What to see and do in Ciutadella
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Ciutadella Attractions, Activities, Guided & DIY Tours

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Ciutadella's beach will certainly be a focus for you,but there's more.

As an urban location, the focus in Ciutadella may well be on local bars and enjoying culture, history and local events like night markets or fiestas in summer.

our TIP Ciutadella is authentic Menorca. Ideal for Springtime stays and activities.

Quick what to see and do taster :

Ciutadella has a beautiful old city centre full of inviting bars and restaurants surrounded by cultural delightsSo much to see wandering the side streets with their charming alleys

At the old harbour there are several boat excursions and dive centres

Ciutadella Table of Contents

Ideas and Inspirations for Ciutadella

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Fun For Children

Placa del Pins has a new young childrens play area ( Cafe Bars for Mums & Dads )

Water Parks in Ciutadella?

No but one in nearby Cala'n Forcat and Cala'n Bosch

AquaCenter Calan Forcat

Calan Forcat Waterpark Things to see

Other Waterparks

Sights - Must see

Sights in and around Ciutadella

Palaces and Mansion Houses

Ciutadella has beautiful palaces and residences Ciutadella palaces

Ciutadella Placa des Born

Old Harbour

The pretty old harbour ( Port Antigua on signposts ) lies below the fortified walls of the old city and offers a mixture of boutiques, shops, Bars and Restaurants of varying styles, prices and quality. Start here for a pleasant evening walk along the harbour quay, past the nautical club, up the steps to Cami de Baix and on down to Castell de Sant Nicolau at the waters edge. Every morning at around 10:00 there are a variety of day long boat trips along the west and south coast where you can experience the real beauty of this island coast complete with midday and bathing stops taken in some of the island's famous virgin beaches.

It is a working harbour with small fishing boats and smaller yachts which means there's always something to see as you chill with a drink, Tapas or enjoy a meal in the restaurants that line oneside.

Pedestrian Historical Centre

Ciutadella gets its name from 'Citadel' -a fortified city. Allthough most the defensive walls were knocked down to expand the city you can still see remnents of them today- most notabley the walls above the harbour under Placa des Born. Walk up the Carrer Major from Placa Born , through Placa de Catedral and into the city's famous Ses Voltes arcades. If your curious you'll also discover beautifull inner courtyards with fountains and flowers.

Majorca is within touching distance. On clear days ( especially springtime ) The mountains of north Majorca are very clear and also make for great sunset view backdrops.

Tip A fast ferry from Ciutadella will take you to Alcudia in Majorca BUT you will need to stay overnight due to return times.

Coastline and sunsets and the area's Virgin beaches ( Beach Bus )

More Sights in and around Ciutadella

Action Activities

Local Services

Fun and Sport on Sea - Activity Ideas

All boat based activities will depart from old city harbour

Motorboat hire ( hourly or day ) - no license required . Explore the coastline, snorkelling or visit other beaches and bays.

Boat Hire, Daytrip and Charter Services

Family Snorkelling

The pristine waters of Menorca are a real holiday memory. They are amazingly clear so even with just a simple snorkel you will see lots, not murky haze. And because the water is in such good condition you'll see lots of fish too. Many, many of the resort beaches have shallow sandy bottoms fringed with rocks, ideal for young snorkellers. Organised trips can make a great family day out with as a Snorkel Safari or stop off as part of a Boat excusrions. There are also marine reserves around Menorca where the marine life is even more abundent.

Snorkel Guide

Small boat trips/self-hire from Ciutadella

With its warm crystal clear waters, many underwater caves and coral-clad rock formations, Menorca is recognized as one of the most spectacular dive sites in the western Mediterranean.

Local Dive Centre

Local dive centre 7 fathoms scuba www.7fathoms-scuba.com offers cave ( e.g. Pont Den Gil ) and wreck diving for advanced divers.

Dive Centre Directory

Kayaks are available to hire at Algariens Virgin Beach ( Beach Bus )

Family Kayaking

A fun family activity, paddle around your resort . Or along Menorca's unspoilt coastline as part of a professional tour

Kayaking Guide


Son Angel near Cala Morell offer rides in the beautiful country side and northern coast- Depending on time of year also the beaches.

Son Angel - Horse Riding

Set close to some stunning countryside Son Angel is a working farm offering horserides for all. Rides between one, two and three hours for beginners going up to five day routes for experienced riders. Some interesting routes to Algariens Virgin beaches as well as from Son Saura beach to Calan Turqueta, Macarella or Macarelleta.

For bookings call Antonio Bosch 609833902

Menorca Tips

On the road to virgin beach playa Algaiarens so combine the two!

Photos copyright and courtesy of Son Angel

Son Angel
Son Angel
Son Angel

Horse Riding Guide

Cycle Route Ideas

Ciutadella city is small and has cycle paths so is quick to navigate. The whole area around Ciutadella is very flat ( perhaps uniteresting?) You need to head further west ( 5k.m or so ) where hills begin and the scenery is very beautiful. Destination Ideas and route suggestions ( difficulty and terrain )

Cycle Hire and Tips

Mountain Bike Route around Ciutadella

Easier Routes Ciutadella

Walks, Hiking and Trails around Ciutadella

Guides, Tips and Favourite Walks in Menorca

Destinations and Route Ideas - Get back to Nature!

