Internet access, fixed and using WiFi hotspots , continues to spread across the island. More and more bars and cafes in towns and in resorts will offer some type of access - either coin operated terminals or paid / free Wifi. If you are staying in a hotel most 3 stars and above will have some Internet access usually around the reception bar area.

The law requires free WiFi to be password protected so if it is advertised you will probably need to get the password (often posted up behind the bar )

Mobile 3G and 4G Internet

There are enough roaming partners so that you can use your own device with SIM card but roaming charges are very high. A 3G mobile internet dongle with access using a local SIM (,Telefonica ) work well and can be up and running in a couple of hours. Local cards are only available to residents or those who can produce an N.I.E number. Passports are insufficient. There is a high speed LTE service from Vodafone in certain areas eg Towns.

Holiday Tip
The main squares at Mahon , Es Castell have limited time free WiFi

Vodafone have what appears to be a strong signal island wide and also a higher speed 3G network if you are considering a local SIM card.

Internet Cafes will often allow you to plug in your laptop to a wired cable. Prices vary but expect to pay 1-2 Euro for an hour's connection time.

Roaming charges: If you bring your smartphone , tablet or laptop with a 3G modem AND you have NOT switched off data roaming then you will incur very high roaming charges. You might have some sync for email ( worst still, automatic windows software updates active ) which will cause a LOT of data to be transfered even if you do not actively use the device for Internet access!

WiFi access in Bars and Cafes

Listed by location, known places with free or paid Internet access across the island

locations map coming soon...
Location Free Wifi Paid
Alaior Bar Geminis Internet Cafe
Arenal den Castell Backgammon Bar (Placa ses palmeres Coves Noves ) AlfaScooter (Placa ses palmeres Coves Noves )
Binibeca/Cala Torret El Faro Cafe-Restaurant
Cala en Blanca Blarney Stone Pub,Moonlight Bar
Cala en Bosch Toms Bar,Big Apple Hotel Valentin Star
Cala en Porter Sa Paissa Bar Restaurant,Merlins bar Irish Bar,Bar del Sur
Ciutadella Fusion Cafe
Es Castell Cafe Marya Hotel Carlos Rey
Es Mercadal
Internetcafe Can Internet - Avda.Mestre Gari 48
Mahon Sa Placa Cafe,Bar American,Nou Bar
Cala en Porter Sa Paissa Bar Restaurant, Merlins bar Irish Bar,Bar del Sur
Sant Climent Casino Bar Restaurant
Santo Tomas Bar Halley Hotel Sol Menorca,
Son Bou CiFe Internet room,Club Sant Jaime,Hotel Sol Milanos Pinguinos,
Son Bou Gardens Bar Restaurant
Son Bou KitKat Bar
Punta Prima Anchor Pub

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