Menorca for Divers and Snorkel fans

Menorca is popular due to it's short flights times to enjoy warm diving waters, abundant sea life in (visibility upto 30m ) clear waters with the added fascination of many underwater caves to explore.

Snorkel fans

For snorkellers each of the beach resorts and the easily accessible coastlines offer snorkeling in crystal clear waters. For those looking for more, many of the dive centres organise boat trips out to interesting sites around the island and close to resort bays. The island's waters are very clean and healthy so you will be surprised at what is just a few yards away in the shallow waters. Snorkel Guide

Diving Menorca

Menorca combines quick boat travel times with sunshine lit waters diving - under 3 hours from the UK and offers warm summer diving in water of 28C + with visibility of 30 metres. . Menorca has strong nature conservancy and controlled tourism which has preserved the marine environment. There are few currents and terrific light and an attractive undeveloped coastline. A dozen underwater caves situated in the north and south of the island.

The island is small so getting to other dives sites doesn't mean endless travelling hours.

New to Diving? Have a try-dive in the warm clear waters of Menorca. No strong currents to fight and if you don't like it you still have the Holiday!

Marine Reserve

On the north coast of Menorca is an extensive Marine Reserve where there is abundant sealife. Try Es Grau and Fornells bays and coast line. The Virgin beaches of Pregona,Binimel-la,Cala Tirant and Cavalleria are all in the Marine Reserve.

Menorca Diving

Dive Sites

There is something for all levels, with wrecks and cave diving for the more advanced.


Baracuda shoals, Pont den Gil ( above water rock formations, below caverns) , Marine Reserves and strong Environmental laws offer abundant marinelife.

Dive centres will advise locally about best sites for your level and offer those jealously guarded secret sites only they know.

Dive Schools and Centres

Most of Menorca's dive centres are open begining of April to end of October. Snorkel trips