Shopping on Holiday

Menorca is small, understated and traditional, so don't expect any shopping centres in or out of town or many of the Spanish chain clothing stores, never mind international chains and thank goodness!

Shopping is relaxed, individual and done at leisurely pace. If you are fed up of looking at the same repetition in clothing chain stores back home then you will enjoy the individuallity that little boutique shops on Menorca offer. For self caterers the supermarkets are not huge, larger ones are situated on the local town's commercial area ( signposted as Poligno ) so you will need a hire car / taxi to reach them. However I would encourage you to visit the smaller shops

Shop Hours

Opening times for most shops is 09.00-09:20 -13.30 and 16.30/17.00 - 20.30. Big supermarkets open Mon. - Sat. 09.00 - 21.00, and some on Sunday mornings ( 10 -14:00 ) . (Some small shops open until 10.00). Exceptions are in the bigger beach resorts., where some may stay open all day during mid june - mid september.

Best Buys on Menorca

Naturally, most things have to be importred so the the best buys are the locally produced goods:


Now fashionware, these extremely comfortable sandals' origins were simple footwear on the farm. Never mass produced, they lend themselves to individualism and these days feature a myriad of designs (handpainted,bejewelled ,custom) and in a rainbow of different soft coloured leathers. Once worn, you'll quickly realise while they are so popular as summer footwear. The shape is unisex and the soft leather moulds to any foot shape.
Avarcas sandals and where to buy

Leather Goods
Leather Goods
Leather Goods

Shoes and Leather ware

Menorca has a long tradition for making high quality leather goods and this continues today. However many of the brands will be unknown to you as they are sold mostly in french and german quality clothing stores. Locally bought you can indulge in some quality new shoes heels, flats and boots.

Costume Jewellery

Surprisingly to some , Menorca has a long handmade jewellery tradition. There are quite a few Bijou shops where the aritist creators can be seen at work in the back while your eyes wonder over the original works on display.

 Night Markets

Nuria Deya at Carrer Ciutadella 12, Ferreries

Very enjoyable on summer evenings, browse the night market stalls where Artisan costume jewellry is sold. Ciutadella and Es Castell harbours are recommended. Night Markets on Menorca

Where to Shop

Fashion Shopping Menorcan Style Photo Tour

As said previously there are no high streets, but individual and clusters of clothing shops in Mahon and Ciutadella so a little bit more effort (we know you'll manage it! ) and planning is required.

If there is only a single visit 'allowed' then try Ciutadella old town - you might only window shop as the prices are for quality, but it's lovely to wander with cafe stop offs.

Don't forget that Siesta applies in Menorca so from 13:00 to 17:00 almost nothing will be open. Evenings are the prefered time for shopping, taking in some Tapas and people watching while siping a coffee or something stronger.

Around Mahon, the clothes shops are a little more spread out in the old town along the main pedestrian shoppings streets ( Calle Nueva , Calle Del Angel ) and not forgetting the side streets of Carrer del Carmen,Carrer del Cami des Castell - see shopping map for locations.

Shopping map

Leather Factory Outlet Stores

Jaime Mascaro
Jaime Mascaro
Jaime Mascaro
Jaime Mascaro

Pons Quintana

Produce very feminine luxury women's footwear right here on the island. A name that might be unfamiliar in UK as a lot of the production is sold in fashionable shops in France and Germany. Renowed for their handmade woven leather designs that are very comfortable yet sylish. Pons Quintana have island shops in Mahon (S'Arravaleta 21) and Ciutadella (Sabaters 5 - Poligno)

Menorca Tips

Alaior is home to the Pons Quintana shoe factory shop where you will get reduced prices on beautiful shoes and boots and see the full range at the boutique there.

Outlet Shopping

If the thought of outlet store shopping sets your heart thumping, relax, this is all small scale stuff with more and more places advertising themsleves as 'outlet' but in reality it is just a marketing ploy. Outlet stores can be found at out of town commercial areas ( signposted Polignos ) in Alaior,Ferreries,Ciutadella and Mahon.

Castillo Menorca

An outlet store in the western end of the island with childrens entertainment area and lots of parking. Ideal place for the children to loose their energy and mums to well, do what mums do best at outlet stores.

There is a big Lladro shop with displays on site, in addition to branded goods there are basic souvenirs and holiday goods on sale.

Open May - October. Open 10.00am-7.00pm. ME-1 Km point 35 - 7 km from Ciutadella.

Castillo Menorca
Outlet Store

Fresh Food

There is nothing better than tasting food grown in Menorca's own soil. It's ripe and fresh and welcome back to TASTE! Many smaller food shops will have loose fruit and vegetables so you can smell them without the plastic. Of course there are great food and fish markets in Mahon and Ciutadella. We recommend the little fruit and vegtable shops in the towns which sell the produce of the local farmers. Eg along Carrer Gran in Es Castell.

Specialist Food Shops

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