Photo Map Guide to Menorca's Beaches

Good to Know

The water quality around Menorca is exceptional with crystal clear, turquoise waters and many fine sandy Caribbean like natural beaches.

Our interactive Beach Map will allow you to see all the island's beaches and to locate any beach exactly as well as view them from the air in great detail. Remember the island is small so if you are mobile you can visit a new beach every (half) day!

There is no such thing as a private beach on Menorca . They are all owned by the state and can be used by the public. Actually the entire coast line up to 6 meters inland is public property. However some of the coast line and remote beaches are only accessible by going through private land. You should respect this and keep to the tracks. Some land owners charge a small fee and restrict the visitor numbers which helps keeps the beaches in their pristine state. Dress appropriately and shut ALL gates behind you. Respectful visitors are rarely turned away.

Best Beaches for Children

Most of Menorca's beaches have shallow falls into the water so the waters are safe AND warm up from the sun quickly! - this makes them very suitable for even small children. Most beaches have good snorkelling due to the water quality and rocks, so in all any resort beach in Menorca is very good for children. The 'best' are marked below with a

Menorca's Best Resort Reaches?

That's really subjective, particulary as the standard is very good and the attached resort might not be your kind of place. However, the better beaches are considered to be along the south,north and eastern coasts. The western coast beaches are much smaller, with a larger amount of packaged tourism competing for their space so fuller in peak season. Thoughtful planning laws introduced in the mid 70's means there are virtually no 'hotel skylines' behind beaches and many beaches remain wonderfully natural and untouched.

Menorcan Beach Tour

For serious and occasional walkers much of the accessible coastline of Menorca is ringed by the newly reopened Cami de Cavalls offering a new way to explore and to discover yet more hidden beaches and secluded bays.

Protecting the beaches for all

Particularly on virgin beaches, take a bag for your rubbish and take it away WITH YOU. Please DO NOT leave cigarette stubs!

Resort Beaches

All main resort beaches are listed below. Each resort beach has life-guards, first aid and a flag system for swimming safety.

Arenal Den Castell ( Resort Guide )

Arenal den Castell Beach
Arenal den Castell Beach
Arenal den Castell Beach - Western end

A large classical picture postcode beach set in a huge horsehore shaped bay with great views on the horizon. Backed with natural sand dunes and slopes.. The water is very shallow which makes it popular with families with small children. Arenal has some of the larger hotels on the island so there is a full range of facilities including sunbeds, parasols, pedaloes and kayak hire. There is also windsurfing and water skiing available in nearby Fornells bay. There is a wooden ( slattted ) board walk that runs from the eastern end most of the length of the beach from 2014

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Binibeca ( Resort Guide )

Binibeca Beach
Binibeca Boats
Beach Bar

Fine white sandy beach set in a protective bay which makes the water very shallow and warm. Very pleasant DEEP beach with picnic area in shaded trees at rear of beach. Los Bucaneros is the beach bar made from a converted fishermans hut. Also serves sandwiches and basic hot meals for reasonable prices. Very pleasant views from seating areas. Free parking. Childrens play area and showers and toilets. Electric fun boat hire, kayaks and pedaloes for hire on the beach. Very safe for children and excellent snorkelling.

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Cala en Bosch ( Resort Guide )

Cala en Bosch Beach
Cala en Bosch Beach
Cala en Bosch Beach

A deep fine white sandy beach set in a protective bay. Cala en Bosch is one of the islands few purpose built modern Holiday resorts with a higher proportion of accommodation so the beach can be more crowded in peak season. Plenty of facilities and beachside bars and restaurants. Wooden walkway for crossing with buggies. 5min walk is the smaller beach at Son Xoriguer.

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Cala Blanca ( Resort Guide )

Cala Blanca Beach
Cala Blanca Beach
Cala Blanca Inlet

Fine white sandy beach set in a long inlet which makes the water very shallow and warm. With views over to neighbouring mallorcas' north coast mountains. Plenty of beach side restaurants and nearby shops. Small childrens water play area alongside the beach. This is the beach at the southern end of Cala Blanca resort at northen end is Cala Santandria beach. Diving school.

