Shoes and Leather ware

Menorca has a long tradition for making high quality leather goods and this continues today. However many of the brands will be unknown to you as they are sold mostly in french and german quality clothing stores. Locally bought you can indulge in some quality new shoes heels, flats and boots.

Pons Quintana

Produce very feminine luxury women's footwear right here on the island. A name that might be unfamiliar in UK as a lot of the production is sold in fashionable shops in France and Germany. Re-nowed for their handmade woven leather designs that are very comfortable yet sylish. Pons Quintana have shops in Mahon (S'Arravaleta 21) and Ciutadella (Sabaters 5 - Poligno)

Menorca Tips

Alaior is home to the Pons Quintana shoe factory shop where you will enjoy reduced prices on beautiful shoes and boots.