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Menorca is not over commercialised with theme parks and large tourist attractions, prefering to focus on active outdoor activities, it's rich diverse cultural heritage, natural attractions and historical sites. There are interesting places for families, young children and couples to explore if you know where to look. Whether you are in hotel needing to 'break out', ardent romantic walker , culturalist or foodie you will find it all Menorca has to offer here.

This is your best starting point to find YOUR ideal day out, top sights, places of interest and activities while on holiday in Menorca. Over many , many years we have experienced these familiar and newer activities, sights as children, Teenagers, as a couple and young family and lately with our own Teenagers. Now 'getting on a bit' we a peeking over into the over 60s attractions too :-)

Good to Know

Menorca never sold out to high rise Hotel Development, Mass package holidays and nightclub tourism in the Seventies and Eighties. It remains an unspoilt Mediterranean (beach) haven and UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1983. Much of the coastline is owned by a few aristocratic families, who rejected the idea of selling their land to allow developments and consequently there are very few coastal roads that would have attracted destruction of what is now a much envied natural coastline. Knowing this then it's not surprising that the best of Menorca's sights are not man made, well that's not strcictly true Prehistoric man left behind something very special and the summer Fiestas are definitely worth seeing...

Activities focus on the outdoors, on land and on water - there is no theme park or shopping mall tourism

Excursion and Activities companies can often pick you up in resort or a Bus/Taxi will get you to their start point.

Menorca holds annual events like the flower and jazz festivals which are definitley worth a look if you are about

Flower Festival
Summer Fiestas

Our top Inspirations

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Best Things to See and Do - Inspirations for Families

Best Things to See and Do - Children

Active Children or Teenagers? things to See and Do with children

Best Things to See and Do - Couples, Singles

For those wanting the spring city break or perfect summere beach holiday and more....things to See and Do for Couples and Singles

Best Things to See and Do - Over 60s

Menorca offers a lot for those taking life easier.See and Do for Seniors

Sights to See

Monte Torre
Beaches and Coast
Summer Fiestas
Spanish Palaces

Monte Torro / El Torro

Monte Torro is the highest point on the island the name most likely coming from the Arabic, al-tor, meaning highest mountain. Though not a mountain it is worth a visit if you have a hire car for the stunning views ( particularly in spring when you can see over the length of the island) There is a pleasant Bar Restaurant Sa Posado del Toro at the top with inside seating and an open terrace with views to the south. Monte Toro is signposted from Es Mercadal in the dead centre of the island along the ME-1. El Toro in Catalan or Monte Toro in Spanish has viewing areas to take in the views to the north and west. Can also be walked along the good access road as is 'only' 350 meters high.

Monte Torre
Views to Fornells bay(centre) and north
Courtyard in front of 17th Century renaissance church
Terrace view to south (spring)

Wild Beaches and Coastlines

Can you ever have too many beaches on Holiday? Menorca is blessed with so many amazing wild beaches it would be wrong not to visit. And a around the island coastal path.

Coastline path

Menorca's Natural Beaches

Summer Fiestas

Spectacular and beautifully dressed riders and horses.


Spanish Palaces

There are 11 palaces alone in Ciutadella from the time when it was the island's former capital. Several beautiful small palaces, among them Casa Saura, Palacio del Baron de Lluriach, Palace Torre Saura and Palacio Martorell, all 17th and 18th century. So many in fact that even the town hall is in a former palace. Tours and guides are available from the local tourist office opposite cathedral.

Island Palaces

Cas Comte and Can Vivo
Palacio Salort
Palacio Salort
Bishops Palace

Days Out

Cycling Days
Water Parks
Vineyard Tours
Zoo Visit

Cycling Tours

Rent a bike for self guide day out or join an organised Tour

Tours, Rental

All Water Parks

Water Park - Punta Prima East Coast

Next to Hotel del Sur ( Biniancolla )

Sur Waterpark Menorca

Water slides and splash pools, lazy river, jacuzzi and sun bathing areas. Large on site Bar-Cafeteria. note for environmental reasons this park uses filtered sea water.

