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Beach Buses Good to Know

Peak season car access is banned at certain Virgin Beaches (1)

Beach bus good to know

Protect the Beaches : especially on Virgin Beaches, take a bag for your rubbish and take it away WITH YOU. Please DO NOT leave cigarette stubs!

(1) IMPORTANT the following beaches BAN car access in summer months ( June 1 to September 30 ) - use the dedicated bus service

Why are cars banned at the beaches? Either enviromental reasons or because the access roads to these particular beaches are menorca's lovely , but very narrow, preserved stone walled original roads ( camis's ) so there is no room - also controls the visitor numbers.

Catch the Beach Bus!

These dreamy secluded beaches can be reached on seasonal Beach Buses from Ciutadella ( Via Perimetral ) and Mahon (central) Bus stations - TIP ALL bus routes pass through these two city bus stations

Naturally Buses must stop some distance from the Beach - Paths not always suitable for reduced mobility, walk times as follows:

    Algariens / La Vall
  • "Des Tancat": 10 minutes
  • "Des Bot": 15-20 minutes
    Son Saura
  • "D'es Banyul" beach: 5 minutes
  • "Bellavista" beach: 10 minutes
  • "Des Talaier": 30 minutes
    Cala Turqueta
  • beach: 15 minutes
    Macarella Bay
  • "Macarella": 15 minutes
  • "Macarelleta": 25-40 minutes
    Presili / Favritix
  • "Cala Presili": 30 minutes
  • "Cala Tortuga": 40 minutes

Beach Bus Ticket Booking

Buses have very limited capacity ( as they must be small to travel narrow roads ) so pre-booking is essential especially for return from the Beach. Walkers can also book places by Smartphone/ Tel.

Reservations,cancellations and changes can be made upto 1 hour before departure time

Buy Tickets Online

Tickets from offices at main Ciutadella Bus stations City Centre Placa del Pins or main HUB Via Perimetral and Mahon bus station.

Beach Bus Ticket Booking

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Smartphone pre-book

App MOU-T Menorca from the usual stores

3.5% Ticket price supplement

plus yet another place to leave a credit card data set ?- no thanks, but your choice

Beach Hopping by Bus

Bus Network Map - Visual Overview of what beaches you can reach by Bus

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Map with Menorca's Beach locations

See for yourself the beauty of these beaches with our extensive Menorca Beaches map of the whole island includig facilities,beach bars how to getto the beach by bus