A place for you?

For Families

  • Plenty to see and do within walking distances
  • Close to holiday resort of Los Delfines with its many attractions for children and Aquapark

For Couples

  • Close to Ciutadella for livelier entertainment and moonlit harbour strolls
  • A quieter location but close to the facilities of Los Delfines
  • Close to Cala Algaiarens - a beautiful virgin beach and valley area
  • Horseriding near by


is located on the west of the island, just 2km north west of the beautiful old city of Ciutadella. Approximatley 55 mins., from the Airport.


Public buses are not practical for transfer from Airport ( you must always change at Mahon bus station ) so you will need either a shared or private transfer, Taxi or Hire Car. West coast resorts are often best via a transfer rather than Taxi due to costs - taxi circa 60-70 Eur one way. We recommend shuttle menorca.

Menorca tips - note despite the apparent many offers in Internet there are only three licensed companies who actually provide the service on Menorca, so ensure you know who you are booking with before paying.

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Los Delfines is the local 'resort name' for this area that includes the locations of Cala en Forcat, Cala en Brut and Cala en Blanes. Staying at Cala en Brut is a good option for people looking for the facilities of a livelier tourist resort but being located away from the noise. There is a wide variety of Bars and Restaurants in nearby Los Delfines and for active children there is an Aquapark, where parents can also "relax".


Of these three Cala en Brut is quieter and is a good compromise for those looking for the tourist offerings but not wanting to be in ear shot of any noise, particularly if you have smaller children needing quiet. There are lots of childrens play facilities and the restaurants tend to cater children too. Cala en Brut ( aka Bruc ) has a well thought out setting of sunbathing and diving platforms around the picturesque inlet and is also excellent for snorkeling. At its entrance the inlet is almost like a large saltwater swimming pool. The platforms have been constructed at various heights and make a good alternative if you don't like getting all sandy on a beach! There is a local bus service into the nearby old capital of Ciutadella and a "resort" train picks up and drops off a various points in the resort. Los Delfines itself is compact and can be easily explored on foot.

Cala en Brut - Local Serviced Beaches

Cala en Brut
Cala en Blanes
Cala Blanca
Son Xoriguer

Cala en Brut - Local Virgin Beaches

Cala Algaiarens
Cala Algairiens
by donmcooke
Son Saura
Son Saura
by Luis Gavilan
Es Talaier
Es Talaier
by wth
Cala Macarella
Cala Macarella
by abelr

Daytime Entertainment

Los Delfines offers a wide range of activities and all things to brighten the eyes of children and to keep them amused. If you have a hire car visit Castillo an outdoor /indoor play centre for children (Karting for adults) and outlet centre - see below. On the road to Sant Cala Galdana there are two horse shows.

Water Park - Aquapark Los Delfines

Is a collection of wet and dry fun. Water slides and pools for big and small with trampolines and bouncy castles for smaller ones. On site basic food restaurant and entertainments for older children ( eg pool , Arcade machines ) . See web site for current opening times and prices. Reduced prices after 13:00


Open daily May - August from 10:30 to 18:30 ( September/October see websites ) children under 3 free, 3-11 11 euros and over 11's 20 Euro unlimted time. They also off multi visit discounts. Sun loungers and Sunshades circa 3 Euro

Menorca Holiday Tips

Afterwards you can visit Los Delfines commercial area with its wide variery of shops, Bars and Restaurants.You can get a hand stamp to return later.

Ariel View

Horse Riding

Son Angel is farm that provides all types of riding experiences. Its also on the way to the fabulous virgin beach of Algairiens, so you can combine the two for a wonderful days' experience.


Cycle hire ( including mountain bike ), Kayaks and 4 outdoor "Padel" courts ( Padel is similar to squash but played with shorter, larger raquets ). Located next to Hotel Farragut www.seprosport.com

Mountain Bike and BMX

MTB and BMX Centre

A new professionally designed MTB and BMX track with jumps and obstacles ( floodlight ). You start on the roof to get up speed! With cycle hire and changing facilities. Also modern gym complete with indoor and outdoor Bar Restaurant. See www.sportbikemenorca.com for details.


There is a beautiful valley area of Algairiens east of the resort on the coast, with very picturesque valley and forest walks to the coast and beach Cala Algairiens. Also known as La Vall. Also take a trip out to Cala Morells ( by Bus ).


As with most resorts in Menorca, organised evening entertainment here is generally to be found in the resort hotels and some bars. Mahon, Ciutadella and Es Castell however offer alot more with something for everyone, but with none of the "bing drink clubbing" to be found on Ibizia and Majorca. Menorca is not Majorca but that is why many people come here!

Mahon will mostly be written on timetables, front of buses and signposts as Maó, it's local name. If you are staying longer than a week take a trip on this good network and see some of the other sights, resorts/towns and attractions.

Bus, Taxi and Hire Car - Detailed getting about info.

Use Bus 61 bus stop at Cala en Blanes
Single 1,65

The bus does a round trip so look at full timetable for a particular bus stop's departure time.

Change at Placa del Pins ( walk to Placa Menorca 5mn ) for buses to Cala Gladana ( 52 ) and Mahon  ( 01,14 ) .

