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Ancient rough track path circling the island of Menorca...

We often show beach photos from summer peak and early season for contrasts.


This rough track 'path' follows the coastline of Menorca for 185km in twenty defined stages. The path passes through extremely varied landscapes and coastlines completely reflecting the geology of North and South Menorca.

Following different Cami de Cavalls sectuions you can experience a wonderfull cross-section of the diversity of Menorca's landscape. - so much for aslittle place! particulalry on the southern streches you will walk,ride or cycle along impressive clifftop paths looking out over turquoise waters and amazing virgin beaches and coves.

Rugged openscapes in the North, more sheltered greener paths in the south. The path also meanders inland in parts and leads through meadows and forests where pine trees, holm oaks and pines provide shade in the hotter summer months.

IMPORTANT Only accommodation en route is the beach resorts/coastal towns it passes through.

PS There is an anual running and MTB race around it!

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