Height restrictions may apply on some slides: Check BEFORE entry!

Open daily to the public from 11:00 to 18:00 ADULTS: 20€ Children (under 12 years): 12€

Menorca Holiday Tips

Free shuttle bus within local area

Bus service No. 92 from Mahon via Punta Prima stops outside the park

Afterwards you can visit Cala Torret/Punta Prima for a sunset ice creams or drinks on the beach.

Multi Slides
View from Bar-Cafeteria
The main Splash area
Water Park Details

Mini Zoo


Vineyard Tours

Day Tours

Boat Tours

Jeep Safari

Organised Tours

Cami de Cavalls

Cami de Cavalls, ('path of the horse') is a rough track coastal path from medieval times that originally followed much of the entire Menorcan coastline. The path encircling the island is now open to the public and can be freely used by hikers, mountain bikers and horse riders. The 184 kilometres of path is divided into 20 sections, each of which is clearly signposted and with information panels giving details of that particular stretch. Parts of the Cami de Cavalls are open for horses ( see sign below). Other sections are accessible for walkers and mountain bikes. Originally created keeping an eye on the coastal defences and as a horseback supply route.

It is a great way to see the beautiful coastline but the pathways are 'au natural' so take care close to cliff edges.

Our full Cami de Cavalls Guide

Algendar Gorge ( Barranc d'Algender )

Recommended Route. One of the most spectacular gorges on the island. About 6 kilometers long starting just outside Ferreries stretching to the south coast behind Cala Galdana where the river meets the sea. The easiest access point is at Cala Galdana. The gorge is cut out of one of the soft limestone plateaus so typical of the southern half of the island. This ravine was declared Common Heritage of Mankind in 1998.

Remains discovered in Barranc d'Algender date from the year 2200 BC and are the oldest found in Menorca.

You are led down age-old paths that wind through leafy Mediterranean woods, the ruins of ancient constructions in the rocks and slopes or through lands cultivated with ancient farming techniques.

Its slopes connect to an old path to Mao, popularly known as Ses Voltes, one of the most marvellous spots on the journey. It is one kilometre long, made up of horse-shoe shaped nooks chipped into the rocks and leads down to the bottom of the valley.

Valley Views

Trips into the Past

Sites and Sights
Walking the Coast

Torre d'en Gaumes

Open Air history: Torre d'en Gaumes is a pre-historic settlement just outside of Son Bou signposted on the road from Alaior (carrer de son bou). Access is controlled to preserve this extensive site. This is known to be the largest pre-historic town in the Balearic Islands. The village is surrounded by attractive countryside and features many interesting ancient ruins including, a defensive wall guarding three talaiots (stone watch towers), a temple made of stone and pillared naves. It survived from the pre-talayotic period to Roman times.

Open Tues. to Sat. 0915-2045 hrs., Sun. 0915-1500 hrs., Mon. 0900-1500 hrs. Entrance 3 euros, free on Sun.

Photos courtesy of

... more details

Landscapes and Nature

Hidden Valleys


With so much of the island preserved by environmental laws the island has many, many beautiful places to walk and discover.

Its important to walk at the right time of day and to have plenty of water with you. And don't forget when walking close to the coast to have swimwear and a towel so you can take that well earnt swim on that remote beach you've reached!

There are deep lush gorges that start in the centre of the island and meander to the coast to open up out into a beautiful beaches. Take a walk early morning or evening in S'Albufera National park and enjoy a drink on the beach in Es Grau.

Walking on Menorca

Menorca Tips

Always have a towel, swim wear, sunscreen and plenty of water with you.

Boat Excursions

Boat Charter


Bad weather Ideas

There are no indoor entertainments so you need to be creative

Tour Operators offer their hotel guests various excursions,but if the thought of spending time on someone elses' time agenda, bustled from place to coach and driving around for hotel pickups bothers you then many can be done DIY style.

Diy Excursions

Organised Excursions and Guides

Menorca is slowly developing a larger base of individuals and small companies offering more personal services.

Organised Excursions and Guides

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