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Besides Bars and Restuarants Menorca nightlife is about Dance and Live Music

Good to Know - Nightlife

In comparison to it's neighbours Majorca and Ibizia, Menorca is always described as 'quiet'. That's true by their standards but it doesn't mean there's nowhere for the young and not so young to let their hair down in the evenings. The BEST nightlife is concentrated in the island's two cities' Clubs and Music Venues - Ciutadella and Mahon. There are no comedy acts or Flamenco clubs etc .

Summer Fiestas have an explosion of Music in the street Parties with DJs and acts up on stages.

  • Beach resorts with more Nightlife : Cala'n Forcat,Cala'n Bosch, Cala en Porter, Binibeca
  • Several live music locations along the harboursides of Es Castell ( moll de Pons and moll de Cales Fonts ). As well as regular music events in the Summer streetside and main square
  • Musical cover acts are the staple of the beach resorts - same folks that travel a circuit and play different locations during the summer season

Live Music Venues

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Music and Musicians outside of the beach resorts will be multi-cultural, some covers but mostly original. Menorca has a long love of Jazz with clubs and hosts an International Jazz festival every year in Spring.

Dance Clubs and Venues

While Menorca is no 'Clubbers Paradise', there are still enough places where you can dance the night away, none more spectacular so than Coves den Xoroi set in natural caves 25m above the Med. in Cala en Porter. Most of Menorca's dance clubs can be found in the harbour areas ( with smaller music and "chill out" bars in the side streets ) of Mahon and Ciutadella.

Dance , Music Clubs and Venues listing

Menorca's Dance Clubs

No beach resorts have a 'disco' ( usually an area of a bar ) but most larger ones offer a bar or two featuring a floor space for some late night movers. Most of the island's best dance venues and clubs though are in Mahon (Mao) and Ciutadella. Don't forget though life here in summer is about late eating and even later going out , so don't turn up before 11 or midnight or you might be alone! Check for opening times which maybe from midnight onwards.

Bigger clubs will generally have multiple spaces for latest dance music as well as classic 70,80 and 90s dance beats ( yes for us older ones! ). Latin music has gained a foothold with the recent influx of immigrants from Brazil and Argentina, so you will find more Salsa,Tango etc.

Menorca Holiday Tips
  • Outside of summer period clubs open weekends only. In summer (mid june to mid september) there are more events, guest performers.
  • Quite often Clubs will 'makeover' and rename, but generally they will still be in the same areas.

Dance and Music Clubs in Mahon

Mahon's cluster of music and dance Clubs is located down in the harbour area along Moll de Ponent , left at the bottom of the steps from the old town down to port (Costa Ses Voltes). Is . 'Dead' during the day they come alive after dark.

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Ciutadella Nightlife

Dance and Music Clubs in Ciutadella

Pla Sant Joan

Photo - Pla Sant Joan - Ciutadella by daytime 'Car Park' but come nightfall the big clubs open up their doors behind these high white walls and another world appears.

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Cala en Porter

Cova d'en Xoroi - Dance Club a location like no other

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Located in huge spectacular natural caves some 25m above the moonlight Med. Toast the Moon shining down and dance through to see the Sunrise - literally!

Undoubtedly the most dramatic nightspot on the island. Set high, literally in the cliffs, above the sea it's an atmospheric dance club with one of the most original locations. With themed nights, guest DJs, music and dance acts DJs.

Opening times: 11:30 'til 05:00. Daily May to October and weekends outside of these months.

Menorca Tips

Cova Bus : Pick up service ( from main beach resorts ) arrival Midnight - Depart Xoroi at 5a.m - see

Special promotions ( check website,flyers and posters in bars) enabling free entrance to the night club if you visit the caves earlier in the day.

Can aslo be enjoyed as a daytime and sunset venue

Xoroi - magical location
Xoroi Outside platforms
Xoroi - VIP areas for your celebration
Xoroi - Moon light backdrops