Naveta dels Tudons

Naveta dels Tudons is a pre-talayotic burial monument (constructed around 1,500 B.C ) and considered as one of the greatest treasures of all the prehistoric monuments the island has. One of a number of 'Naveta' it is built from huge stone blocks which resemble an upturned boat. Navetas feature a doorway into a burial chamber where along with the bodies of the dead offerings such as bronze or china figures were left. Naveta del Tudeons is 13.6 m long with a maximum width of 6.40 m and height of 4.5 m - so not small!

Mao-Ciutadella road, km. 40. Open Tues. to Sat. 0915-2030 hrs., Sun. and Mon. 0930-1500 hrs. Entrance 2 euros, free on Sun.

Naveta dels Tudons
Burial Chamber
by Isol

Son Catlar

Open Air history: Son Catlar is a small pre-historic pre-talayĆ³tic settlement which remained up until the end of the Roman era. Less visited but it remains the only site on the island that shows its surrounding defensive walls and layout with watch towers. Son Catlar has the only remaining example of these towers on Menorca. Inside the wall is a 'taula', five five talayots and other buildings.

Follow the road from Ciutadella to Sa Teulera Vella and continue down the lane towards Tarre Saura Vell. Son Catlar is about half way between the two on the left hand side. Parking available on site.

Menorca Tip

Combine with a visit to virgin beaches Cala des Talajer, Cala en Turqueta.

Cala Morell

A small quiet fishing village resort and residential ares on the north west coast set in dramatic rocky coastlines. Best known for the extensive man made (Bronze and Iron ages) cave dwellings nearby that give a real sense of cave "living" ( though many caves were also for burial ). Some are sophisticated with central roof columns and 'windows'. Some are obviously younger and larger, cut with more advanced metal tools, but the smaller older ones gives a view into another world. A good place to combine with a visit to the beautiful virgin beach of Algaiarens and walks through the very attractive valleys of Vall de Algaiarens. Bus 62 circa 15 mins 1.85 Euro single ( 2012 ) or by Hire Car.

Monday to Saturday only with Lithica drop off . La Vall is beautiful countryside and Playa Algaiarens virgin beach

no. 62 : Ciutadella - Cala Morell - La Vall

  • 10:00,11:00,12:00,13:00,16:00,17:00,18:00,19:00
  • no. 62 : La Vall - Cala Morell - Ciutadella

  • 10:25,,11:30,12:25,13:30,16:25,17:30,18:25,19:30
  • TIP bring a torch to see the really special ones

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