Menorca's Fiestas

All you need to know about these special events during Menorca's summer

Fiestas - Good to Know

The summer fiestas run in the local towns from June to September, are NOT tourist events, so are genuine, different and much loved by the islanders and the many visitors to Menorca. The Menorcans love their festivals and especially the chance to show off their stunning native horses. The most eagerly awaited moments are the "Cargols", when riders circle specific points along the route and especially the "Jaleos", where riders bring their horse onto their rear legs.

For the holiday visitors you can join the smiling locals in live music, dance and fireworks.

Safety Concerns

If you love visual passion, spectacle and beautiful horses - they are a lifetime experience not to be missed and can be enjoyed in safety if you stay in your comfort zone. Health and Safety 'worriers' - stay away :-)

Fiestas with younger children

Is perfectly possible as there are fairground for their ages group away from the where the main crowds and horses will be learn more

Fiesta Dates

The Summer Fiestas take place on the SAME dates each year

Fiesta dates by month

What to expect at a Summer Fiesta?

Each town has it's own flavour and scale but generally all follow the same pattern and will be ceremonial and visual - and always with local traditional riders showing off their horsemanship skills on the famous Menorcan horses with parades and Jaleo's. - "Jaleo"- The young brave hope for good luck by touching the horses heart as the horse 'dances' above them. Note: The riders care too much about their horses for this to be stressing for the horses.

Courtesy of XoriguerMenorcans love to celebrate and there will be lot's of music and alcohol consumed eg Pomada ( with good humour and behaviour ) as well as events organised by and for residents.

There may well be a fun fair and various live music acts on stage. And often there will be riders 'competitions' or races along the street or road. Street corner dance parties are common, so expect crowds, vibrancy and loud music!

On the last night there is usually a spectacular firework display at midnight ( serious fireworks! )

Oh and it's all free of charge.


No Fiesta is complete without daytime and nightime Jaleos. This is where to excitable music riders will rear up their mounts and walk on horseback through the crowds as the brave try to 'touch the heart' of the horse for good luck. To health and safety worriers this looks a nightmare but if you are comfortable there should be no problems. If you are not good on your feet, or of a nervous disposition best to stay well back and enjoy other parts of the fiesta.

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Suitable and safe for small children?

There are fun fairs and lot's of opportunites to get up close to lots and lots of amazing horses safely.

Fun Fair - Es Castell
Fun Fair - Es Castell
Fun Fair - Es Castell

The dramatic Jaleos can usually all be watched at a safe distance but the usual common sense applies with any large boisterous crowds. Fire crackers will be set off occasionally. The fireworks on final night can be very loud, but superb ( bring ear plugs for children ).

Tip Most Horses and riders rest up in the nearby side streets where children can get close to the horses without the revelry

Fiestas should be enjoyed for the partying and the last night Fireworks. Evenings visits are much more lively!

Fiesta Bus

Want to visit a Fiesta in the evening, but not be tied to a organised trip?

Sant Joan FiestaDuring Fiesta season there are special "Jaleo Buses" to take revelers from Menorca's towns to and from the Fiestas at night. Buses arrive early evening with returns 1-3 times in the early morning hours allowing you to party! There is usually a ticket hut closeby to the stops - see website ( Jaleo Bus ) for times, prices ( 3-4 Euro 2014 ) and location of stops for your nearest local town ( taxi there from your resort ) - note this info often only appears shortly before the fiesta dates!

Restaurants in the town and village centres stop serving food and set up street bars selling beer and pomada with lot's of party music. To eat visit the stalls that serve traditional fiesta snacks and other fast foods.

Buses services will be different - see bus stops

Note during Ciutadella Fiesta 22-25 June a special timetable and pricing operates for the west coast Download Timetable

Remember you are a guest - this is not a tourist event!


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Good to know ...continued
Visiting with children

Children only at certain times of the day does the revelty start ie Horses in the streets

Plenty of vantage points to see the horse parades and 'Jaleos' at a safer distance

Fiesta - what happens, when?

Timings can change but the day's agenda pretty stays the same- For the current agenda visit the town's web site

Basic Agenda

Last night , midnight Fireworks

Visiting your local Fiesta

You have a few options diy = Public Bus,Fiesta Bus, Taxis or Hire Car ( parking!!) or an organised trip

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