Cami de Cavalls

Menorca's varied and beautiful historic path. Experience pristine unbuilt coastline on foot,horseback or mountain bike

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Cami de Cavalls can be enjoyed on Foot, Horseback and MTB

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Cami de Cavalls Signposts

What can you expect? - the signposted routes are made up from rough tracks, paths across farmland, surfaced and unsurfaced 'Camis' and the occasional modern road as the routes passes through a costal development.

Camis are small narrow track lanes, the original road system of the island, that criss cross the island. Routes can be shared by walkers, horses and mountain bikes and will often take you to 'hidden' Menorca. The path is well signed (to international standards ) in distintictive vermillion.

Check out our Cami de Cavalls in photos and video for more inspiration.

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Travelling the Cami de Cavalls you will experience a wonderfull cross-section of the diversity of Menorca's landscape. You will walk,ride or cycle along impressive clifftop paths looking out over turquoise waters and amazing virgin beaches and coves. Rugged openscapes in the North, more sheltered greener paths in the sopouth. The path leads through meadows and forests where pine trees, holm oaks and pines provide shade in the hotter summer months.

Twenty signed stages

Origins - The path was created in the 18th century as a supply / patrol route for coastal defence of the island which with it's many beaches and coves was ripe for invaders to land at. Menorca's location and protective harbours meant is was highly prized as a strategic military point in the mediterranean. As such the english,spanish and french were fighting for occupation of Menorca for many turbulent years. This also gives you the biggest clues where to get Bus/Taxi support eg a resort with a beach because that is Invaders could have landed! Here the Cami de Cavalls will pass through offeringa welcome Cafe etc and Bus/Taxi.

Accommodation for multi day trips

There are no overnight huts or such like travellers accommodation other than the existing infrastructure in the beach resorts along the route and inland towns - careful planning is required. Allthough given the smallness of the island taxis inland to/from an accommodation base are around max., 20 euro Taxi one way means it's not as difficult as it may first seem.

Wild camping is not allowed, however the law does allow for bivouacking on the remote beaches/bays ( no fires and pack up before 6am ) . Organised walking / riding tours might be an option who will take care of this for you.

Inland Hotels

These have the benefit that will be open all year and have the benefits of local all year food shops, Bars and Restaurants. Most beach resort accommodation is closed Mid Nov to Mid April

Hotels & Hostals along the GR223 - Cami de Cavalls

From mid April to mid Nov beach resort accommodation are open and the Cami de Cavalls always passes through a beach resort. Single night stays are much more likely via

  • The routes wil often be across stretches that have no refereshments possibilities so carry everything with you including mobile for emergencies.
  • Always have swimwear with you- Along the Cami de Cavalls you will pass so many inviting beaches and bays to swim in as well as be able to enjoy shaded picknick spots overlooking the sparkling sea.

The route tries to be authentic following the known original paths. It is called a coastal route, though some stretches are slightly inland ( as that part of the coast was safe from invaders due to high cliffs ) or deep ravines which you need to go around.

Gates are clevery self closing but check they are shut for farm animals that roam free.

Please be respectful on other people's private land and keep to the path especially when paths go over farmland with growing crops.

Prohibido del Paso - no entry

Prohibido del Caza - is a very common sign mistakenly understood - it means no hunting on this land, not no entry.

Cami de Cavalls - Occasional Walkers

You can enjoy many parts of this network without being a regular walker. One of Menorca's delights is it's natural beauty and some surprising landscapes. Almost every beach resort will have a Cami de Cavalls path going through it so you can discover hidden treasures from your holiday resort.

From Cala Galdana you can reach some stuning coastlines and beaches on these paths. In Cala en Porter you will discover hidden fruit orchards anf tranquil valleys

Note that sensible footwear is required. Clay will be slippy on stones so take care.

Cami de Cavalls - Regular Walkers

The terrains are very varied. Some stretches are over open stoney ground,others leading through shading pine and mediteranean oak woods. Yet more with ups and downs and through valleys and gorges. Some may have all these! A beautiful diverse route is stages 16,17 Son Bou - Cala en Porter - Es Canutells.

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Cami de Cavalls - MTB Mountain Bikes

MTB tips

Pack a high visibility vest - so many of the connecting Camis have high stone walls and curves it will help make you more visible to any oncoming occasional cars

Most of the cycling routes are natural and unsurfaced roadways that a mountain bike/ off road capable bike is essential Mountain Biking and Hire on Menorca.

Note that not all stretches of the Cami de Cavalls are suitable for cycling ( not even extreeme riders ) so some pushing and carrying might be required. Walkers and Horse riders always have priority .

Riding the Camis!

Cami de Cavalls - on horseback

Many parts of the Cami de Cavalls are open to horses but generally it is best to join a guided trek with one of the local companies below.

Cami de Cavalls - Guides and Maps

Detailed descriptions of the routes and maps