Menorca's Zoo - Loc de Menorca

Has grown from a small 'farm animals project' into a delightful place for young and old to get close to an expanding range of native animals ( fauna , fish and birds) and more exotic animals in very pleasant surroundings. The zoo area can be visited in 2 hours at a fast pace or 4 hours plus at a slower pace. You can come out for refreshments/toilets( for hand washing etc ) and go back in as you wish.

What to expect

The zoo is about education, close contact , introducing Menorcans to more exotic animals and all thoughtfully presented within surroundings that show case Menorca's own landscape, plants and native animals. Do not expect Elephants and Tigers ( see current species list below ). Watch the photo tour. The zoo rehabilitates apes giving them a better life for those who cannot be returned to the wild.

Highlights - what's special?

It is small scale but this means all the animals are close up for smaller children and the surroundings are well done with lot's of shade and sooooo many fruit and vegetables growing so children can really learn they do not grow in cling film supermarket trays! You can also see and learn about the plants and stones that make up the compact yet diversified landscapes of Menorca.

Animal Contact

The emphasis is on close encounters with the animals yet without distressing them or changing their natural behaviours. The zoo features several themed walk through enclosures where the featured animals are free to roam around ( Eg Australia, Lemur Woods,Aviaries,Wetlands ).

There is a farm goats area, and later the keepers bring out animals so visitors ( in particular ) children can have close contact with them, stroking and touching them.

Coffee anyone?
Yep caffeined up!!

The Lemurs are so funny to see snoozing then they wake up towards evening.....

Plus in the aquarium you get to see all those fish that are swimming around in the sea!


Oustide of the zoo entrance area there is an indoor and outdoor bar-cafeteria with play for small children offering resonable prices, Toilets and a souvenir shop with Menorca themed items and assorted animal toys.

Inside the animals area ( ticket required ) there is a shaded picnic area for enjoying your own food

Walk thru' Lemor enclosure
Play area

Animals to see

The list of species:

  • Native Menorcan - Horses,Cattle and Wildfowl and wild tortoise ( Mallorcan Pigs ) , Fish
  • Various small Monkeys( Marmosets,Velvet Monkey, Macacs,Tamarins)
  • Emus,Wallabies
  • Reptiles: Terrapins,Giant tortoises,Pythons,Caimens
  • Silver Lemurs,Red Lemur
  • Deer,Prairie Dogs,Coatie Mundi,Donkeys,Porcupines,Lamas
  • Birds - Pheasants,Finches,Ostriches,Parrot

Smaller children can delight in the smaller animals such as the tiny monkeys, cute Pararie dogs, rabbits, the baby goats and little Falabella horse

Older Children, can enjoy the Lemurs,Horses and Ponies, Snakes and everyone loves the goats!

Of course Photos say more, so check out our personal gallery

Menorca Zoo in Pictures

Good to Know

Open from 10 a.m to 8 p.m every day in Summer peak. 1 hour less in shorter sunlight months Tel. +34 971 37 23 03

Address Urbanication l'Argentina ( Alaior ): Along the ME-1 main road about 4 k.m. east of Alaior or 9 k.m. west of Mahon bus station.

How to get there

By Bus

Travel to Alaior or Mahon by Bus ( Bus Timetables ) then take a Taxi.

By Taxi

Staff at the Ticket Office can call up a Taxi.

By Car

There is a no charge car park

Prices in Euro ( correct as of 2018 )

reductions in April and May
  • Adults 12.50
  • Children ( 3-12 ) 8.50
  • Infants under 3 FREE
Copyright and Courtesy of Lloc De Menorca