Hiking Ciutadella

Family and easier Walks Ciutadella

Daytrips Excursions from Ciutadella

Departing from Ciutadella is a fast bus to Mahon, the island's largest city and Capital. Watersports days at Cala'n Bosch on bus 65.

Boat Excursions

Pre-book Boat Excursions along the coast

Pick out that dream beach Fast boats,slow boats, big or individual? - inc. sunset trips

All depatures from ciutadella old city harbour ( Port Antigua )

See Operators below : Large boats and smaller faster boats offer a choices of fixed routes or can be charted for custom trips to the coastline north and south , taking in sea caves, coves and some amazing beaches with snorkel stops. Also Sunset trips to Pont den Gil

Near By

Ciutadella Old City itself has many beautful sights and places of cultural interest to visit

Sights and Landmarks

Culture and History

Ciutadella - Near By 7.k.m

Castillo Menorca

On the main ME-1 a childrens entertainment area set in extensive attractive grassed gardens combined with an outlet store and lots of parking. Ideal place for the children to loose their energy and mums to well, what mums do best at outlet stores :-) The outdoors section has lots to climb on,swim in,bounce on and swing from . Crazy Golf. There is a smaller internal entertainments - see photos. On site Cafeteria.

In the main building there is a large outlet shop with branded goods ( Lladro,Swarovski,NAO,Swatch ) plus local 'souvenir' items. Next door is the Costa Nova Karting track - best track and karts on the island.

No Bus stop. Open May - October 10.00am-7.00pm. ME-1 Km point 35 - 7 km from Ciutadella.

Photos and Details

Ciutadella - Near By ( Bus Route 62 from Ciutadella )

Cala Morell

A small quiet fishing village resort and residential area on the north west coast set in dramatic rocky coastlines. Best known for the extensive man made (Bronze and Iron ages) cave dwellings nearby that give a real sense of cave "living" ( though many caves were also for burial ). Some are sophisticated with central roof columns and 'windows'. Some are obviously younger and larger, cut with more advanced metal tools, but the smaller older ones gives a view into another world. A good place to combine with a visit to the beautiful virgin beach of Algaiarens and walks through the very attractive valleys of Vall de Algaiarens. Bus 62 circa 15 mins 1.85 Euro single ( 2019 ) or by Hire Car.

TIP bring a torch to see the really special ones

Ciutadella - Near By


A former stone quarry used for art, summer concerts and festivals. Extensive site with Medieval gardens to wander. Source of the stone for many of Ciutadella's palaces and grand buildings.

Menorca Holiday Tips

Full Moon Fiesta. On the full moon in August there are spectacular stage shows (changes each year) .


Local Services

Ciutadella Markets

In summer June 1 to September 30th there are multiple morning and evening markets to enjoy.

All Ciutadella Markets

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Ciutadella Beach

Ciutadella's only beach is Plata Gran at the southern end of the City. Small sandy beach no facilities. There are better beaches just south of Ciutadella ( Santandria,Cala Blanca, Cala'n Bosch ).In addition you can catch buses to Virgin beaches.

Ciutadella Beach Guide

More things to do in Ciutadella

All the Sights and Attractions in and around Ciutadella

Bars in Ciutadella

Being a City the Bars cater for a wider set of tastes and are more authentic. Explore the side streets for some of the best

Being a City the Bars cater for a wider set of tastes and are more authentic. Explore the side streets for some of the best ...our curated current favourites list of Bars in Ciutadella

More things to do in Ciutadella

Pre-bookable options

On a map, all the Sights and Attractions in and around Ciutadella

Coastal Walks around Ciutadella

Close by in Ciutadella will be an access point to the coastal path 'Cami de Cavalls ' a rough track path that follows the entire coast. Mountain Bike or Walk it to a Virgin Beach, the next resort or just to enjoy.

You will often discover swimming coves and virgin beaches. The distinctive vermillion signs will guide you

Even if you do a short stretch in summer heat treking sandals strongly advised - ankle support!!!!

Artisan Night Markets

Locals towns offer summer night time (7pm 'till late ) markets ( they are more artisan, foodie , musical ) which can be combined with a meal at a more authentic restaurant, enjoy time with locals outside at a cafe-bar people watching.

Night Markets

Local Nightlife Music, Bars in Ciutadella

Being a City the Bars cater for a wider set of tastes and are more authentic. Explore the side streets for some of the best

Being a City the Bars cater for a wider set of tastes and are more authentic. Explore the side streets for some of the best

Ciutadella Bars

Menorca nightlife is less 'touristy' outside of beach resorts Beach Clubs and urban music venues

Organised Excursions

Diving Centres in or near Ciutadella

Ciutadella Boat Hire and Yacht charter with and without captain

Ciutadella Boat Rentals

Ciutadella Bars Listings