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Menorca is different, an unspoilt beach paradise close to home. Find your perfect sunning spot.

Menorca's Best Beaches

Good to know

The water quality around Menorca is exceptional with crystal clear, turquoise waters and many fine sandy, Caribbean like, natural beaches...more

Protecting the beaches for all

Particularly on virgin beaches, take a bag for your rubbish and take it away WITH YOU. Please DO NOT leave cigarette stubs!

Good to know

Information you can rely on - we're not travellers on a quick one off flyin / flyout visit. We really do know Menorca -experienced it as Teenagers, been young couples and parents with small children and seen a lot of sand! :-)

Our detailed photo rich Beach Map and Directory will allow you to see the island's beaches. Menorca is small so it's possible to visit a new beach every (half) day! or when sun is not in your area

There is no such thing as a private beach on Menorca. They are all owned by the state and can be used by the public. Actually the entire coast line up to 6 meters inland is public property. However unless part of a holiday resort access maybe over private land with controlled acesses ( some car parking charges - see directory )

Best Beaches for children?

Nearly all of Menorca's beaches have soft sands and shallow falls into the water so the waters are safe AND warm up from the sun quickly! - this makes them very suitable for Toddlers and Babies. Most beaches have good snorkelling due to the water quality and rocks along the bay side ( where the fish are ) , so in all any resort beach in Menorca is very good for children. Our children tested them all many times!

Best Kid-friendly beaches? The beaches at Cala en Porter and Es Grau have incredibly shallow falls so that even the smallest can enjoy safe, warm splash abouts.

Best Beaches for older children?

As kids we loved waves and some beaches like Punta Prima and Cala den Porter do have predictable fun waves (due to sand banks) at 5pm'ish.

BEST Resort Beaches

Over the year's we've been to ALL the beach Resorts, many many times at different times of a year.

Best Beach we've picked picked out our personal winners.

Our Beach tips

Of course BEST is really subjective, particularly as the standard around Menorca is very high. However, the better beaches are considered to be along the south, north and eastern coasts. The western coast beaches are much smaller, with a larger amount of packaged tourism competing for their space so fuller in peak season.

Each Beach has life-guards, first aid and a flag system for swimming safety.

Discover them all on our in-depth Menorca Beaches Photos Map

A selection of our favourite resort beaches

Best Beach

Arenal den Castell

Resort Beach

A large classical picture postcode beach set in a huge horsehore shaped bay with great views on the

North Coast

Best Beach

Binibeca Beach is a white silky soft sandy beach set in a protective bay which makes the water very shallow and warm. Locally called Platja Binibquer

Southern Menorca

Best Beach

Cala en Porter

Resort Beach

Beach lies in a spectacular picturesque location backing onto a nature reserve. Deep , soft fine white sand.

Southern Menorca

Best Beach

Cala Galdana

Resort Beach

Beach has very soft white sand, shallow falls into the sea with sandy bottom. The beach lies in an imposing horseshoe bay.

Southern Menorca

Best Beach

Punta Prima

Resort Beach

Deep beach with very fine soft white sands.

Southern Menorca

Best Beach

Son Bou

Resort Beach

Son Bou beach has a very fine white soft sands and gentle falls into the sea. Longest beach on Menorca just perfect for sunseting strolls

Southern Menorca

Best Beach

Son Parc

Resort Beach

Son Parc beach is a very natural and large beach with extensive sand dunes to the rear. Very fine deep white sands.

North Coast

Boat Excursions along the coast

Pick out that dream beach then use our directory to reach it by bus,car or boat

Best Virgin Beaches

Menorca is famed for it's many secluded Beaches aka Virgin Beaches - locally called 'Playas Virgines'

Explore more at Menorca's natural virgin beaches

The northern coast beaches are very varied, generally wider/larger than those in the south but are more exposed to the open sea on less calm days so can have more wind and waves. They typically have coarser sand of varying colours and big 180 degree panoramas.

The south coastline is dominated by fine grained white sandy inlets and bays often with pine forest fringed cliffs and surroundings - as they are formed from river valleys carved from softer limestone plateaus. Very Carribean like.

Many remote beaches are only accessible by going through private land. You should respect this and keep to the tracks. Some land owners charge a small fee and restrict the visitor numbers which helps keeps the beaches in their pristine state. Dress appropriately and shut ALL gates behind you. In our exeperience respectful visitors are rarely turned away.

Enjoy our photo guide to Menorca's Best virgin beaches below. Our Beach Maps allow you to locate them and how to reach them.

Our Tip a small childrens beach hand rake will allow you to make a nice sun bathing spot

in-depth Menorca Virgin Beach Directory

Boat Excursions along the coast

Pick out that dream beach then use our directory to reach it by bus,car or boat<

Best Beach we've picked picked out some winners.

Map with Menorca's Beach locations

Our best beach recommendations are easy to find in our photo rich Directory of all Menorca's beaches on a Map.

Menorca Beaches Map

Beach Boat Excursions

A wonderful way to see how beautiful Menorca's coast is

Beach by Water Taxi?

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Menorca our Best Beach Tips

Best Beach Choices

Several including natural so called Virgin Beaches : Menorca Beaches by Bus

Full Directory of All Menorca's beaches with location,facilities and loads of Photos Beach Map