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Es Migjorn Gran Apartments - Menorca Airport 15 miles / 23 km

Space for everyone, privacy and a pool that does not close early. Flexible meal times, no buffet queues, just the freedom to style a holiday to your own rythms and wishes. Mix up your eating ( in or out ) and leisure time. These days the same Apartments are advertised in several sites but not all area guides are the same.

Menorca Self Catering Tips

Apartments are more economical for couples and you can choose smaller more personal complexes with just a few apartments. Holidaying as a family? Larger complexes and Aparthotels offer the benefits of larger living and sleeping spaces with self catering Kitchenettes combined with shared facilities like on site mini shops, bars and kid's entertainments

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Es Migjorn Gran

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Avoid an Apartment location that's well just not you. We've known and fallen in love with Menorca for over 30+ years. We pour all this into our Local Area Guides so you can have all the right information and photos to ensure an Apartment that will be perfect for you and your group

Apartment Resort -Es Migjorn Gran , what's it like?

  • Authentic offering a true Menorca experience, where you can enjoy Cafes and local life
  • Es Migjorn Gran is a good location with attractions suited to Couples.
  • More eating places and local events to enjoy

Sleepy little town nestling in some lovely Countryside with natural attractions like the Colom Caves and Valley walks to Virgin Beaches. Authentic Quite Menorca with a sprinkling of good Restaurants. more

Apartments, Aparthotels in Es Migjorn Gran

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Es Migjorn Gran what to expect

Es Migjorn Gran Full Guide

Experience Authentic villages and towns. More eating places and local events to enjoy

Couples can enjoy mediteranean Cafe Bar Culture, cultural events to join in with the locals. Why not ride out on Horseback or stride out into the surrounding country side?

Es Migjorn Gran's Restaurants

Es Migjorn Gran
Airport: Circa 15 miles / 23 km
Direct Transfer: 0 hr 30 mins
Transfer Options: Public Airport Bus - none, Shared Shuttle from 11 pp or Taxi max. 4 pers. 34

Around Es Migjorn Gran

Activities, places to visit, sights to see

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