Menorca Self Catering

A great way to Holiday on Menorca - keeping costs down with our Eating in and out advice

Menorca Self Catering Holidays

Looking for Menorca on a Budget or you just prefer to eat when and where you like?

Good to Know

Self Catering done right - guide

Good to Know

Self Catering vs All Inclusive for budget concious holidays - it's not a straightforward comparison. All Inclusive on Menorca tends to be very basic food buffets, repetative and alcoholic drinks will rarely be branded or unlimited. AI is good to keep the Kid's drinks bills in check.

Self catering is probably not only the most affordable way to enjoy Menorca, but done right you can enjoy something unique, individual and totally memorable. S/C doesn't have to mean constant budgeting while eating out or hours spent in the villa or apartment kitchen - our Menorca tips for self caterers.

The BEST local area Guides

With our detailed, photo rich, independent guides you can match accommodation to YOUR ideal location - see all the local facilities, surrrounding area, Bars and Restaurants. Local area photo tours and nearby attractions all in one place to make that accommodation choice easier and more perfect.

Owning our own Holiday Home for last 30 years means we really know Menorca's Resorts and vibes inside out. Choosing the right resort is key if you want to mostly eat out.

Self Catering Holiday Accommodation

What's Menorca like for Town and Beach Holidays?

Freedom with meal times means you can have a truely individual holiday. No queues at the buffet ( or worrying about fellow guest hygiene) , no rushing back from the beach to grab the best tables in the hotel dining room.

Each type of accommodation has it's own attraction

Bed and Breakfast Hotels

TIP: more personal country and urban hotels can be great self catering stays with some offering shared kitchen facilities in addition to providing Breakfasts - leaving you to pick and choose from the local eateries.

Self Catering Villas

Great for families as the pool does'nt close and you can enjoy BBQs

Self Catering Apartments

Aparthotels offer more shared extra facilities like bars additional catering , childrens activities but bigger complexes. Apartments's interiors will tend to be larger than Aparthotel with separate bedrooms .

Our Town and Resort Guides have all the good eateries, restaurants and bars plus our own recommendations.

B & B Hotels


Choose from City (Boutique), Rural or Beachside

Book Direct Hotels

Package Deals , flights with ABTA Holidays


Self Catering Villas

Space, Private pool



Self Catering Apartments Independent Travellers

Aparthotels can offer Kids Clubs, Entertainments

Self Catering Done Right

With a second home on Menorca we like to think of ourselves as very self catering savvy. We've self catered for decades, seen restaurants come and go and despite a falling pound we always eat and drink well. In self-catering accommodation, your day is not ruled by someone else's timetable.

Eating Out

Absolutely visit the island's restaurants and follow our tips. Enjoy their service and no washing up unless your card has maxed out :-) Budgeting help - Average Eating out prices regularly updated

Beach Resort tips: Eat some meals in the local town

If you are mobile ( hire car, taxi or bus) meals in towns close by will generally be more authentic and less expensive. And of course you can combine this with a bit of sightseeing and shopping. Our Beach Resorts guides will show nearby towns, bus routes and if one of our recommended restaurants is nearby.

Our Town and Resort Guides have all the good eateries, restaurants and bars plus our own recommendations.

Money Saving and other tips

Save time have food basics delivered

Enjoy more of your first hours' holiday time around the pool by using a pre-order and delivery service from an online supermarket (eg menorca's online shop )

Eating In

Our Food and Drinks guide covers Menorca's specialities, best places to food shop and how to eat well.

Supermarket / Food Shops

If staying in a town the local farms will have a fruit and veg shop seeling their produce.

Take a look out our big supermarkets Guide with map where you will be able to make a big shop as you travel to your holiday accommodation. Most supermarkets will accept credit cards but have some photo identity with you ( driving license/passport photocopy ).

Online Supermarkets

Pre-order online for that first balcony or poolside meal on arrival .

Money Saving tips

The key? By mixing quick to make meals ( maybe adding to take away and pre-prepared dishes ) with fixed price restaurant menus and Tapas you can certainly eat well enough and have lot's of real quality holiday time too.

Fixed Price Menus 8 - 20 Euro

Menu Diario, Menu Economica, Menu del Dia, Menu Mediodia ( lunch-time ) , Menul del Noche (evenings) - all names for 2,3,4 and even 5 course fixed prices menus that will include wine or water. Very often some of the ala carte menu meats and fish will also be on the choices

Pre-prepared fresh meals- Plats Preparat

"Plats Preparat"

Pre-prepared meals 'Plats Preparat'. These can be great value to take back to your holiday home to enjoy there and for picnics These meals will be home made ( you'll probbaly see the kitchen from the counter ). With some places offering 2 or 3 courses as a "until we run out" (hasta la fin) special . The portion sizes means with bread you'll have enough for two and a meal for less than 10€. The dishes will be on show so you can choose with your eyes too!

Supermarkets sell readmade local dishes in chill cabinets. They won't be as good as the specialist shops,but still tasty and good value base.

Imported Brands

If there is something you simply can't be without (a favourite sauce?) then bring it with you. Imported brands, particularly UK ones, will be significantly more expensive than spanish and more easily sourced continental brands.

Holiday Hires

Forgotten to pack something or want to save on luggage? A range of items from baby buggies to portable air conditioning delivered to your accommodation

Easy Self Catering Holiday Meal tips

Easy to do, filling and can be eaten as a meal or used as hot and cold sides dishes the next few days, why not make a risotto. Spanish rice is ideal for risotos - add seafood, meats or vegetables as you like. They don't take a lot of effort and are condusive to wine sipping on terrace and nipping back to stir and add more stock.

Self Catering Holidays Menorca

With the freedom of Self Catering there's time to enjoy a whole lot more of Menorca - ultimate freedom is with a hire car. How to avoid Car Rental Scams

Self Catering Holidays

Fact is Menorca's Towns will always offer the best Restaurant and Bar choices. Beach Resorts with a good selection of Restaurants Arenal den Castell,Cala'n Bosch,Cala Galdana, Cala'n Porter