Snorkel Guide

Fun - Casual Snorkeling at your Resort

Nearly all beaches have gentle sloping sandy bottoms. Children will see small fish ( Sand steenbras ) almost anywhere on Menorca at their local beach, usually looking for food in sand sent up by the bather's feet. But if you want to see (and a chance to see Octopus) more varied fish head to the areas with rocks, where they eat Algae and like the shelter. Best places usually at the sides of coved beaches further out away from the bathers or slightly offshore on beaches without bays.

What fish will you see while Snorkeling?

Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse . Usually alone or with couple of others feeding on the rocks. Beautiful fish that will wow little children

Damselfish. Very common in shoals ( look under bouys and boats ) . Dark color, small and thin. If you see shoals of tiny vivid electric blue color fish, these are the young. Again big smiles from children as the colour is Vivid. They are grouped in fairly dense shoals at shallow depths where they can find protection.

Salema or Salpa - This is a herbivorous fish so it is usually close to algae or posidonia ( sea grass ). It´s usually easy to spot with it's colouring and very common in Menorcan waters.

Saddled Seabream very common and easy to see under water It´s a very curious and Smart/caustuis fish especially the big ones. . LargeIts basic colors are silver gray with a black spot at the base of the caudal fin surrounded by a white ring.

Striped Mullet Vey commmon fish with a long body, large eyes, olive green back and silver sides. They usually swim near the surface in large groups.

Snorkeling Tips and Best Locations

Any visit to a virgin beach should include a Snorkel and mask in your bag.

Marine Reserve

On the north coast of Menorca is an extensive Marine Reserve where there is abundant sealife. Try Es Grau and Fornells bays and coast line. The Virgin beaches of Pregona,Binimel-la,Cala Tirant and Cavalleria are all in the Marine Reserve.

Sea Scooter

Are a great way to see fish and marine life in Menorca's waters and a help for for not so strong swimmers to see more ( Seniors ). You are pulled along by a safe propellor. Wear a life jacket to stay on the surface or not to explore! ( safety cut-outs ) .

 Courtesy of BigFoot
 Courtesy of BigFoot
 Courtesy of Audax Sports
 Courtesy of Audax Sports

Seascooters can be hired in Son Xoriguer ( Big Foot ) ,Cala Galdana ( Audax Sports ) and from Snorkelling trip companies.

Guided Snorkel Trips

For those looking for more, many of the Dive centres organise boat trips ( Snorkel Safaris ) out to interesting sites around the island and resort bays in the area. The island's waters are very clean and healthy so you will be surprised at what is just a few yards away in the shallow waters.

Trips in fast Ribs ( speedboats ) to the Marine reserve complete with guide and snorkel equipment.

Some Boat Excursions offer Snorkeling as part of a longer trip. Snorkel Trips by boat