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Alaior is the the "third" capital of the island and a cultural centre. Located inland on the main road of the island. Alaior has an evening market. The old town is very pretty and makes a great change to the beach, with a good mix of little shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. And some great hand made ice cream parlours! Childrens playground on the pretty town square (next to ice cream cafes!).

Airport: 7 miles / 10 km
Direct Transfer: 0 Hrs. 15 mins
Transfer Options: Public Airport Bus - none, Shared Shuttle from 11 pp or Taxi max. 4 pers. 19

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Taxis - Alaior

There is no such thing as a private Cab firm or Uber. Can be Reserved by App 1Taxi

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Taxis are only licensed for a maximum of 4 Passengers.

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Bus Travel - Alaior

If in the countryside buses will be rare/non existent

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