Menorca's Mahon Airport

Menorca airport is big enough to cope yet small enough to be friendly. The Airport has recently completed a multi million pound expansion and refurbishment .

It is located just 5 k.m from the capital Mahon and is on a "everything reachable on foot" scale. Even the Hire Cars in the allocated car park are just 100 meters from the departure doors! Just outside baggage hall there is a pleasant cafeteria area downstairs and a larger self service cafe restaurant upstairs. On the arrivals level there is a small tourist office and a chemist.

Menorca landmark-airport roundabout
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If you are hungry on arrival those in the know go to the Casino Bar restaurant in nearby Sant Climent for great value food in friendly menorcan surroundings.

Following the opening of the new terminal there is now a very pleasant departure area with new shops with a good selection of food and beverage choices. Amazingly the food quality has gone up enormously and the prices down!-Airport used to have horrendous prices.


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As you leave the airport immediately on your right you will see this re-sited pre-historic moment - a taste of things to come.

Getting to and from Menorca Airport

By Bus - Due to the road system ( just a couple of coast roads ) public buses from the airport do not make an easy transfer option as you must travel to Mahon main bus station and then change. First bus leaves the airport at 05.55 running until 22:30. From Mahon bus station they begin at 05:45 until 00:15. Detailed bus schedules

By Taxi - Taxis are plentifull from outside arrivals and for four passengers or less to destinations within 25km they represent the best value and convienience. No need to book in advance. Taxis and Prices

Transfer Services - For larger groups or greater distances from Airport we recommend either a shared or private transfer which are to/from your accommodation.

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You take your luck with how many other destinations your fellow passengers(if any) need to be dropped off/picked up from and wait times on arrival/departure.

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The vehicle is just for your party so is more expensive but no waiting and no extended transfer times.

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