Connections to Son Saura ( L66 ) , Santandria ( L64 ) and Cala en Bosch ( L65 )

no. 61 : Cala en Forcat - Los Delfines - Cala en Blanes - Ciutadella : daily

  • 07:20*,08:20*,09:00,09:25,09:55*,10:10,10:25*,10:50,11:10*,11:50*,12:20,12:50*,13:20,13:50*,14:20,14:50*,15:20,15:50,16:20*,16:50,17:20*,17:50,18:20,18:50*,19:20,19:50*,
  • 20:20,20:50*,21:20,21:50*,22:20,22:50*,23:50
  • no. 61 : Ciutadella - Cala en Blanes - Los Delfines - Cala en Forcat : daily

  • 7:00*,8:00*,8:40,9:05,9:35*,9:50,10:05*,10:30,10:50*,11:05,11:30*,12:00,12:30*,13:00,13:30*,14:00,14:30*,15:00,15:30,16:00*,16:30,17:00*,17:30,18:00,18:30*,19:00, 19:30*,20:00, 20:30*,21:00,21:30*,22:00,22:30*,23:30*
  • *not on Sundays/Public Holidays
  • Summer

    This is a small bus with room only for 25 passengers due to narrow access lanes

    The bus does a round trip so look at full timetable for return times from Son Saura. Journey time 30 min 3 Eur Mon - Sat only.

    no. 66 : Ciutadella - Son Saura (virgin beach)

  • 10:30,11:30,12:30,13:30,16:30,17:30,18:30,19:30
  • no. 66 : Son Saura- Ciutadella

  • 11:00,12:00,13:00,14:00,17:00,18:00,19:00,20:00
  • Cala en Brut - Near by ( 3 km Bus 61 or 30 min walk )


    A taste of former elegant times with fine old spanish palaces, moorish influences, a wonderful old centre and a charming little harbour. Ciutadella was the original capital of the island lying at the western edge of the island looking out to its bigger neighbour Mallorca. A superb contrast to the beach and holiday resort. Great atmosphere and shopping and a place to wander the pedestrianised old city and its many narrow streets with hidden shops and Cafe treats. Also competes with Mahon for the title of the best music bars and venues on the island. The scene for the spectacular Sant Joan festival in June, when stunning native black horses parade through the streets and the brave try to "touch the horses' heart" as it rears in front of them.


    Old Spain - Palaces
    Old City

    Old Harbour
    Clothes Shopping
    Placa Born

    Cala en Brut - Near by Historical Sites ( various km car )

    Historical Sites Island WEST

    For mini downloadable guides, current opening times and entrance prices visit www.menorcamonumental.org

    In the west of the island near to Ciutadella you will find more of the islands early historical sites.

    Naveta des Tudons - Ancient monument, Son Catlar - prehistoric village, Cala Morells - extensive cave dwelling and burial chambers

    Historical Sites Island WEST

    Cala en Brut - Near by ( 10 km Bus )

    Cala Morell

    A small quiet fishing village resort and residential ares on the north west coast set in dramatic rocky coastlines. Best known for the extensive man made (Bronze and Iron ages) cave dwellings nearby that give a real sense of cave "living" ( though many caves were also for burial ). Some are sophisticated with central roof columns and 'windows'. Some are obviously younger and larger, cut with more advanced metal tools, but the smaller older ones gives a view into another world. A good place to combine with a visit to the beautiful virgin beach of Algaiarens and walks through the very attractive valleys of Vall de Algaiarens. Bus 62 circa 15 mins 1.85 Euro single ( 2012 ) or by Hire Car.

    Monday to Saturday only with Lithica drop off . La Vall is beautiful countryside and Playa Algaiarens virgin beach

    no. 62 : Ciutadella - Cala Morell - La Vall

  • 10:00,11:00,12:00,13:00,16:00,17:00,18:00,19:00
  • no. 62 : La Vall - Cala Morell - Ciutadella

  • 10:25,,11:30,12:25,13:30,16:25,17:30,18:25,19:30
  • TIP bring a torch to see the really special ones

    Cala en brut - Cala en Blanes Near by ( 5 min walk )

    Is at the end of a long rocky inlet with sunbathing platforms alongs its length. The inlet ends with a small fully serviced beach backed with a planted area of palm tress which provide pleasant shade and picknicking areas.

    Wi-Fi and Internet

     Many Cala En Brut Bars will offer free WiFi ( passwords on request ) Sim cards and dongles for Spanish networks( Vodafone es /Movistar ) can be bought in nearby towns and topped up via supermarket cashiers. More and more towns have free WiFi in their squares. WiFi on Menorca

    Bus Timetable - Cala En Brut

    Bus Timetable - Cala En Brut

    Mahon will mostly be written on timetables, front of buses and signposts as Maó, it's local name. If you are staying longer than a week take a trip on this good network and see some of the other sights, resorts/towns and attractions.

    Bus, Taxi and Hire Car - Detailed getting about info.

    What is the Weather like in Cala En Brut

    Cala En Brut has a mediterranean climate characterised by warm to hot, dry summers with a pleasant cooling breeze and milder winters. The sea in   Cala En Brut   will be around 22-26 degrees in summer. In October the sea is still warm. Spring time ( early March to April ) will have sunny days and air temperatures around 20 and above , ideal for sightseeing, walking, cycling and horseriding activities.Weather & forecast through the year

    Weather now - updated 2018-12-10 18:45
    Partly cloudy
    Temp. (°C): 12

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