Cala Es Talaier

Cala Es Talaier Beach

Virgin / Natural Beach
Southern Menorca Menorca
Small beach with soft white sands and swimming pool like waters with sandy bottom


Access , Car, Scooter then a 15-20 Walk from Son Saura ( west ) or 30min from Cala en Turqueta ( east )

Car Parking at either Son Saura or Cala en Turqueta

Cami de Cavalls walks from Cala'n Bosch ( 60 mins ) and Cala Galdana ( 50 mins )

Boat Excursions from Cala'n Bosch and Cala Galdana

Beach Boat

Beach Facilities

Car Parking

Beach guide

Water Taxi:
From Cala Galdana beach or self hire boat from Galdana
Beach Bus:
66 from Ciutadella 3.05 Eur one way - pre booking strongly advised

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