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Menorca is different, an unspoilt beach paradise yet so close to home.

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Menorca's Best Beaches
Cala Mitjaneta, one of many dreamy natural beach bays on the south coast - click it and drink it in!

Good to Know

What to expect?

The water quality around Menorca is exceptional with crystal clear, turquoise waters and many fine sandy Caribbean like natural beaches...more

Good to know

Choices you can trust - we're not Travel bloggers on a one off flyin-flyout visit. We know Menorca. Experienced it as Teenagers, been Couples and parents with small children and seen a lot of sand! :-)

Our photo rich Beach Map and Directory will allow you to see all the island's beaches. Menorca is small so if you are mobile you can visit a new beach every (half) day!

There is no such thing as a private beach on Menorca. They are all owned by the state and can be used by the public. Actually the entire coast line up to 6 meters inland is public property. However unless part of a holiday resort access maybe over private land with controlled acesses ( some car parking charges )

Best Beaches for Children

Nearly all of Menorca's beaches have shallow falls into the water so the waters are safe AND warm up from the sun quickly! - this makes them very suitable for Toddlers and Babies. Most beaches have good snorkelling due to the water quality and rocks along the bay side ( where the fish are ) , so in all any resort beach in Menorca is very good for children. Our children are all grown up now but they have tested them all many times - Best Choice we've picked picked out some winners.

Menorca's Best Resort Reaches?

That's really subjective, particularly as the standard is very high and the attached resort might not be your kind of place. However, the better beaches are considered to be along the south, north and eastern coasts. The western coast beaches are much smaller, with a larger amount of packaged tourism competing for their space so fuller in peak season. Thoughtful planning laws introduced in the mid 70's means there are virtually no 'hotel skylines' behind beaches and many beaches remain wonderfully natural and untouched.

Menorcan Beach Tour

For serious and occasional walkers much of the accessible coastline of Menorca is ringed by the newly reopened Cami de Cavalls offering a new way to explore and to discover yet more hidden beaches and secluded bays.

Protecting the beaches for all

Particularly on virgin beaches, take a bag for your rubbish and take it away WITH YOU. Please DO NOT leave cigarette stubs!

BEST Resort Beaches 2022

Over the year's we've been to ALL Resorts, many times at different times of a year. Here's our Best choices.

Each Beach has life-guards, first aid and a flag system for swimming safety.

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