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Food Plaza - Former Fish market serving/selling artisan foods, beers and wines...


Delightful space to meet up. Various stalls selling togo / sit end eat with drinks featuring a few of menorca's emerging pop up restaurants companies.

Historically the principle fish market the buiilding and space has multiple and varied venedors serving traditional "pintxos" tapas, sandwiches & wine. Seating inside and in other open spaces making a little food plaza.

Attractive ornate iron work building ( 1927 ) adds to the atmosphere.

In summer there will often be some live music.

Opening hours 11:00 -23:00 Mon-Thu 11:00 -23:30 Fri-Sat


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11 - 23:00 Mon-thu 11 - 23:30 Fri,Sat Closed Sundays


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