Things to See and Do

The reality? Menorca is not over commercialised with theme parks and large attractions, prefering to focus on it's heritage, natural beauty, historical sites and sportier outdoor activities. That said there are plenting of interesting places for children and couples to visit and enjoy. Whether you are in hotel needing to 'break out', ardent romatic walker , culturalist or foodie you will find it here.

This is your best starting point to find YOUR ideal day out, top sights, places of interest and activities while on holiday in Menorca. Over many , many years we have experienced these old and new activities, sights and places as children, Teenagers, as a couple and young family and lately with our own Teenagers. Now 'getting on a bit' we a peeking over into the over 60s attractions too :-)

Things to see and do with Children

Days out trips, Active Children things to See and Do with children

Teens to Entertain?

things to See and Do with Teens

Things to see and do - Couples

For those wanting the perfect beach holiday and more....things to See and Do for Couples and Adults

Things to see and do - Over 60s

Ignore the false 'young family island' tag, Menorca offers a lot for those taking life easier .See and Do for Seniors

Things to see and do - Good to Know

Marketing on Menorca is still often low key. The good news is that attractions are often better than presented so you will be surprised.

Tour Operators offer their hotel guests various excursions,but if the thought of spending time on someone elses' time agenda, bustled from place to coach and driving around for hotel pickups bothers you then many can be done DIY style.

Diy Excursions

The island is compact so it is not time consuming or expensive to reach these locations


Menorca is developing a large base of individuals and small companies offering more personalised services.

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