Cala en Forcat

Cala en Forcat Beach

Local Beach
North Coast Menorca
Cala en Forcat, Menorca
There are a few smaller beaches, Cala en Forcat, Calas Piques at the ends of long finger like inlets


A larger sandy beach is available at Cala en Blanes ( 10-15m walk use public Bus, resort fun train )

There are also sun bathing platforms at Cala en Brut

Photos show ALL the various beaches in the Los Delfines area/Cala en Blanes area

Beach guide

Bus Route:
66 Cala’n Blanes – Delfines – Cala’n Forcat – Cala Blanca – Santandria – Cala’n Bosch – Son Xoriguer

Other popular beaches

Sa Caleta

Cala en Bosch

Son Xoriguer

Cala Galdana


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