Often cited as an ideal family destination, Menorca has a great collection of things to see and do but thankfully without any of the badly behaved 'Adult' tourists seen over in Mallorca or Ibizia. So it's a pleasure not a strain to holiday with children with you.

Menorca holiday tip
KM markers

Often addresses here and in guide books, leaflets will be listed as Ferreries-Galdana km 5 .The roads have Kilometer marker signs on the side and are the best guide to where a location is. So the previous address is along the road from Ferreries direction of Galdana around the 5 Kilometer marker .

Family friendly visits

Castillo Menorca

An out if town childrens entertainment area set in grassed gardens combined with an outlet store with lots of parking. Ideal place for the children to loose their energy and mums to well, do what mums do best at outlet stores. The outdoor entertainment has lots to climb on,swim in,bounce on and swing from. Bordering the outside area is a for menorca large Snack Bar with internet access. .

Open May - October. Open 10.00am-7.00pm. ME-1 Km point 35 - 7 km from Ciutadella.


Castillo Menorca
Shallow boating pool
Mini Golf area
Grass attendants

There is a toddlers play area next to the Cafeteria so mums and dads can have a drink and keep watch. A pool for swiming with water chute, a pool for boating and shallow pool for splashing around in. The extensive grassed area has a varierty of small to big things to climb. Four big trampolines and other 'boucing fun'. Mini Golf, Sand pits. Climbing wall. Some of the equipment is old but that won't put the children off.

There is a large outlet shop with branded goods plus local 'souvenir' items. Next door is the Costa Nova Karting track , with decent sized track. Karting open from 10 am untill sunset.

Escola Menorquina

Located in Ferreries on the road to Sant Cala Galdana. Equestrian centre with horse shows.

Crta. Cala Galdana, km 0.5, 07750 Ferreries 971 373 497.
Open June to September:
Wednesdays and Sundays at 20.30

Ganaderia Son Martorellet

Located in Ferreries on the road to Sant Cala Galdana. Equestrian centre with horse shows and other activities:

Open to visit the stables every day ( except Sunday ) from 10.00 to 13.00 and 15.00 to 20.00 hrs 3 Eur. Afternoon mini-show Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 15.30 hrs. If visititing the stables you can also see training of the horses Monday, Wednesday and Friday 18.00 to 20.00 hrs.

Cala Galdana road pm-174 , km 1.5, 07750 Ferreries 609 049 493/971 356 140. Open May to October:

Show on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 20.30

Pictures copyright and courtesy of www.sonmartorellet.com

Son Martorellet

Horse Riding on Menorca

Museums & Places of Interest

The island is known as the largest open air pre-historic museum and not without good reason. Even if you are not a history buff you'll be suprised just what is on the island. 4m high Stone structures ( Taulas ) that defy gravity and 2000 years of weather. >> more

Menorca Holiday Tips

If you are feeling the day time heat a museum trip can be just the thing to cool down with Air conditioning and relaxing surroundings.

On and under the Water

Menorca has a stunning coast line with hidden bays and

Sea Kayaks

An increasingly popular activity and a great way to see the beautiful coastline up close is a sea kayak - for hire or excursions at various points along the coast.

Boat Excursions

Along the coast, taking in virgin beaches and swimming in picturesque bays. Either aboard boats or under sail in more indulgent ways.

Boat Excursion , Hire and Charter

Diving and Snorkelling

Family Snorkelling

The pristine waters of Menorca are a real holiday memory. They are amazingly clear so even with just a simple snorkel you will see lots, not murky haze. And because the water is in such good condition you'll see lots of fish too. Many, many of the resort beaches have shallow sandy bottoms fringed with rocks, ideal for young snorkellers. Organised trips can take you to spectacular places by boat for extra special Snorkel.

The island is a haven for divers not only due to these conditions but especially due to the many underwater caves cut out of the soft rock particularly on the south coast.

Cales Coves Snorkelling Tip

Cales Coves, well known for its caves cut into the limestome rocks is also a great place for snorkel fans. With three very attractive bays to explore, sandy bottoms interchange with rocks. It was the original harbour used by the Romans. Access to Cales Coves is via a 1.5km long unsurfaced track from Son Vitamina (ME-12) which is passable with care by car or best on Mountain bike. ( access keeps it quiet and seculded! ) .

Water Sports


If you love windsurfing or want to try windsurfing then head for Fornells bay. Sat on the north coast where the wind is favourable the bay is like a large salt water lake making it ideal for all things with sails. Plus the water is lovely and warm if you fall off!

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