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Menorca Food and Drink Prices

Our guide to finding the best value eating and drinking for YOU on your Holiday on Menorca - Daily food and drinks budget.

Good to Know

Good to Know

New Holiday Season 2024

Menorca is not a destination you'd pick because of cheap meals, neither is it expensive but generally Beach Resort level prices will be higher than those on mainland Spain and Majorca. Obviously exchange rates play a big part as does your taste in food, branded drinks habits and how much you want to pay for 'the view'.

It cannot be stressed enough regards Menorca. With the exception of Ciutadella, Menorca has no original towns on the coast which sprouted Holiday Beach Resorts - Restaurants are focused on holiday visitors' tastes. Food shops and restaurants in beach resorts are seasonal ( 6 months ) and this all has an impact on prices.

It should be said that the BEST Restaurants will be found in the towns or countryside not at the beach

All Inclusive on Menorca

Cheapest option for soft drinks for thirsty children at a hotel - probably, but not always for meals

Eating and Drinking out prices

Whether you are staying B&B, Half -Board or 100% Self Catering nothing beats the pleasure of a good value meal or drink, freshly cooked away from the buffet queue or Villa kitchen. A rough daily budget including meal time drinks ( light breakfast, 1 sit down full fixed price meal with drinks and single course ) for 2 adults with two under 12's would be 80-100 Euro ( as of 2020 )

Alcoholic drinks tend to appear as quite expensive on the bar list, but usually have much larger measures so are not that bad. Imported UK beer and cider brands ( will have a significant higher price )

All prices in Euro



Local Beer is stronger at 4.5-5% ( Campo Cruz,San Miguel and Estrella ) pinta 2.50-3.50 whereas Imported Beer/Cider 3.50-4.50 , small glass (Una caña ) 1.50-2 Euro,bottle 1.60

Coffee - Cortado


Expresso ( Cafe Solo 1.20 - 1.40 ) , Cortado 1.15 - 1.25, Cafe con Leche ( 1.20 - 1.60 )


Cocktails and Spirits

Prices appear high 7 - 12 but measures are BIG so 1 is enough!

Fixed Price Menus

Menu del Dia

Lunch - Fixed price

Menu del Dia 13-17 for 3 courses with drinks and bread. Childrens Menus with drink 7-111 Eur


Menu del Noche

Evening - Fixed price

Menu del Noche - about 3-7 more than lunchtime ( Menu del Dia ) menus at around 15-25


Tapas / Snacks

Tapas 3-5 with bread, Hot 1/2 Baguette (Bocadillo) with fries 4-6

Pintxos 1-2

Average meal Prices

The best value is ALWAYS away from the Beach Resorts

The guide below will give you an idea about prices for eating out including set menus with fixed prices and al carte meals. Of course a snack can be more than enough.

Fish tends to be more expensive than meat dishes.

All prices in Euro will be updated May 2024
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Beach Resort
  • 4-5 For Coffee/Tea plus one of Pastry/Toast/Small filled baguette
  • full english 4.50-5.50
  • Expresso 1.25-1.35
  • Cafe Con Leche 1.35-1.55
  • Fixed price with wine 12-16,
  • Starters 4-7,Mains 7-15
  • Fixed price with wine 15-20,
  • Starters 4-7,Mains 7-15
  • Specials Coffee/Hot Chocolate and Pastry for 2
  • 3.60-4.70 For Coffee/Tea plus one of Pastry/Toast/Small filled baguette
  • Expresso 1.15-1.20
  • Cafe Con Leche 1.35-1.50
  • Fixed price with wine 10-20,
  • Starters 4-7,Mains 7-15
  • Fixed price with wine 15-25
  • Starters 4-7,Mains 7-20

Tip because they have local populations towns have a lot more 'Specials'. Menu del Dia/Noches in towns will also span a wider price range. You can be sure that a 25 Euro Menu del Dia in town is something special!

All Inclusive

Is it really the best deal?

It is wise to remember that you are effectively paying for your food and drink months in advance at changing exchange rates, unless you are upgrading to AI locally.

Good to Know - eating out food and drink

In towns lunch is usually from 13:00 to 15-16:00 , evenings from 19:00-midnight. In beach resorts these times may start and end a little earlier. A 5-10% tip may be left if you are happy with the service. Children are always very welcome on Menorca.

By law all bars have to publish in visible locations all their prices, they also need to advertise that they have complaint forms.

All Inclusive on Menorca - what to expect

Tends to be promoted as the 'low price' option in a standard hotel rather than as part of some package for extensive remote location stay. So if the half and full board guests are getting the same food (hotel has only one dining room ) expect that the drinks and snacks offerings could be offering unbranded drinks and budget end snacks to keep costs down.

All Inclusive Holidays

Menú del Día

What to expect?

The Menú del Dia or Menu of the Day is a fixed price lunch time menu of 2/3 courses which includes drinks and is the most economical way to eat in a restaurant. They vary greatly, but are generally not about 'poor' food but value and a requirement of law to be offered. They are usually prominently displayed, if not ask!

Sample Menus

Menus will state 'con pan y vino/agua' (with bread and wine/water).

They often change ( even every day ). It is not uncommon to have items from the a la carte menu included for a lot less, is often a very good way to enjoy fish which tends to be expensive when ordered individually.

The menu del Dia's price will tend to show the quality and some restaurants have a low , mid-range and a higher price fixed menu which reflect the quality of the dishes on offer.

The first course is called 'Primeros Platos' , the second course 'Segundos Platos' and desserts will be under 'Postres'

Menu del Dia tips

You might be able to replace a dessert course with coffee if this was not included - just ask.

It is usually possible to order a different branded soft drink/beer - but not always the case, so again, ask otherwise you might find it as an extra item on your bill.

A trip by bus to the local town might yield your best value meal of the holiday!

Menú del Noche

The Menú del Noche or Evening Menu is generally offered less often than lunch time fixed price menus. It is also more expensive , but can also include better dishes than the lunch time variant.

Other than that they follow the same 'rules' as the Menu del Dia.

Self Catering Tips

S/C does not meaning eating every meal out or cooking every thing yourself. 'Pimp up' a fresh ready made meal!

Self Catering on Menorca

Food and Drink Prices

Menorca is one of the more expensive places in Spain as much needs to be imported on just a few regular ships. Prices in Beach Resorts will always tend to be higher due to their shorter selling season. Non Spanish branded foods and drink are significantly higher, but those coming via continent eg German are not marked up so heavily. Average cost of eating out

Eating out in Restaurants

Average cost of eating out

In Restaurants you can eat both expensively and poorly, cheaply and well. Eat where the locals eat. Be brave, you will be rewarded. Fixed price menus offer excellent value menu del Dia during the day or menu del Noche at night Restaurants in towns will generally be much better and cheaper than beachside resorts. Lunch is usually from 13:00 to 15-16:00 , evenings from 19:00-midnight. A 5-10% tip may be left if you are happy with the service. Children are very welcome.