Es Migjorn Gran

Sleepy little town nestling in some lovely Countryside with natural attractions like the Colom Caves and Valley walks to Virgin Beaches. Authentic Menorca with a sprinkling of good Restaurants.

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Es Migjorn Gran
Airport: 15 miles / 23 km
Direct Transfer: 0 hr 30 mins
Transfer Options: Public Airport Bus - none, Shared Shuttle from 11 pp or Taxi max. 4 pers. 34

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For Families

  • A very relaxing authentic Menorcan town
  • Beaches at Santo Tomas

For Couples

  • Authentic Menorca
  • Next to some truely beautiful remote virgin beaches accessible on foot
  • Beautiful countryside walks and cycling tracks

Es Migjorn Gran - Location

is located a few kilometers inland on the South Coast. Approximately 40 mins. from the Airport. To get to Es Migjorn Gran you travel through beautiful country side. Mahon is about 45 minutes drive, and Ciutadella about 35 minutes.

Due to its remoter location ( plus much of the coast is protected ) Es Migjorn Gran is the town with the least tourism influence on the island. That said it is connected via the holiday resort Santo Tomas which is 7 km away on the south coast. There is little or no accommodation for the tourist visitor here so it will probably be just a visit here. It is typically Menorcan, where the old men gather to shake their heads at the new things in the world.

Es Migjorn Gran is surrounded by grand and beautiful countryside, with many rural paths and single track roads ( Camis ) to explore. It is the starting point for drives or walks in to wonderful wood and valleys ( Binigaus ) and direct south of the town is perhaps one of the most attractive virgin beaches on the island at Binigaus.

Being a 'real town' the amenities here cater more for the local population so the adventurous will be able to experience true Menorca. Es Migjorn has a few Tapas bars, a couple of basic Cafe Bars, basic Cafeterias aswell as some charmimg restaurants for that special meal.

Shopping in Es Migjorn Gran

Shopping is geared towards providing basics for local community. There is a local shoe manufacturer with shop at the commercial area ( Poligno ) 

In Summer ( July to mid September ) there is a small night market at Plaza de la Iglesia ( head for the church spire in old town ) between 19:30 and 23:30. There are 10 or so stalls selling handmade items . Usually there is some form of musical entertainment. There are free buses from Santo Tomas at 7 ,8 and 9 pm returns at 9.30,10.30 and 23.30

In nearby Ferreries ( bus route ) there are some outlet stores and smaller artisan jewellery and footwear shops in the town. In addition on saturday mornings a local summer ( farmers,Artesan ) market.

Es Migjorn Gran - See and Do

The style here is non hurried and for those with time to enjoy the scenery. Relax with the locals in the Cafes and watch the world do it's thing.

Cycling and Walking

The locals area is criss crossed with "Camis" ( original rustic bridleways ) ideal for walking & cycling in scenic countryside.


You can explore the local valleys ( Binigaus ) which winds doen to the coast. Or inland on the Camis towards Ferreries.

Fiesta in Es Migjorn Gran

The annual spectacular Fiesta featurning Menorca's famous Horses and riders takes place 5th weekend in July or 1st weekend in August.


Es Migjorn - Getting About

Mahon will mostly be written on timetables, front of buses and signposts as Maó, it's local name. If you are staying longer than a week take a trip on this good network and see some of the other sights, resorts/towns and attractions.

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Wi-Fi and Internet

Many Bars will offer free WiFi ( passwords on request ) Sim cards and dongles for Spanish networks( Vodafone es /Movistar ) can be bought in nearby towns and topped up via supermarket cashiers. More and more towns have free WiFi in their main public square. WiFi on Menorca

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TIP:Mahon will mostly be written on timetables, front of buses and signposts as Maó, it's local name. If you are staying longer than a week take a trip on this good network and see some of the other sights, resorts/towns and attractions.

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Es Migjorn Gran - See and Do

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What is the Weather like in Es Migjorn Gran

Weather now Sunny

Es Migjorn Gran has a mediterranean climate characterised by hot dry summers. Menorca has pleasant cooling Summer breeze. The sea temperatures at Es Migjorn Gran   will be around 22-26 degrees in Summer. In October the water is still warm. Spring time ( early March to April ) will have sunny days with temperatures around 20 and above , ideal for sightseeing, walking, cycling and horseriding activities.

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