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Airport Taxis Binidali

Unfortunately Menorca Airport does not have public Airport / Shuttle Buses direct to any beach resorts. The Airport Bus (no.10) is not a great Transfer option .

Airport Taxis Can ony carry 4 passengers by law and don't offer child seats to book

Plus Minus
Cheapest under 20k.m Availability/Max 4 passengers
No Baby/Child Seats

Baby/Child seats : Public Taxis don't provide these but they can be booked on Transfer Services

Summer peak : Taxis can be in short supply , so consider a private transfer to reach Airport in time for flights home

Taxis with Babies and Children

Use FOC Airline baggage to bring seats from home. You need to tell the driver and it is YOUR legal responsibility to ensure correct/safe fitting.

Binidali Taxi prices to Airport & other destinations

2024 Taxi fares (tariffas) apply island wide and are strictly regulated using meters . Taxi prices can be quite complex with daytime/nightime/public holidays rates and supplements eg Airport pick/drop off .

06:00 to 21:00 a public taxi from Menorca airport to Binidali is € MAX 4 ( NOTE any child regardless of age = 1 passenger )

Taxi rates increase slightly after 21:00 and from 14:00 on Saturdays and Public Holidays (Fiestas).

Taxi Tips

Don't let Taxis wait too long while you get out to do something as there is a big waiting fee ( 18+ Eur ) each 15 minutes

Summer peak : Taxis can be in short supply , so consider a private transfer to reach Airport in time for flights home

Binidali Taxi Fare Calculator

Mahon Airport Taxi stand location

Arrivals Lowest level. Exit, turn right walk to end of Terminal.

Taxis stand in Binidali

Taxi stands are called Paradas de Taxi Find Binidali's Taxi stand on a map

Pre-Booking Taxis options

Binidali Taxi Reservation options

If you want to travel to better beaches,bars,restaurants, towns or get return journey to Airport...

How easy is it to get a taxi in Menorca?

Don't expect instant Smartphone convenience! - relaxed Menorca is not like that :-). You have a few options - We test these out each year to prove they work!!

All methods only get you to the same Taxis that may have limited availability

Taxis can only pickup in their licenced area,so if it is busy locally you may have to wait.

Menorca Taxi Apps

No currently authorised Uber ,Cabify of other ride services on Menorca

  • 1Taxi!
1Taxi! can be a bit hit and miss. Don't rely on the Taxi current location tracking!

Menorca Taxi Internet

  • Asociación Menorquina de Radio Taxi
Taxi Menorca Booking

Menorca Taxi Telephone

Taxis can be requested by phone - known as 'Radio Taxi' and there is normally a supplement for this ( see price tables ) - Tel. ( +34 971367111 or +34 971482222) which connects you to english speaking service . You state your location and where to be picked up from.

Tip Note Radio Taxi is routed to a call centre outside Menorca. The people do not know Menorca! so be sure of your location / destination first and they will not really know the prices. you can get a quote and book online. FIVE Euro booking fee! Run by Menorca Taxi association

Binidali Airport Transfers - Taxi Alternatives

To Binidali by bus?

Binidali bus routes do not goto the airport only Mahon City from where you need the L10 Airport Bus (ticket 2.65 €)

With the cost of 2 or 3 tickets for each connection, DIY luggage handling , wait times it simply does not make sense even on a tight Budget. A pre-booked shared Transfer is quicker, less hassle and cheaper.

Pre Booked Transfers Airport Binidali

Book just one way or both Handy in peak summer when Taxis maybe in short supply with long wait times.

returns to Airport - You'll receive an E-Mail confirmation with pick-up time 24Hrs before travel time. Flight changes can be made via your account

Get a free no obligation quote from our recommended shuttle company

Book Binidali Transfers

Private Transfers

Door to Door,no waiting Child and Booster seats available

Transfer Time: 0 Hrs. 0 mins

  • Direct Transfer to Hotel or private accommodation
  • Over 4? Great for Groups
Binidali One way from 25 Eur upto 3 Passengers
Book Binidali Airport Transfers

Shared Transfers

lowest price with restrictions

Transfer Time: variable

  • Shuttlebus stops are popular Hotels or assigned meeting points, not private addresses
  • only available May-October
Binidali One way from 13 Eur /per person
Book Binidali VIP Transfers

Private VIP Transfers

Door to Door,no waiting Child and Booster seats available

Transfer Time: 0 Hrs. 0 mins

  • Luxury / Premium Vehicle (mercedes)
  • Transfer direct to Hotel or private address
  • Larger Luggage Allowance
  • Larger Groups possible
Binidali One way from 35 Eur upto 6 persons
reservar traslados aeropuerto

Airport Transfer/Shuttle Office for Binidali, Menorca

Transfer Meeting Point

Exit Arrivals baggage hall. On the right hand end of Airport Terminal you will find the Shuttle Service Offices for handing in Transfer Vouchers and be directed to your vehicle.

Transfer time for Private / VIP service will be 0 Hrs. 0 mins depending on traffic. Shared services may incur longer times with multiple stops plus waiting for other passenger's arrival and walking time as any drop off only at nearest Hotel

All transfer coaches and buses are parked just outside the airport terminal.

Binidali Airport Transfer Buses
Airport Transfer Buses
Binidali Airport Transfer Buses
Binidali Shuttle
Binidali Airport Transfer Buses
Transfer Office
Binidali Airport Transfer Buses
VIP Transfer

Binidali Transfers - Top Questions

Shared intermediate stops from 13 Eur pro Person

Private direct from 25 Eur upto 3

VIP direct from 35 Eur upto 6

Transfers Guide and Quotes - no fuss cancellations

Private Transfers : Economical, ideal because there is no wait for other passengers, you travel door to door and baby/ child seats can be requested.

Private Transfer Binidali from 25 Eur upto 3

Binidali Private Transfers Quotes

Taxis can be good for less than 5 Passengers and holiday resort is less than 20 k.m from Airport

Binidali Private Transfers Quotes

Airport Taxis all you need to know

Binidali on average takes 0 Hrs. 0 mins ( 0 miles / K.M ) from Mahon Airport

Binidali Transfers Quotes