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Cala en Blanes ( Resort Guide )

Cala en Blanes Beach
Cala en Blanes Beach

Sandy beach set in a long inlet which makes the water very shallow and warm. Behind the beach there is an extensive area with palm trees for shade and picnicking - with toilet and BBQing facilities. Small beach side bar restaurants. Dotted along the long inlet there are sunbathing and swimming platforms if you need to escape the beach area. The largest beach in the Cala en Forcat,Los Deflines,Cala en Blanes resort

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Cala en Brut ( Resort Guide )

Cala en Bruc Platforms
Cala en Bruc Platforms

Not a beach but a tastefully created area with sunbathing platforms on a long inlet. The seabed is sandy and deep which makes this whole inlet feel like a huge natural swimming pool. Ideal for those sunbathers not so keen on sand between the toes but who like the water. The resort centre of Los Delfines is a near by walk away with a large range of Bars, Restaurants, Shops and activities too.

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Cala en Forcat ( Resort Guide )

Cala forcat
Cala Piques

There a four mini beaches ( 2 at Forcat and 2 at Cala Piques ) at Cala en Forcat but each is very small and part of inlets that cut into the raised coastline so you have to follow tracks/steps to reach them. The inlets do offer sun bathing platforms and more room for swimming. A (not free ) resort train or 20 min walk will take you to Cala en Blanes beach which is the only beach of any size in this area.

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Cala en Porter ( Resort Guide )

Cala en Porter Beach-Sunday Mornings
Calan Porter Bay-Valley to walk at rear
Calan Porter Bay

Large beach in a spectacular picturesque location backing onto a nature reserve. Shallow and incredible gently sloping waters. Superb snorkelling under the cliffs. Beachside restaurants and bars to suit all tastes and budgets. Small supermarket located behind beach. Free parking toilets and showers. Small childrens play area on beach. The deep inlet means this beaches' waters will be calmer and warmer than any another location in 'bad weather'. Considered in the top three resort beaches on the island. Probably the best childrens beach on the island plus large enough for those wanting peace to have a tanning spot 'away' from them too!

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Cala Galdana ( Resort Guide )

Cala Galdana Beach
Cala Galdana Bay

Large horsehoe shaped beach in a spectaclular cliff enclosed location. Very safe for children with shallow warm waters and excellent snorkelling around the little island. Considered in the top three resort beaches on the island. Good watersports and diving centers. TIP spend day here and then buy food and drink and then goto nearby virgin beach Cala Mitjana( 5mins drive or 30 mins walk from Galdana through pine woods) for an unforgetable sunset evening picnic.

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Es Grau ( Resort Guide )

Es Grau Beach
Es Grau Bay

Large horsehoe shaped beach with very pleasant views of the fishing village of Es Grau, located near the capital of Mahon(Mao). Very safe for children with shallow warm waters. Beautiful natural location as it backs onto national parkland. Very pleasant morning and evening walks in the parkland for a change of scene. Es Grau does not have many Holiday homes, so this beach is usually quite quiet except at weekends when the residents of Mahon enjoy it. Enjoyable little bars and basic restaurants in Es Grau. Parking is provided.

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Santo Tomas ( Resort Guide )

San Tomas Beach
Sant Tomas Beach
Playa San Adeodato

On the south coast next to Son Bou. In fact two beaches, Playa Santo Tomas (the largest) and Playa San Adeodato separated by a headland. Do take notice of the flags here as there are strong offshore currents. Keep children/weak swimmers inshore (40 meters max. from beach). Also starting point to reach Binigaus virgin beach.

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Son Bou ( Resort Guide ) Great for Kids

Son Bou Beach
Son Bou Sunsets
Son Bou Beach

On the south coast. Much loved because of its length for strolling walks in the surf ( personally we think the small cliff and pine forest enclosed bays are more special, but...) with beach bars and toilets. The farthest end from the resort is often frequented by nudists if you are shy. Due to a protected nature area there is only a single access point from a car park to the beach so this spot gets crowded with the lazy walkers! Do take notice of the flags here as there are strong offshore currents. Keep children/weak swimmers inshore (40 meters max. from beach)

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Punta Prima ( Resort Guide )

Punta Prima Beach
Beach Side
Punta Prima Beach

On the south coast. Sant Luis. Close to the cosmopolitan centers of Es Castell and Mao.

