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Peak season car access is banned at certain Virgin Beaches (1)

Catch the Beach Bus!

These dreamy secluded beaches can be reached on seasonal Beach Buses from Ciutadella and Mahon

Naturally Buses must stop some distance from the Beach - walk times are as follows:

    Algariens / La Vall
  • "Des Tancat": 10 minutes
  • "Des Bot": 15-20 minutes
    Son Saura
  • "D'es Banyul" beach: 5 minutes
  • "Bellavista" beach: 10 minutes
  • "Des Talaier": 30 minutes
    Cala Turqueta
  • beach: 15 minutes
    Macarella Bay
  • "Macarella": 15 minutes
  • "Macarelleta": 25-40 minutes
    Presili / Favritix
  • "Cala Presili": 30 minutes
  • "Cala Tortuga": 40 minutes