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Punta Prima Beach Map and Guide @ Menorca Travel Directory
Punta Prima

Punta Prima Beach

Local Beach
Southern Menorca Menorca
Punta Prima, Menorca
Deep beach with very fine soft white sands.


Main beach and a smaller beach beyond the fishermans huts

Plenty o f soft sand banks means you can swim out and stand up

At 5p.m the natural wave machine starts up- lot's of fun ( due to sand banks )

Beach Facilities

Blue Flag Beach
Car Parking
Mobility Access
Small Child and Baby friendly

Beach guide

Several Cafe Bars, Restaurants,Supermarkets behind beach
Naturism :
Bus Route:
92 Mahon via Sant Lluis

Other popular beaches

Cala en Blanes

Cala Farragut

Cala en Brut

Cala en Forcat


Help keep the beaches pristine - take home your rubbish

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