural than it might first appear in photographs. The eastern end of the resort and beach is more naturally intact with wooded areas and sand dunes and is where most of the private villas and apartments are located.

The resort's geography defines it's character- There is a flat headland at the eastern end called Punta Grossa which links to the eastern, woodland end of the beach with it's sand dunes. Towards the western end the land rises with a steep valley splitting the resort- here the resort is terraced with facilties on about three distinct levels.

Shopping and Supermarkets in Arenal den Castell

Shopping in Arenal is limited mainly to supermarkets offering summer clothing, beachware and souvenirs. There is a Pons perfume and branded clothing store ( Lacoste ) at resort entrance.

Menorca Holiday Tips

Those with accommodation at the eastern ( Punta Grossa ) end of the resort will find Coves Noves more convienient

Self Caterers - there 5 large supermarkets just 5 mins from Airport on your way to Arenal den Castell.

There is a good supermarket at Punta Grossa with more than most.

Tourist Train

A good way to see Arenal den Castell without walking and fun for children. Departures from outside Aquamarima, Marina Parc and Castell Playa hotels . The Train goes to Na Macaret fishing village. Operates every hour 10:25 - 13:25 and 16:25 - 21:25 in peak season.

2019 Single 6 Return 8 Euro

Tip use to get to Macaret for authentic meals and then get Taxi back

Tourist Train

You can reach several other beaches, and towns by bus from Arenal D'en Castell - details below

Son Bou - Top See and Do

lots more what to see and do ideas

Countryside and Coastline

Arenal is surounded by attractive countryside and a Marine reserve, so you are very close to enjoying this on foot or bicycle. Coastline paths ( including Cami de Cavalls ) allow you to explore the local area.

Arenal D'en Castell - Nightlife

Organised evening entertainment here is generally to be found in the resort hotels and some Bars. Mahon, Ciutadella and Es Castell however offer alot more with something for everyone, but with none of the "bing drink clubbing" to be found on Ibizia and Majorca. Menorca is not Majorca but that is why many people come here!

In Arenal Den Castell there are various mixed bars and restaurants with differing atmospheres catering to clientel both young and old.  Some bars ( Outback Australian Bar, Bar 51, Flamingo and Goody Goody cocktail bar ) have evening entertainment but best to see locally what is on offer. There is a livelier younger atmosphere at Backgammon bar in Coves Noves commercial square. Other entertainment happens in the larger hotels also open to non residents if you buy drinks.

Wi-Fi and Internet

Many Bars will offer free WiFi ( passwords on request ) Sim cards and dongles for Spanish networks( Vodafone es /Movistar ) can be bought in nearby towns and topped up via supermarket cashiers. More and more towns have free WiFi in their main public square. WiFi on Menorca

Buses - Arenal Den Castell

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Bus Network Map to download

TIP:Mahon will mostly be written on timetables, front of buses and signposts as Maó, it's local name. If you are staying longer than a week take a trip on this good network and see some of the other sights, resorts/towns and attractions.

Bus Timetable and destinations - Arenal Den Castell

Taxis - Arenal Den Castell

There is no such thing as a private Cab firm or Uber. Can be Reserved by App 1Taxi

Taxis are located in

Arenal Den Castell Taxi stand on map

Taxis are only licensed for a maximum of 4 Passengers.

Comprehensive Taxi Guide

Arenal Den Castell - See and Do

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What is the Weather like in Arenal Den Castell

Weather now

Arenal Den Castell has a mediterranean climate characterised by hot dry summers. Menorca has pleasant cooling Summer breeze. The sea temperatures at Arenal Den Castell   will be around 22-26 degrees in Summer. In October the water is still warm. Spring time ( early March to April ) will have sunny days with temperatures around 20 and above , ideal for sightseeing, walking, cycling and horseriding activities.

Wetter & forecast through the year

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