Boat Trips - half / full day Excursions

Explore the beauty of Menorca's natural Coastline, seculded bays and beaches - from a few hours to a full day.

Menorca Boat Charter / Rentals
Updated April 2024

Good to Know : Most of Menorca's coastline is unbuilt

Boat trips and Excursions around Menorca

Make up a group or join a group short, day long or build your own days for your own private group?

Choose from relaxed sailing excursions on mono hulled or catamarans yachts. Or try a thrill seek on a fast Rib ( Smaller,Speed Merchants! ) who's small size also means access to hard to get to sights is possible. Sail into the Sunset and Mahon Day trip : commentated Harbour Trips.

Enjoy Romantic sunset trips - bespoke just for two or join a bigger regular boat trip.

Guided / Self-guided Boat Excursions

How to decide which coast routes / best departure points on Menorca? Just two rules!

  • Check the weather and wind direction forecasts . If the wind is blowing from north, go south and viceversa. Also if you sail downwind you will find calmer seas, clear waters and no jellyfish !!
  • Understand how far you can sail AND time to get your boat back! Check maps for NAUTICAL distance. If you hire a motor boat with cruising speed of 12 knots, it will take 1 hour to go 12 nautical miles (Nm). A classical slow boat with of 6 knots, will take double the amount of time!
  • WARNING 15Bhp 'fun-boats' no license ALWAYS be conservative especially with more weight in the boat ie 4 people
Boat Trips

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Sailing Trips

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Fornells - Catamaran 1/2 day

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Mahon - Private with Snorkel,SUP

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Fornells - Sunset

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Fornells - 1/2 or Full day north coast

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Sunset Boat Trips

More and more boat capitains will offer a ~2 hour sundown trip probably with a cold cava and tapa.