Deep beach, very safe for children with shallow warm waters. Area to the right reserved for families with babies and toddlers with very handy wooden walkway for getting pushchairs 'across the sands'. Wide range of restaurants and bars to suit all tastes and budgets. Local resort supermarkets , bars and restaurants located on and behind the beach. Easy to reach, including by bus from Mahon and resort train from Cala Torret and Binibequer. Great place to watch the boats travel to/from Mahon harbour. Watersports and Kayak hire and excursions from the beach.

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Son Parc ( Arenal de Son Saura ) ( Resort Guide )

Son Parc Beach
Son Parc Beach
Son Parc Beach

Very natural and large beach with extensive sand dunes to the rear. Parking is provided where there is also beach Bar Restaurant and toilets. Very shallow for many meters with terrific unbuilt views on the horizon. Can also be reached from resort by steps. Cala Prudent a pretty virgin beach can be reached on foot from the left of this beach. Lots of interesting paths from this beach too.

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Tirant (Playa den Fornells) ( Resort Guide )

Cala Tirant
Walkway to main beach from resort
Cala Tirant
View to resort
Cala Tirant
Very natural

On the northcoast. The local beach for the Playa den Fornells resort. If you have a car there are some beautiful virgin beaches ( Cavalleria, Pregonda, Binimel la ) just along the coast.

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Virgin Beaches

What to expect?

The northern coast beaches are very varied, generally wider/larger than those in the south but are more exposed to the open sea on less calm days so can have more wind and waves. They typically have coarser sand of varying colours and big 180 degree panoramas.

The south coastline is dominated by fine grained white sandy inlets and bays often with pine forest fringed cliffs and surroundings - as they are formed from river valleys carved from softer limestone plateaus. Very Carribean like.

Enjoy our photo guide to Menorca's Best virgin beaches below. More are listed on an interactive Beach Map to allow you to locate them and explore the ariel photographs in detail.

Tip a small hand rake will allow you to clear any natural debris e.g. neptune seagrass.

Getting to the Beaches

Those that can be reached by car with a further walk from a parking area are marked with a  The remotest and those accessible only by boat are shown on the map. You should ideally wear summer treking sandals for the ( sometimes ) 20-30 min. walks to reach them. Car parking is provided by local land owners where indicated,but will be away from the coast for preservation reasons.

Virgin Beaches will have no or minimal buildings and is in it's natural state - it is not maintained and often will have no services ( eg toilets,places to buy food or drink )
on Isla den Colom Carles garcia-roca

Taxi Mar - Virgin Beach Taxi

From Cala Galdana and Santo Tomas providing scheduled services to the virgin beaches ( Trebaluger, Fustram and Escorxada virgin beaches ) which are not easy to reach. An exciting way to see these amazing coastlines and beaches ( capacity 10 passengers ) . Taxis Services

The pictures below are the copyright of their respective owners or who have kindly made them available for public viewing. Photos provided by Panoramio.

Algaiarens  and Bus

On the north coast just east of Cala Morell is a robinson crusoe style set of beaches set in a grand double bay. A spectacular beach set in a beautiful valley backed with sand dunes and woodland. Easy to get to by car - signposted from Ciutadella. Entrance via private track is charged (but well worth it) and travels through some pretty woods to car park. 5 min walk to beach. Picnic area under woods next to car park. No services available. TIP The road to Algaiarens starts just outside the Poligno (commercial area ) of Ciutadella. Here there is a new supermarkets where you can stock up on picnic items very cheaply. Come early in high season as the number of cars is limited to 400 to preserve the area - No excuses get there!

New Bus 62 Ciutadella to Cala Morell now drops of at access road ( 15-20 walk to beach )

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Playa Binigaus

On the south coast just west of Sant Tomas. One of our favourites. Shallow waters and sandy bottom. A beautiful backdrop of the Binigaus Valley with walks up to the "cathedral" caves. Nudists use this beach but its huge so there is plenty of space to find a spot if you are easily offended and no you dont need to strip if you dont want to either. A must visit!

Park in the car park at the road entrance to Santo Tomas and walk west 15-20mins along the beach.

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Playa Binimel-la

On the northcoast reached through some beautiful countryside. 10 min walk from a dedicated car park. There is a Bar Restaurant at the head of this car parking area. Also the starting point to reach Cala Pregonda further along the coast.

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Playa Cavalleria

A popular unspoilt beach on the north coast, with typical north coast 'red sand'. A double horseshore beach west of Cap de Cavalleria. Two beaches with sun umberella and sun lounger hire in summer months. Car park close by, but still a relatively quiet location. A rural drive and a 15 minute walk to reach this beautiful beach.

