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Picking the right Hotel isn't always easy especially when website and Broschure's resort and local area descriptions feel just a little too generic and 'thin' - with our regularly updated Guides you can book the same Hotels here confident the area is just right for you.

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We've known and fallen in love with Menorca for over 30+ years spending many holidays in our second home - we've poured all this into our Hotel local Area Guides so you can match your perefect area to your ideal Hotel. how to get to those amazing beaches near your hotel!

First time Menorca? Confused, overwhelmed where to stay? Relax we've spent a lot of time on Menorca and know what is really what. The real vibe in every Resort and let personal photographs and maps do most of the talking. Our Quick Picks give you a headstart.

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Menorca now offers more Hotel choices than ever before. Adult Only Hotels, exclusive 'city' boutique and rural fincas and rustic chic hotels ideal for independent Holiday travelers who want a more personalised and authentic experience of Menorca. More Wellness and Spa options hotels for additional relaxation. You won't find any large All Inclusive ,everything on a site 'Resort Hotels'. Whether it's accommodation for that short Menorca 'fix' break, longer stay or perhaps something a little more special than the package holiday hotel options?

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Choose from Family Hotels,Aparthotel, Boutique , Agroturism or basic clean but cheap Hostals - the choice is yours. Covering a wide budget , booking direct for the best prices and many Hotels not available on comparison websites. Find your ideal hotel on Menorca in a location that's just right for YOU.

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Holidays or short breaks with no Kids Adults Only Hotels City, Beach or Country side.

Beach Resort Hotels popular Family choices

Package Holiday Hotels including flights and free Kid's places.

Town and City Hotels

Authentic Menorca outside the Hotel's frontdoor. From Small ,Budget to Upmarket Chic. Menorca now offers many more Hotel choices including private Holiday Homes.

On the Coast Harbours

With Waterside Cafes,Bars and Restaurants

Authentic Menorca Town Hotels

Boutique Hotels

Pure individualism. On Menorca most are re-styled former old City or Rural Buildings. Small, friendly and anything but the monotony of All Inclusive sameness.

Rural Country Hotels

With unique surroundings and unique settings, Some luxurious , some more rural chic. All Rural Hotels on Menorca

Agrotourism Hotels

Away from the ordinary Agroturisme style Holidays. Combining rural peace, charming individuallity and an unforgetable nature experience - often with views to the coast.

Agroturisme Holidays book Hotels - Our tips

Agrotourism Hotel

Menorca is different, a unique beach paradise close to home. It's a place that allows you to have fun, relaxation and mediteranean flair all without many of the compromises you find in so many other mediteranean destinations.

Is it for you? Menorca is ideal for families, romantic and scenery seeking couples young and old who want the perfect beach holiday and more. It has purposely escaped the brashness and noise of mass packaged holiday resorts prefering a blanced mix of nature, relaxation and tradition.

Few holiday destinations have managed to retain their original charm, attraction and culture under the pressure of tourism. Menorca is one of the few exceptions and is typically less than a 2.5 hour flight away.

Menorca is considerably quieter than Mallorca or Ibiza, and so perhaps more suited to those with young families and couples wanting to combine beautiful beaches, scenery with select nighlife. Even the few purpose built holiday resorts are peaceful, as there is no over emphasis on loud nightlife. Menorca is rather more tuned into relaxation and rest than dancing into the early hours, but there are still plenty of places where you can let your hair down if you wish to.

Too often you will find that holiday destinations force you to make compromises. If you wanted safe beaches complete with all facilities then you would have to forget dreaming about lying practically alone on remote virgin beaches. If you wanted to enjoy sun filled mediteranean lifestyle, browsing and shopping, or dancing the night away then you would have to forget about walking or cycling in beautiful, ever changing landscapes, alive with wildlife and history.