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There is a lovely Mediterranean atmosphere in the town with bustling pavement cafes, marvellous fruit and fish markets with a maze of narrow cobble streets with architecture and many reminders of its Georgian past

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Airport: 4 miles / 5 km
Direct Transfer: 0 hr 10 mins
Transfer Options: 11 pp (Shared Shuttle)    Taxi upto 4 pers. 0
Mahon - a place for you?

For Families

  • Safe pedestrian shopping area
  • Harbour / Coastal boat trips and walks for all
  • Shops and Cafes for holiday treats

For Couples

  • Waterside and city bars and clubs
  • Restaurants, Shopping & Nightlife
  • Boat Hire,Excursions and Culture

Mahon - Location

Mahon is located on the east coast. Approximately 15 mins., from the Airport. The correct local name is Mao ( pronounced "Maouw" ) and will often be used in local guides and transport information.


Mahon's city centre has a lovely atmosphere with pavement cafes, located in a maze of narrow streets with attractive architecture and many reminders of its Georgian past. In addition to pleasant surroundings Mahon offers a myriad of stylish clothes boutiques, hand made Jewellery shops and bars. Along the length of the 6 k.m. long harbour there is a wide array of Cafes, Bars , Restaurants offering all types of ambience or cuisine including traditional Menorcan cuisine

Architecturely one of its occupiers, the english, have left their marks in building syles ( Georgian, sash windows) perhaps most noticeably the beautiful and elaborate open and closed balconies( 'boinders'). Mahon has an older centre centred around the port with many backstreets it would be a shame to miss as there are many hidden gems away from the main pedestrian shopping areas.

Tourist Offices in Mahon

Provide free local and island maps, other tourist literatures and advice. Some island attraction tickets can only be purchased form tourist offices. Will have a printed sheet with what's on this week in several languages.

Opening Times - generally mornings only

Main Bus Station
(Cos de Gracia 20 )
Plaça Explanda de Maó (Mahon)
Main square in between cafes close to underground car park

Telephone: + 34 971 36 37 90

Moll de Llevant, 2 ,07701 Mahon (Maó),

Port Building
(bottom of main steps from old town)

Telephone: + 34 971 35 59 52

Getting the most from this Guide :

Use the Interactive Maps to take a detailed visual tour, with ariel views complete with additional photos and useful holiday information.

Mahon - See and Do

Mahon has many attractions around the city and close by so check out our extended things to see and do section. Don't make the mistake of trying to visit Mahon in a couple of hours. Mahon is the largest city on Menorca and it's attractions are more spread out. There are three ways to enjoy the harbour - from the water ( harbour trips ) and on land from the city level along the Passieg Maritim road or at waterside level. There are several steps, paths to / from the harbour side including a new lift close to Mahon Casino down to the big yachts marina.

Mahon Casino - Yacht Marina
Georgian Aritechture Typical Mahon
Shopping - Mahon pedestrian area
Messing about in Boats-Charter,Trips

Bars - Latitude 44
Moll de Llevant-Harbour Evening strolls
Parks-Harbour Steps

Day excursions from Mahon

Often cruise ships will arrive and passengers can have some time on shore. What can you do in the four hours or so? You might be tempted to try too much (bus frequency is limited) so we recommend enjoying Mahon or visiting Es Castell harbour ( bus every 30 mins ) - see things to see and do.


There is a very pleasant walk down Carrer Isabel II. Starting at the end furthest away from the town centre is Museu de Menorca ( Placa des Monastir) set in elegant surroundings. Along this road are countless beautiful buildings (18th century wealthy town houses) and the best display of balconies and the renowned bow windows, sometimes called boinders which were introduced during the British colonial period. Along the way there are narrow streets off to the left with views out to the harbour. As you get towards the town centre there is a great cafe, just before you enter the square of the town hall and Mahon's cathedral.

Museu de Menorca holds a selection of artefacts across the range of occupiers including Roman, Moorish, and Catalan Menorca relics.

