Riding Menorca's Coast, Lanes and Quiet paths

Menorcans are passionate about their horses. The island's native breed ( descendents of the traditional Spanish Andalusian and Arabian ) is a magnificent jet black animal you will often see being ridden late afternoons along roadsides, through towns and villages and perhaps most memorably performing in the Summer Fiestas.

Fiesta : Es Castell July
Menorcan Breed - Black Beauties!

Excursions on Horseback

Guided and 'free ride'

Riders can enjoy guide led horse treks out to the coast and beaches, explore quiet woodlands or the old ancient bridleways - Cami de Cavalls that circle Menorca's entire coastline. Less experienced riders can have 1 hour easy horse and pony treks in the nearby countryside.

For more experienced riders there are 6 recently established routes for Menorca horse riding published on a map by the Consell Insular de Menorca which cover the north coast, the central areas and the south near Es Castell. The rides include elements of the best that Menorca horse riding has to offer – from the stark landscape of the rugged northern cliffs to the rolling gentle hills of the centre, and the soft white beaches of the south.

Horse and Beaches

Pictures courtesy of Menorca Horse Riding Stables

Horse Tours

Riding Centres

Horse treks, guided excursions, and pony rides available at all these Equestrian centres. Horse riding is possible from March . Pre-booking advised in Summer. Times will vary by season. Springtime is a brilliant time to be out on Horseback, visit beaches , flower filled landscapes , rides through the surf

Horse Riding Directory

Horse Shows

The shows are very popular with children. Guided visits to stables to see the horses being trained and shows demonstrating the legendary equestrian and dressage skills of riders and horses.

Location + Services Address
Club Escola Menorquina Opens in new window South West - Ferreries Along ME-22 Cala Galdana-Ferries road, km. 0.5 07750 Ferreries Tel. +34 971 155 059
Son Martorellet Opens in new window South West - Ferreries Along ME-22 Cala Galdana-Ferries road, km. 1.5 07750 Ferreries Tel. +34 669 808 131 www.sonmartorellet.com

Somni  Tuesdays and Thursdays at 20.30

Fiestas : Riders and Horses

Fiestas are not held for the benefits of tourists, so are genuine and much loved by the islanders. Menorcan horses play a big role often with riders parading and showing off their horsemanship skills. Even if you dont agree with 'performing' Horses there is no doubting the beauty of these horses.


Menorca has two tracks where weekly race meetings take place

The Menorcan pure breed


The official name of the breed is 'Pura Raza Menorquina' (Pure Breed Menorquina). Must be black to be registered. In spring you will see lots of little newcomers in the fields. Read all about the Menorcan breed