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Playa Escorxada

On the south coast. Very remote and beautiful beach backed by pine woods but normally only reachable by Boat excursions from Cala Galdana or Cala en Bosch. But, you can reach it on foot with coastal paths from Santo Tomas ( 2hr trek with stops so not a trek for those who moan after 20minutes ) . Go early or later when the boat excursion passengers are gone for a memorable exquisite remote beach. No facilities. Cala Fustam is a further 20 minutes and even better!

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Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta

Stunning pair of virgin beaches on the south coast set in a grandiose horseshoe shaped bay with striking cliffs. Fringed with Pine forests for when you want to escape the sun or take a stroll. There is a car park set back from the beach. Also reachable via signposted path ( Cami de Cavall ) from Cala Galdana ( 50 Mins.)

A surprisingly large beach bar/ restaurant with toilets and shower facilities has grown up (open in main season). Macraletta is a further 10-15 mins., by signed path and quieter and will be frequented by nudists( less so in peak season). Easy car access and visiting boat excursions which drop off people means Macarella can get very busy during middle part of day in peak season. Parking Space for 160+ cars 5 Euro ( there is also a free public car park ) , with 5-15 mn walk to beach dependent on where you find space.

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Cala Mesquida

A favourite for the locals of Mahon and a great beach. No services ( toilet huts provided) available but the fishing village of Sa Mesquida which you must pass through has a bar restaurant and tiny supermarket 1 mile before the beach. There is a van on the beach selling homemade Italian ice cream. The prices are very reasonable given the captive audience and the ice cream is very good - also sells cold drinks and basic snacks. Free car parking and then a walk to the beach. The right hand side nearest the cliffs is often used by nudists. Used by the locals from Mahon at the weekends. Also visit excellent Cap Roig fish restaurant for lunch just before village.

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Cala Mitjana and Mitjanetta

On the south coast close to Santa Cala Galdana. One of the first of the virgin beaches to be made accessible via car. This is perhaps the ideal first experience (perfect for small children too) of Menorcas "Calas Virgenes".

There are two water caves to explore. A smaller one close to the beach with it's own little beach inside. Further around, about a 20 meter swim, is a very large cave perfect for snorkeling. Mitjanetta is a smaller cove, often frequented by naturists.

In the older days this used to be a 40 min. walk on unsigned paths through pine forests. You can still do this today from Cala Galdana. The Cala is 3 min drive from Cala Galdana with its own beautiful tourist beach and watersports centers, so you can combine the two. No excuses get there!

Location on map


A remote and beautiful beach on the North East coast near to Port Addaia.

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Cala Pilar

Secluded red sandy beach typical of the northern coast. Totally natural and in beautiful and dramatic scenery. There is a small car park from where you take a 35 minute walk over a wooded hillside with lovely views. You might find people smearing themselves with a red mud as a natural skin refreshner. Try it, because you're "worth it". No facilities. Getting there:

Turn off the main Ferreries-Ciutadella road about 5.5km after Ferreries (the turning is 1/3 of the way up the big hill after the central plane) and keep going for about 4km until you find the carpark (where the road ends). Access from here is up and then down a pleasant sandy track. The track starts in woodland and finishes with a steep descent to the beach, nearly 2km in total

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Cala Pregonda

Sand dunes and dramatic rock formations and Pine and Tamarisk covered backdrop make this a special beach with great swimming and views. Pine woods provide shade in this attractive remote bay. You can swim and enjoy terrific snorkelling around the small 'island' just offshore. No facilities. On the northcoast, west of Fornells and reachable on foot from Binimel-la beach car park (20 min. walk ) .

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There are three beaches here, the largest is fine sandy virgin beach. They can be reached on foot from Son Parc beach following paths starting at western end near Es Bruc Nord beach Bar ( free public car parking ). Note there is a fourth from which the name comes 'smelly' - which is a natural river mouth

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Son Saura  and Bus 66

A double bay backed by pine forests. Reached either on foot from Son Xoriguer along coastal path ( 40mins ) by boat excursions from Cala en Bosch/Ciutadella marina or car (with parking charges-bicyles free) Also there is now a bus no. 66 from Ciutadella ( Placa Pins Mon-Sat ). Further along 20 mins walk is another virgin beach, Es Talaier. As this beach is now accessible best to go early or later pm when there will be less visitors. Space for 240 cars, 10 mn walk to beach.