Menorca Holiday Tips

If its very hot the museum is an oasis of calm and air condtioning Museum Guide

Place del Princeo
Mahon 'Balcony Bonanza'

Menorca Museum
 Carrer Isabel II
Carrer Isabel II
Carrer Isabel II

Mahon Summer Fiesta

The Menorcans love their festivals with street parties, music and fireworks and especially the chance to show off their stunning native horses. The most eagerly awaited moments are the cargols, when riders circle specific points along the route and especially the "jaleos", where riders bring their horse onto their rear legs - "Jaleo"- The young brave hope for good luck by touching the horses heart as the horse dances above them. Much Pomada ( Gin and lemonade ) is drunk during the festival, but is very good natured. Note: The riders care too much about their horses for this to be stressing for the horses.

Fiestas de la Mare de Deu de Garcia, held annually from 7 to 9th September annually. Mahon Fiesta Guide

Mahon Insider Tips

There is no better way to start a summer day than a coffee, breakfast at Cafe Oh la la watching the sun climb up over Mahon harbour.

Shopping - Calle del Angel is an interesting find of boutiques, cafes and leads to our next tip.

Parc D'es Freginal is a suprisingly large and attractive park right in the middle of town which many tourists perhaps will not even have seen and makes a great place to take a few quieter moments under shading trees and for dads to take the children to the small play area while mums have sometime to themsleves in the shopping area.

Parc Es Freginal

This is a little 'hidden oasis' in the middle of the city centre. A picturesque park, originally a growing area for fruits and vegetables ( you will still see the clever original stone watering system ) and one time occupation of the infamous pirate Barbarossa. If offers tranquilty, shade and two childrens play areas which picnic areas. There are Cafes and Bars just next to the two entrances so you can grap a coffee to go too!

Menorca Tips

Ladies can take a children free shopping hour if dads bring the children here!

Picnic Areas
Play areas for upto 13 years
The original stone watering system
Shady relaxed area

Every Friday from June to September at Plaza del Carme in Mahon. In the evenings with musical entertainment.

Main square
Play area at rear
Plaza del Carme-Summer Music Evenings

Harbour and Yacht Marinas

Second only to Pearl Harbour as one of the world's largest natural harbours, the harbour defines this town both physically and historically. The strategic naval nature and location of the harbour has meant Mahon has had more than it's fair share of foreign occupiers.

The harbour is a working harbour which means there's always something to see. From the big cruise ships that visit and perform their spectacular docking "ballets", the "big as houses" motor yachts moored in front of Mahon Casino, to the little fishing boats whose catch you might be eating that evening. The Moll de Levant is the roadside beside the harbour and has a wide range of bars,cafes, clubs, shops and restaurants.

Menorca Holiday Tips

Do walk the entire length of the Moll de Levant ( Harbour road ) as stretches are broken up with a few storage houses and attractions continue beyond.

Mahon - Boat Trips

around the Harbour

It might sound "old hat" but the combined tour and glass bottom boat trips from the harbour are a bit more special on Menorca as the waters are really crystal clear, healthy and with lots and lots of fish to see the kids will love it. Offering trips of varying length including historical commentary you will be taken around the extensive harbour with its several islands and their interesting history. Some trips will include a view of the picture postcard pretty harbour, Cales Fons at Es Castell.

Harbour Scenery Mahon Skylines
Mahon Harbour Boat Trips Don Joan
Harbour Excursions Yellow Catamaran
In direction of Cala Figuera

For something more personalised you can have trips of your own choice from the friendly water taxi service.

Harbour Tours

Longer trips along north east / south east coast

There are trips from the same large boats that do the harbour tours and also half day and full day truips on smaller boats, catamerans where you can take over a whole boat as a group or join a group.

Boat trip companies

Favourite people watching spots

If you like to sit and watch the world Mahon has some great spots where the world walks by. Around the Placa Esplanada are lot's of Cafe Bars, the junction of the main pedestrian cross roads (Placa Reial) , Plaza del Principe and of course along the harbour - check maps below.

