Scooters on Menorca Guide

TIP Menorca is small so you can reach a lot of places quickly . Restricted virgin beach car parking? - no problem, Scooters will always find a great spot!

Need Mobility Scooter Hire ?

A Scooter or Motorcycle gives you the freedom to explore a lot of places that a hire car would just not reach - at least not without risking the insurance Excess! Some Hire shops can pick you up / drop you off at Mahon Airport and help deliver luggage to your Hotel or Hostal

TIP you can rent a 125cc scooter with a B (car) driving license. Great for longer rides.

Photos Courtesy of RideOn

Scooter 49 cc

Easy for all and lightweight

Menorca Scooter Hires

Scooter 125 cc

Can be driven with a car licence. Eats up the miles. If you feel confident this is the best choice.

Menorca Scooter Hires

Scooter 300 cc

Appropriate licence required

Scooter Hiring Tips

  • Take a warm top! When the sun goes down the windchill when riding makes it very chilly
  • Don't put the lock on the front wheel! - too easy to damage Scooter's brake cables
  • Menorca's road rules

Scooter / Motorcycle Licence Requirements

In Spain you can rent a 125cc scooter with a B (car) driving license if you have had this license for at least 3 years. The minimum age for hiring varies by Rental company - usually min. of 18 or 21 years.

Always read the rules of the rental company booking pages

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