Note there are electronic signs at the start of the roads so you can see if there are any parking spaces available.

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Cala des Talaier

See above for Son Saura. Es Talaier can be reached on foot and maybe less crowded due to the extra effort required to reach it. Note there are electronic signs at the start of the roads so you can see if there are any parking spaces available.

Location on map

Cala de Sa Toretta / Cala des Tamarells

Two remote coves reached from the beach at Es Grau (signposted). Park at free parking at entrance to Es Grau, get supplies at the little corner shop in the village. Tamarells has no shade, but Sa Torreta has a dense pine areas. A great dayout combined with Es Grau.

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Cala Trebaluger and Cala Fustam

Very natural beach and ba , set in pine woods at the mouth of the beautiful Trebaluger river valley which extends for more than a kilometre inland through lush wetlands and teems with wild life. Only reachable on foot from Cala Galdana/Cala Mitjana( along signposted Cami de Caval coastal trail ) or by boat excursions from Cala Galdana and Cala en Bosch. Again best visited early and later to avoid the 'boat tourists'. No facilities. Further along are yet more virgin beaches, Cala Excorxada and Cala Fustam.

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Turqueta  and Bus 68

A very beautiful beach on the south coast. 20 min walk from dedicated car park and access is via a toll for motor vehicles. Signposted from the Ciutadella ring road Can sometimes get crowded due to the many visiting boat tours in high season from Cala en Bosch. Fabulous in the early morning and evening hours when the boat tourists are not there. No facilities.Parking for 120 Cars 15 min walk to beach. Bus service from Ciutadella circa 5 Euro one way - limited passengers

Note there are electronic signs at the start of the roads so you can see if there are any parking spaces available.

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Naturist and Nudist Beaches

There are no officially designated nudist beaches.

Remoter virgin beaches where you find textile free sun bathing are Algairens,Binimel-la,Cala Barril,Cala Calderer,Cala Coves,Cala Pilar,Cala des Tamarells,Cala Macarelleta, Cala Mitjanetta, Cala Mica,Cala Pilar,Cala Pregonda,Cala Presili,Cala Mesquida, Cala Trebaluger and Cala Es Bots.

Beaches with Nudism

Quieter spots of larger resort beaches will also be used eg Son Bou, Santo Thomas and Cala en Porter.

Interactive Map with Menorca's Beach locations

See for yourself the beauty of these beaches, just click on the map below to open up a fully interactive map of the island.

Beach Taxis

Photo Copyright : Aquataxi Menorca

You can now use a number of Water Taxis to arrange a drop-off /pick-up to the amazing virgin beaches. A great way to see Menorca's amazing unspoilt coastline and remoter beaches Water Taxis Services

Menorca Holiday Beach Tips

1. 'If the wind is blowing from the north visit the south coast beaches, and visit the north if the wind is from the south' Also it still amazes us but it can be cloudy at one end of the island and bright sunshine at the other. So get in the hire car and head out if the clouds have appeared.

2. These virgin beaches listed below can be reached by car and a short walk even with small children. Give yourself a beach experience to remember - just go! Take a picnic and visit these places after 17:00. Often any parking or access charges will not be collected as the attendant has gone home, the beach will be emptying even more and you will be able to enjoy a magnificent sunset - and we promise you if you have any children, afterwards they will love you too!

  • Cala Macarella
  • Cala Mitjana
  • Cala Mesquida
  • Cala'n Turqueta
  • Cala Algaiarens
  • Son Saura

3. By taking one of the half or full day boat trips, you can visit some of the bays and beaches that are only reachable from the sea. An unforgettable experience

4. Always ensure you have plenty of water with you when you visit the virgin beaches as often there are no bars or such facilities. Just pure nature. And don't forget a bag to take you rubbish home with you.

5. Loungers and Umberellas. Two sun loungers and an umbrella are on average 17 Euros a day to hire! A sun umbrella in a supermarket will cost from 8(out of resort) -15(in resort) Euros. Buy one and leave it behind in the Holiday Home if there is not one to use there on the beaches. The leab back beach seats ( photo below ) will cost no more than 6-9 Euros ( local resort shops ) for a good quality one and are more comfortable than always resting on your elbows! (sink legs into sand for stability)

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