Shopping in Mahon

Mahon has a wide variety of simple through to stylish boutique shops. Plus there are lots of cafes for those little stops. Don't forget that Siesta applies here so from 13:00 to 17:00 very little will be open. Late afternoons and evenings are the best time, taking in some Tapas as well. Boutiques Guide

The outdoor market with clothes, souvenirs, footwear and jewellry takes place 9-14:00 tue,sat all year on the main square Placa Esplanada - see maps

Menorca Holiday Tips

Don't forget the side streets in the old city where you will find hidden gems. Gentlemen, if the ladies are heads down with shopping and its not your thing then you can relax at the Bar American which is at the cross roads (Placa Reial) of the main pedestrian shopping streets.

Leather Goods-High Quality
Odd Chainstore
Saturday Market

Tip: Down the side streets there are wonderful little food shops.There is a very good and attractive indoor market ( Sa Placa) set in grand surroundings of a cloister with clothing, souvenirs, butchers, delicatessen and Mahon's attractive fish market all very close together.

Great little food shops - Menorca's famous Cheese
Fish Market
Sa-placa Mahon Indoor Market

Getting About

Mahon Express

A good way to get a quick overview of Mahon without walking and fun for children. Departs from main square ( Placa del Esplanada ) for a 50 min trip around Mahon's principle sights*. The ticket will allow you to get off and back on at set points ( ses Voltes steps, Port Mahon Hotel ) if you want to explore an area you fancy.

2019 Adults 7 , Children 6 Eur

*the train is resticted to certain roads so you may miss a lot that Mao has to offer.

Mahon Express
Play area while waiting


The main taxi stand is at Placa de Esplanada. Airport to Mahon is about 15 Euro.


A good way to explore Mahon's old city - daily hire start at 10 Euro.Hire Shops in Mahon

Mahon Nightlife

Mahon has a wide range of cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants to suite all tastes. The most clubs and music bars all in one place at the harbour opposite the ferry terminal. Down the big steps and take a left 500 meters ( Moll de Ponent and Costa d'es General ). The Casino at the Club Maritimo is open every day into the early hours and offers a full range of gaming tables, slot machines a bar and restaurant facilities as well as a classic roof top terrace overlooking the harbour..

Tip Want to visit a Club or Music bar? Dont forget you are on Menorcan time, nothing starts to happen until after 11 pm as people will have eaten 'late'.

Mahon Clubs and Discotec listing

Cafe Ars-evenings
Akelarre-Great Atmospheric bar
Nightclubs Area-in Costa d'es General

Parking in Mahon

There are several paid parking places as well as roadside parking meters ( blue bays ) Charges are very reasonable - see parking in Mahon and interactive maps

Mahon Beaches to visit (within Miles)

Local Beaches Beach Bus

Arenal den Castell
Arenal den Castell


Cala en Porter
Cala en Porter

Son Bou
Son Bou

Punta Prima
Punta Prima

Virgin Beach


Wi-Fi and Internet

 Many Mahon Bars will offer free WiFi ( passwords on request ) Sim cards and dongles for Spanish networks( Vodafone es /Movistar ) can be bought in nearby towns and topped up via supermarket cashiers. More and more towns have free WiFi in their squares. WiFi on Menorca

Buses - Mahon

Looking for Airport Shuttle / Transfers?

Mahon will mostly be written on timetables, front of buses and signposts as Maó, it's local name. If you are staying longer than a week take a trip on this good network and see some of the other sights, resorts/towns and attractions.

Bus Timetable - Mahon

Taxis - Mahon

There is no such thing as a private Cab or Uber. Can be Reserved by smartphone

Our Taxi Guide

Travelling Around

Bus, Taxi and Hire Car options

Guide to getting around Menorca

Things to See and Do

Things to See and Do in and around Mahon

What is the Weather like in Mahon

Weather now Sunny

Mahon has a mediterranean climate characterised by hot dry summers. Menorca has pleasant cooling Summer breeze. The sea temperatures at Mahon   will be around 22-26 degrees in Summer. In October the water is still warm. Spring time ( early March to April ) will have sunny days with temperatures around 20 and above , ideal for sightseeing, walking, cycling and horseriding activities.

Weather & forecast through the year

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