Beach Resort supermarkets are very convienient, but you have to expect that they will have higher prices ( 20-30% higher than out of resort )

due to their short opening season of just 5 months. The biggest chain on the island is

Euroski SYP

Best Buys. Wine,beer

Most large supermarkets are located on Polignos ( a commercial area located just on the edge of a town ). And there are many Spar and Mini Spars. San Crispin is a smaller chain but recommended

Discount Supermarkets

There is no Aldi on the island but there are two Lidl stores on Mahon and Ciutadella Polignos, which have a better range than in the UK. The spanish discounters stores are called Dia and Mercadona. There are Dia and Mercadona stores on the Poligno ( Commercial Estate ) in Mahon and Ciutadella.

Binipreu is the local supermarket with 6 stores in the east of the island and sells better fresh locally grown produce.

Supermarket opening Hours

Opening times for most is 09.00-09:20 to 13.30 and 16.30/17.00 - 20.30. Big supermarkets open Mon. - Sat. 09.00 - 21.00, and some on Sunday mornings ( 10-14:00 ). Exceptions are in the bigger beach resorts, where some may stay open all day during mid june - mid september.

British Goods and Brands

Imported brands are widely available in large and smaller resort supermarkets but expect to pay a lot more than in the UK. UK brand chocolate for 'addicts' in beach resorts is particularly expensive. German brands are much less.

Baby Goods

Global brands that are familiar in the UK maybe slightly different for local market. Baby food is often slightly different therefore bring your own if Baby is very particular. Also Spanish/German brands ( often significantly cheaper ) are mostly as good if not better.

Nappies : Dodot ( Pampers brand for Spain ) and often cheaper imported Pampers

Food in Jars : Hipp,Nestle

Local Brands

Supermarket best buys

Ses Tanques are meat produce from local farms and very good.

Supermarket Locations Maps

The 'definitve list' or at least those we have used.

South and North East

West and Central