Menorca is fast developing into a favourite destination for Kayak fans who love wild beauty under the sun.

IMPORTANT Sea Kayaking is not without danger and responsible care should be taken with sea swells particularly around caves-guides will know when conditions are safe. It can also be exhausting work with waves and currents

Sea Kayakers with experience

For hard core kayakers you can circumnavigate the island (10 days in good conditions ) stopping overnight on the island's beaches. For the less adventurous and those with less time or upper body muscles there are many shorter excursions / routes to choose from whether organised or as self-guided kayak expeditions.

Explore bays
Just north of Ciutadella Pont de Gil
Staying overnight Leave no traces

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The island's north and south coastlines are quite different. The northern coast is more raw, features less sheltered coves to rest up in and is more exposed to open sea and northern winds so perhaps more challenging for kayakers, but very untouched and beautiful. The south is more sheltered and with an abundance of attractive high sided coves with pine clad cliffs and an abundance of sea caves that riddle the softer stone of this coast.

Multi-day excurions

There is no camping allowed on any of the beaches but kayakers may bivouac from dusk to dawn - please ensure no trace of your visit and protect and respect the nature. NEVER camp in the dunes that back most of the beaches. The dunes are an important habitat for native flora and fauna, and shouldn't be disturbed as they are being regenerated.

Untouched Coastline and wildlife

Unlike many places in the Mediterranean, whose shorelines have long been developed and the skyline blocked with concrete, Menorca offers miles of pristine, varying coastline, full of marine and bird life to enjoy as you paddle in crystal clear waters.

Recommened Kayak routes
Menorca holiday Tip

South coast resorts in the middle of the island ( Cala Galdana, Son Bou and Cala en Porter ) will have kayak hire in resort / on the beach and once out of the beach area/cove there is usually very attractive natural coastline to explore complete with caves - plus the beach bars on your thirsty return!

Kayak Hire and Tours

Sea Kayaking for Beginners

A more active way to see the beauty of this island and a lot less than a motor yacht charter. Open top kayaks are wide and therefore more stable and is your best choice for a first taster aslso can accommodate adult plus children.

Basic kayaks can be hired from beach but generally they will not have good enough back support for trips of more than an hour. Hired Kayaks from excursion companies will be much better.

Sea Kayaks

An increasingly popular activity and a great way to see the beautiful coastline up close is from a sea kayak. Sea Kayaks can be hired for your own trip or you can be part of a small guided tour starting at various points along the coast. Three seater kayaks are available so families can stay together. Unlike boats kayaks can get really close up to the coast line, get to unusual and interesting places including exploring sea caves and remote beaches.

Kayaks on Menorca - Discover remote beaches
Kayaking on Menorca - Sea Kayaks for inshore

Fornells bays is ideal. It's part of a Marine reserve with shallow waters so there is abundant sea life that can be seen through crystal clear waters. You can explore the bays and visit the bay's S'Aranalet beach only accessible from the water.

From Es Grau. A great place from the beach, where in shallow waters you can explore the headland and it's little hidden sandy beaches.

From Punta Prima to explore the souther eastern coastline.

From Cala en Porter to explore the beautiful bay and caves just outside the bay entrance.

Sea Kayaking is not without potential dangers and responsibility is essential, especially when you are inexperienced. If in doubt do not venture out without a guide.

Kayak Hire , Tour and Excursion Service Providers

Kayak hire shops will offer a range of open top and touring kayaks to meet your needs. Prices from 15 Euro per day for longer hires. Short trips are available from some of the popular beach resorts, ideal for a first experience and with younger children. Popular 3-6 hour guided excursions will explore caves and coves with swimming,snorkeling stops and all equipment hire ( previous experience not always necessary). You can also make up custom itineries, including multi-day tours - just ask.

Many beach resorts offer a basic kayak hire service from the beach ( approx. 12 Eur for 1 hour ). If you are looking for something a little more adventurous then take a course, guided tour as a private group or join a group on a regular tour. Or the services of a professional guide.
Kayak Service Companies
Kayak Tours / Excursions

Recommended Places for Sea Kayaking

If you plan on going beyond your local coves we recommend using a guide who is familiar with any currents.

Beginners can try out sea kayaking from their resort beach and venture out (only if competent and fit ) to the nearby coasts. Fornells and Es Grau ( north east of Island ) both offer a large sheltered bay with safe conditions, remote beaches with pristine natural coastlines and are particularly ideal for beginners. Fornells is part of a marine reserve with very shallow waters so you can see down into the abundant marine life below you.

Cala en Porter to Cala Coves

Explore the bay, then view the amazing Coves Xoroi , follow the coast round by large Sea Cave ( easy access ) to Cales Coves, 3 stunning bays to explore with hidden beach and burial caves. Excursions from resort.

Experienced Kayakers

Along the southern coast there are hidden coves and many dreamy bays with virgin beaches. At Trebaluger, the river that formed this beautiful natural bay can be navigated from the beach by Kayak back inland for a kilometer or so, making an interesting change to the sea. Mongofre bay, on the north east coast is a perfect introduction to what menorca has to offer experienced kayakers. A perfect place to visit/stay overnight with soft a sandy beach for sleeping bags protected by cliffs with terrific swiming and an idylic natural backdrop. Try the Dragon's Cave and Cathedral Cave between Cala Galdana and Santo Tomas.

Kayak Routes

Kayak Events

To encourage the sport the island holds the Menorca Open Kayak Meet annually. A non competitive event in late May that encourages Kayakers of all abilities ( over 14 years old ) to enjoy the island as part of a 'flotilla' of Kayaks ( 100 or so ) with various organised 6 hour tours. The price of 35 Eur per day includes all equipment, a guide, picnic and transfers.