Good to Know

Most of the paths on Menorca for walking will be (hard in summer) with many protruding stones so suitable footwear is essential - In summer trekking sandals are ideal if they provide strong ankle support.

Cycling Guide to Menorca ,Walking Guide to Menorca

Here are the details of individuals' walks and mountain bike routes with full maps,GPS data, elevations on route pictures to view and download.


Mountain Bikes


Menorca's landscape is very varied but there is a distinct regions. North West is almost treeless, but with a raw beatuty and high cliffs at the coast. A flavour of these are below.


Around the area - North Menorca

Around the area - Central / Inland Menorca

Around the area - South Menorca

Longer Walks

Easier Walks

That may be enjoyed by a family - Always wear suitable footwear.