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Menorca's Best Sights and Activities

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Plan Before you Go.

Good to Know - Menorca Activities, Sights, what to expect?

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This is your best starting point to find YOUR ideal day out, top sights, places of interest and activities while on holiday in Menorca. Over many , many years we have experienced these familiar and newer activities, sights as children, Teenagers, as a couple and young family and lately with our own Teenagers.

Menorca is not over commercialised with theme parks and large man-made attractions. Prefering instead to focus on active outdoor activities,natural attractions, historical sites and it's rich diverse cultural heritage. There are interesting places for families, young children and couples to explore if you know what to expect. Whether you are in hotel needing to 'break out', ardent romantic walker , culturalist or foodie you will find all Menorca has to offer here.

Our top Inspirations

By helpful themes

MUST See Sights

Our very small little taster of visual experiences on Menorca. Self-guided or organised trips away from the beach will show you what keeps regulars coming back to Menorca year after year.

Featured Must Sees on Menorca

Menorca what to see

Algendar Gorge

Menorca what to see

Mahon Harbour

Menorca what to see

Es Castell Harbour

Menorca what to see

Binibequer Vell

Menorca what to see

Historic Landmarks - Llatzeret island

Menorca what to see

Historic Landmarks - Es Castell's Windmills

Menorca what to see

Menorca's Caves - Cathedral cave

Natural Sights and Menorca Landmarks

Been stuck at the beach?

See what you have been missing? Menorca's sights and scenery

Wild Beaches and Coastlines

Menorca Experiences
Menorca Experiences

Fiestas, Music festivals

Historic Buildings

Menorca what to see

Ancient Menorca - Taulas

Menorca what to see


Day trips , Days Out

Menorca is small which means you can pack in a lot from your summer beach resort or inland town self-guided or organised day-trips

Things to Do

Cycling , Mountain Biking - Tours, Rental

Waterparks , Splashparks

Things to Do
Things to Do


Places to Visit

Fashion Shopping Tips

Active Holidays

Menorca is all about Outdoors! Enjoy unspoilt nature on land or sea. Ride or Stride?, Paddle or Pedal? the choice is yours

Menorca has pristine coastal waters, unspoilt coasttlines for all manner of watersports. The UNESCo and nature conservancy means there are great Parks amd landcapes to explore on foot, Mountain Bike, Horseback or even by jeep

Activity Companies

Menorca Activities

Horse Riding - Menorca Cavall

Menorca Activities

Mountain Biking on trails, off road

Menorca Activities

Riding Cami de Cavalls

Menorca Experiences

Beach Clubs

Boat Charter , trips

Beach Clubs

Ride into the sunset!

Beach Clubs

Kayak into the sunset

Sunset Experiences

... a great way to begin the evening pre-book

Menorca's Nature and Scenery


Things to Do
Things to Do

Boat Excursions

Charter a Boat

Things to Do - Boat Rentals
Menorca Watersport Activities


Menorca Watersport Activities

Diving - photo Blue Dive

Menorca Watersport Activities

Standup Paddle - Photo paddlesurfmenorca

Menorca Watersport Activities


Menorca Watersport Activities

Wing-foil - Photo Windfornells

Menorca Watersport Activities

Windsurfing - Photo Windfornells


Diy Excursions

Tour Operators may offer their hotel guests various excursions,but if the thought of spending time on someone elses' time agenda, bustled from place to coach and driving around for hotel pickups bothers you then many can be done DIY style!

Adventure Tours

Things to Do

Adventure Inspirations

Cami de Cavalls

Things to Do
Things to see on Menorca

Algendar Gorge ( Barranc d'Algender )

Ancient Menorca

Things to See

Organised Excursions and Guides

Menorca is slowly developing a larger base of individuals and small companies offering more personal services.

Organised Excursions and specialist Guides

Pre-book Boat Excursions along the coast

Pick out that dream beach Fast boats,slow boats, big or individual? - inc. sunset trips

What to see and do in each Menorcan resort

Activities and themes

Activities , Things to do - by Holiday resort

Inspirations for short stays ....coming soon

Just a long weekend, 3 days mid week from Majorca or Barcelona, cruise ship stop?

What to do when it rains, bad weather?

There are no indoor entertainments so you need to be creative

TIP double check a LOCAL weather forecast!!! never be surprised how quick that sky changes to sunshine on Menorca

See and Do Directory Menorca wide

All your choices: beaches, sights ,activities , places to visit

Best Things to See and Do - Inspirations for Families

Family friendly trips,visits and experiences

Best Things to See and Do - Inspirations for Couples, Adults & Groups of Friends

Romantic or adventure experiences? Culture, vineyard visits, beach clubs, sunsets, nightlife

Best Things to See and Do -Inspirations for Over 60s

Menorca offers a lot for those taking life easier ( or not? )