Cala Algaiarens Beach Map and Guide Menorca - ALL you need to know
We often show beach photos from summer peak and early season for contrasts.

All About Cala Algaiarens beach plus our Insights

The whole area is known as 'La Vall' a beautiful location on the north coast just east of Cala Morell. Algariens is a robinson crusoe pair of beaches set in a grand double bay. A spectacular beaches set in a beautiful coutry landscape

The two beaches are locally called Des Tancat ( Algaiarens ) / and Des Bot

Easy to get to by car - signposted from Ciutadella. Entrance via private track is charged (but well worth it) and travels through some attractive pine woods to car park. 5 min walk to beach. Picnic area under woods next to car park.

TIP The road to Algaiarens starts just outside the Poligno (commercial area ) of Ciutadella. Here there is a new supermarkets where you can stock up on picnic items very cheaply. Come early in high season as the number of cars is limited to 400 to preserve the area - No excuses get there!

L62 beach bus service

Beach Bus

Beach Facilities and Features

Young Child and Baby friendly

Cala Algaiarens Beach good to know

Beach Car Parking Two car parks
Seasonal beach stall
The far reaches may be occupied by naturists
62 6 eur return Ciutadella - Cala Morell - La Vall drops off at access road ( 10-20 min walk to beaches )
Beach Access Category
okay with car park

Getting to Cala Algaiarens beach

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What to see and do around Ciutadella

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Cala Algaiarens beach location and access

Cala Algaiarens beach parking and access

Beach Car Park Two car parks

Help keep the beaches pristine - bring a bag, take your rubbish

Explore Cala Algaiarens along the Cami de Cavalls Menorca's 'coastal path

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